Despite his admonishments of it being a “witch hunt,” and insistence that “there is no, there, there,” well-known attorney, and surprisingly frequent Trump defender, Alan Dershowitz, says that the forthcoming Mueller Report, could spell terrible news for the President.

Speaking on the Sunday morning news shows, The Harvard Law professor emeritus said that he believes the president will have to navigate the political impact of a potentially damning final report from the special counsel. “I think the report is going to be devastating to the president and I know that the president’s team is already working on a response to the report,” Dershowitz said. He added that he believes the report, although it will have a strong political impact, is unlikely to result in any criminal charges. He explained, “When I say devastating, I mean it’s going to paint a picture that’s going to be politically very devastating. I still don’t think it’s going to make a criminal case.”

Trump Provides Written Testimony

Dershowitz’s comments come on the heels of Trump having submitted his written answers earlier this week to questions from Mueller in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

On the same Sunday morning talk show, ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, also said “that the investigation may be jeopardized by the appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.”

Pointing to Whitaker’s previous public comments on the Mueller investigation before becoming attorney general, Klobuchar said he should not be running the Justice Department and that Congress should pass legislation protecting Mueller. “I’m really concerned about having him in charge. As you know, we have tried in the Senate on a bipartisan basis, to protect that investigation by law,” Klobuchar said.

The bill is still pending in the Senate.

Since Mueller’s probe began in the spring of last year, the investigation had secured indictments against 32 individuals and three Russian businesses on charges ranging from computer hacking to financial crimes.
Manafort’s Deal in Jeopardy

As if Dershowitz’s bombshell on Sunday wasn’t bad enough for the President, on Tuesday July 27, it was revealed that the Mueller investigation believes that Paul Manafort has compromised his plea deal, and has continued to lie to the investigation team. CNN has also revealed that Mueller’s team has been investigating a meeting between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno, in Quito in 2017, and has asked explicitly if WikiLeaks or its founder, Julian Assange, were discussed in the meeting. But the biggest bombshell may be an unsubstantiated report published in The Guardian that claims that Manafort secretly met several times with Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, including around the time he was made a top figure in the Trump campaign. The Guardian, citing sources, said Manafort met with Assange in 2013, 2015 and in the spring of 2016. No other news agency has yet to confirm The Guardian’s report, but they are scrambling to do so.

For his part, Manafort says that The Guardian’s report is “totally false and deliberately libelous.”

As part of a deal for his cooperation, Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy and witness tampering on September 14, but according to a court filing on Monday, November 26, he breached that agreement by repeatedly lying to Federal Investigators. He potentially faces decades in prison, and had hoped that the plea agreement would lighten his sentence. Now that he is in breach, that is unlikely to be the case, which now raises the question if President Trump is planning to pardon Mr. Manafort.

34 thoughts on “How Bad is the Mueller Report?”
  1. MUELLER’S report is a crock of s__t. Mueller is a LIAR he was put there to plant crap against TRUMP. It is time to put him in JAIL along with Hillary B.O. plus all LIBERAL EVIL.

  2. The Democrats are nothing but a bunch dirty, rotten, anti-Americans that will stop at nothing to discredit a President that has kept his promise of “Making America Great Again” All the democrats are concerned about is self and to hell with the American and the freedoms and well being of it’s people.

  3. Mueller needs to be stopped and jailed for the havoc he is causing against good American citizens.

  4. Mueller has to answer to a higher authority someday! He should be very careful whom he harms

  5. mueller speaks with the jawbone of an ASS. He’s been wasting tax payers money for something that HE even knows is WRONG!! For two years now and they have gotten no where.

  6. LOOK what Muller and his buddys did to enron and arthur anderson. there is so many books out there on the coruption of the fbi and doj. maybe the drain is not big enough to drain the swamp.

  7. The mulleur investigation is fake , no crime on the POTUS has been detected but mulleur is determined to find or invent one. Word is Mulleur has found a parking ticket that Trump failed pay in 1972. Pathetic.

