100K Voter Records Get Deactivated

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Friday the Wisconsin Elections Commission deactivated 108,378 voter records as part of a routine process. All the voters who had not voted in the last four years and had not responded to any of the mail sent regarding their registration had their voting information deactivated according to a statement made by the commission.

The commission’s administrator Meagan Wolfe added that the maintenance process that occurs every four years helps ensure that they are going to have an updated voter registration database.

The commission had flagged 116,051 records as being inactive, of those around 7,500 responded to the commission’s mail about keeping their voting registration active. Those flagged were given 30 days to respond to the request. Voters who had passed away and those who filed a request to have their voter registration deactivated also benefited from the purge.

Those voters who had simply moved are easily able to re-register using their new address. Voter registration is available to all voters in Wisconsin through either an online registration process or a mail process that can be completed remotely. Voters also have the option of registering in person by visiting the local clerk’s office and they can even register on election day while at the polls. As a result, the purge is only meant to help keep the system clean and it is unlikely to have a negative effect on anyone in the state who wants to be able to vote in the next elections.

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