I recently had an opportunity to see how liberals act when they are campaigning for their favorite politician or judicial candidate. It wasn’t pretty. Most of the individuals that came out as volunteers to catch those early voters were behaving badly…very badly. I saw “paid agitators” wreaking havoc on purpose just to confuse voters, volunteers who openly condemned a person’s choice for political or judicial positions – and volunteers who openly accepted payments to “switch sides” from one candidate to another. It truly took away the initial joy I had in sharing my first experience of supporting a candidate with others. My excitement at being a part of the political process, even as a mere volunteer supporter passing out fliers, was beginning to dwindle with each moment.

My vote is for sale…and so am I

The biggest shock I received was when I would see a volunteer passing out fliers and promoting a candidate only to then accept the $20 bribe from paid volunteers that represented the opposing candidates. I’ve never seen so many people take off the t-shirt of one candidate and then put on the promotional paraphernalia of another. They would then throw out the fliers from their original choice only to begin their verbal campaign to promote the candidate that paid them to be there. The sad part is that people who may have been on the fence about which candidate to vote for were only being misled even further by listening to paid volunteers, unbeknownst to them. I always knew that some political candidates played a bit dirty, but to find out that “volunteers” played dirty for money was truly disheartening.

Paid to cause trouble at the polls

I arrived at the polls expecting to hear a few debates from volunteers that represented different candidates. I also expected to see proud volunteers of candidates sharing information with voters as they walked to the entrance of the polling site. What I didn’t expect was the fighting, yelling, and cursing that occurred between volunteers who were, as it turns out, paid agitators. I had never known that candidates running for positions would sometimes hire people to go to polling sites just to initiate arguments and conflict. The agitators who were paid by one candidate would show up at the site and pick fights with individuals that wore the t-shirt of the opposing candidates. It amazed me that such drama continued to unfold throughout the day at each individual site that I’d visit.

Lost in translation

In a perfect world, people would remain loyal to the individuals they believe to be the best candidates for certain political or judicial positions. Learning that I can’t trust the word of a person who shares necessary information about public figures, or rather about people who wish to serve the community, leaves me truly saddened. It’s bad enough that a person must sift through the words of most politicians to find the truth or sincerity, but to find that you must do the same from the volunteers who profess to know them best is almost frightening. I truly don’t think the candidates that hire these insincere volunteers and rabble rousers think about the fact that it is their reputation that is truly on the line. Candidates that I may have considered voting for truly changed my mind when I saw how low they would go by hiring people who caused such turmoil. Even if they did not hire such “volunteers,” they still look bad by association of such characters. Maybe candidates should hire someone to track each voting site to ensure that their image is not being tarnished by individuals who have nothing to lose by being there in such a manner. Either way, the sanctity of liberty was somehow tainted by a few liberals who showed just how intolerant they could really be.

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