  8. Unless someone on the Mueller commission leaks something,
    America will never know. This is simply an attack on then Trump
    presidency and all BS bias PR to discredit Trump and poison
    the minds of the voters.

    THIS report will be sealed after the 2020 elections, especially if Trump
    is re-elected, because if Trump is re-elected there will be nothing to
    stop him from getting revenge to the max! People will be going to prison,
    from Obama, Clinton on down the Obama administration line…..

  9. This Muller BS! is just that, a rugged investigation by the crazy left wing democrats, because they did not win ! And crazy old bag Hillary is part of it with other left wing LOONS!

  10. Everyone in the World knows Mueller is not investigating the President, he was hired to protect the Deep state/Shadow government, the Clintons and people like Holder, Lynch, Obama, and you get the idea. To do that he is taking his time manufacturing a lie, that must make OUR PRESIDENT look worse than the people I just mentioned above, in hopes of restoring their agenda, and disgracing the President in such a way, that he would NOT qualify to run in 2020.
    The way Mueller stacked the deck against the President, would never hold up in any hearing or court of law, with his nothing but Democrat corrupt lawyers, but as I said, the Deck is stacked against him, in such away, that is actually frightening for the country. What will be his saving grace, will be The American people, who have seen him dragged through the mud day In and day out for two years. We need to pray for him everyday, and as someone suggested, pray at 8 P.M every day, so we can be heard by God.

  11. Investigation is harassment to President needed to direct attention away from the Crimes of these very accusers such as Clinton’s and Comey FBI inventions over the Foundation, emails, and pay to play – Uranium One. The indictments are for past crimes needed to cohourse information. This is proven by the fact that even after convictions for past crimes there is no smoking gun for what the Russian investigation Scope was intended.

    This is all about influence of election? What about the Truth of what Hillary and her Network we’re doing – deep Corruption. What about DNC collusion with Hillary to defeat Sanders? Why are we not concerned with the facts of these violations and collusion?

    At the end of the day you have to see the Forrest from the trees – its so obvious that crimes were committed by FBI and Clinton! We are fools not to prosecute them. Trump is only dirty from wrestling with Pigs.


  13. And who is going to jail him? I wish someone stopped him and put him to jail… I think he is paid more than what a Pres. of the US makes.

  14. Muller can’t go after Hillary that would lead directly to Obama and the rest of his cronies .Muller is doing this investigation just to protect the real people involved and he is one of them ,just like Roenstein is one of them they are the deep state .They are all pissed off that President Trump got elected, because he’s destroying their one world order.The people don’t want this either.The liberals want to control everything all the power. Soros is putting money in all there pockets so they will help him destroy America.Soros should be put in prison .for trying to destroying this country along with obama the plant into our government

  15. I don’t understand the whole Mueller fiasco. It seems that everything that brought indictments had nothing to do with working with the Russians during the election. This whole investigation reminds me of the Gestapo during WWII. They are looking for anything to hang on Trump and his supporters. Maybe someone should start investigating Mueller and his cronies. If you dig hard and long enough you will find dirt on anyone. This is a WITCH HUNT! Many millions of US taxpayer dollars spent with this idiocy could help fund the “Wall”. Where is the investigation of Hillary? Does the US need to lose more lives because of some Washington bureaucrat not doing their job?

  16. I really doubt it look at all evidence they have on all the lefts collusion with Russia nothing will ever be dine to any of them…

  17. Mueller, Is a dirty Rat Democrat. Needs to be stopped & stop wasting Money!, A total waste of taxpayer money!!!!!!!!!

  18. I think Muellers idea is to discredit President Trump. It’s a witchhunt en gross. Why is he still in Congress President Trump should have fired him long ago.

