Assessing the Trump Marriage

One of the evergreen narratives of the #NeverTrump media is the speculation over the relationship between President Trump and his wife Melania.

By innuendo and spin, the media gossips suggest that the marriage is in trouble. After all, how could anyone love Trump – or even like him? This continuing narrative seems to be borne more out of wishful thinking — or even a strategy of provoking marital discourse — than knowledge. It is basically speculation based on scurrilous gossip that the so-called news media, itself, creates.

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As with all gossip, the media shamelessly spin largely meaningless “signals” as “evidence.” “Melania did not accompany the president on the trip to (wherever).” “She was not holding his hand when they walked across the White House lawn.” “What was that grimace all about.” “Was that ‘I don’t care’ message on her coat meant for the President?” “Why has she not appeared in public for a few days?”

The media even proffers the argument that she dislikes his policies. If the media interpretation is to be believed, Melania is a secret anti-Trumper – and that she hates being First Lady.

They cobble these over-the-top interpretations into a continuous and speculative narrative. They have opened a “Melania hates Trump” file and lose no opportunity to drop in a new spin whenever possible.

To create a false narrative designed to propagandize the issue – at which certain portions of the media excel – one has to go beyond just spinning events with torturous logic. You have to ignore (not report) any indications or signs that the narrative is not true.

That is what got me thinking. First of all, I found the interpretations of those innocuous events to lack credibility. They are based on nothing more than biased opinion driven by a partisan political bias. On the other hand, I have seen small events that would suggest the relationship between the President and the First Lady is sound – or at least not fractured.

They actually hold hands a lot. They often kiss in public. If you do not think so, go online and search “Trump and Melania kissing,” and you will find hundreds of photographs. Seems like they show public affection at almost every event.

There have been no public spats. There have been no public reports of Melania throwing an ashtray at the president – as Hillary did to Bill when he was governor. Melania, herself, has said nothing that would suggest the marriage is unhappy or in trouble. Quite the contrary.

Melania has put her name on a number of fundraising communications in defense of her husband. In one, she said:

“Democrats and the opposition media are doing everything they possibly can to discredit Donald with false accusations by spreading their fake news and making it appear that he does not have the support of America’s voters.”

She went on to say:

“Everything you and I believe in regarding the future of America is on the line in the coming months. This is a battle we must win together.”

These do not sound like the words of a woman estranged from her husband personally or politically. She is fully engaged in supporting the Trump presidency.

I understand that these are words crafted for a fundraising appeal, but they come over the First Lady’s signature with her endorsement and approval. She has never been timid of speaking out when her views may be different from the president’s, so I think it is safe to assume that these words are a sincere reflection of her feelings.

I cannot say with knowledge or authority that I know the quality of the intimate relationship between Melania and her husband. But, I do know that all those offering up their own biased speculations do not know, either. Speculation, by definition, means lack of knowledge.