  19. This has turned into an embarrassment to America all the way around, We used to wash dirty laundry at home but know it’s broadcast where ever and to whom ever and turned into a worldwide circus. Even the Whitaker hearings are a joke. They aren’t concerned about him upholding the law which I believe is inbred in this man’s character. Yet we have Democrats like Nadler and others trying to get assurances that he will not interfere in anyway with the investigation and recuse himself. The last thing we need is another high ranking individual with their hands tied from finding any discrepancies /

  20. The message coming from the Dems does not reflect the views from most people here in the
    rural districts I am from. I think this is driving a false narrative, (is not what the majority feel).

  21. Muellar is just a political operative, working for the democrats. This investigation should never have started.

  22. The Mueller investigation is nothing but an endless cash ? cow for him and whoever works for him for as long as he wants. He has to answer to no one, except God, and that might not go so well, but for the American people, he is just raping and pillaging is all for whatever he wants, and doesn’t have to reveal anything until he finally does his “final report”. Which nobody has any idea if and/or when it may happen. We are all just being played. The Russians have done nothing worse than the United States did in Israel during their elections, and didn’t even try to hide it! It’s a really sad state of affairs. Have you ever noticed how much Robert Mueller looks like John Kerry? They both look like Pruneface from the Dick Tracy cartoons from the 60’s!

  23. Wow! So many uninformed citizens in the above responses. Too much Fox Fantasy and not enough real news. Solid evidence and convictions does not a witch hunt make! Trump is Putin’s stooge and it’s up to a republican (Mueller) to find out why.

  24. When people like Mueller, who are entrenched in the deep state, so biased, egotistical, secretive, and determined to undermine a lawfully elected president, are allowed latitude beyond the initial intent of “Russian Collusion”, our country has lost control of this unwarranted investigation.
    Employees, and investigative personnel were chosen based in their bias and animus toward the president, and I resent our taxpayers $’s being spent on such nonsensical hatred.

  25. Mueller has been dragging us too long. We want to see where and what out tax money has accomplished. He’s been pulling this drag-out scheme since his Whitey Bolger days.

  26. STFU you morons. You think Trump is a criminal enterprise? Please, you idiot. Clintons are the most corrupt evil pos that ever walked into the White House. Banging interns, multiple affairs,, secret underage island meetings, DOJ compromised covering for Hillarys deleted emails, her second in command, Huma Abedin, her hubby showing his weiner to underage girls, the list goes on and on, but you want to talk about Trump? Fk off hiporcrities. So sick of you attacking the Trump family, a hard working family that has made the most of their money, and didn’t have to go into politics, but did because they care. Others went in for power, Trump went in to make a difference in the corrup swamp that has dominated politics for years. You utter hipocrities that hate Trump you have no idea how much you’ve supported such low class criminals in politics for years with your blinders on. Wake the F up you sheep. YOu are pathetic. Disgraceful Americans. Lazy intellectual losers. Trump has done more for this country than many career politicians have done in 20 years. Quit lying to yourselves you compromised fools. Clintons need to be investigated. They are the most corrupt evil people that have ever set foot in the White House. ANd Barack (aka barry sortero) he’s another compromised fraud who pretended to be a foreign student, but we just all ignore that cuz he’s half black, BRAVO you friggin IDIOT AMERCIANS totally stupid that you feel for this fraud. Embarrasing. shows you have no discernment. And were willing to ignore something so serious to push forward such idiococy. shows a weak country. Trump is your best hope for a better chance. You blew it with Clintons and Obama the fraud who was really Barry Sortero, who claimed to be a foreign student to get foreign aid at college. Oh, yes, how soon we forget these frauds such cognitive dissoance, right? Right, oh my gosh so pathetic. Weak weak Americans falling for this crap and doing nothing to make it right. If you had any balls you’d expose Obama for the fraud he was, and expose Hillary for the fraud she is, but you won’t because American has gone weak, instead of going after the most corrupt among you you’ve chosen to divert the investigation to Trump, someone who did nothing. Idiots.

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  28. I,and the rest of “REAL AMERICANS”
    are getting fed up with the current corrupt GOVERNMENT, pretending to be for AMERICA! “THE TRUTH” will eventually come out and then, and only then, will AMERICA reign again! We are coming for you!!!

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