Just when you thought everyone in America would support anything patriotic, here comes yet another situation that proves anything but. One teacher in St. Louis, Missouri learned this the hard way when he had the audacity to thank students for reciting the pledge of allegiance. Crazy, but true! According to Law and Crime, Jim Furkin, a 66-year-old substitute teacher at Parkway South High School watched his class say the pledge, and then gave a small thank you upon their completion to the 22 (out of 24) students that did the pledge willingly. This small gesture got him fired.

It’s most unfortunate that we want American citizens to appreciate their home, respect their land, and value their place in American society, yet we turn around and openly punish those who display pride in the very country in which they live. Furkin did not say anything that condoned, reprimanded, or verbally punished those two students who failed to participate in the pledge. He only thanked those who voluntarily said the pledge on their own. “I only said thank you very much to all of you that participated,” Furkin said in sharing his words on that fateful day. “I’m sure all of those families that lost loved ones so we could have the freedoms we have today would appreciate that too,” he continued to say. That was it. Those words were enough to seal his doom from ever teaching at the school again.

At a time that American society is bombarded with propaganda, politics, and media that continue to promote division among the American people, one would think that Furkin’s actions would be commended and viewed as the ultimate in patriot acts. Instead, his action was not only punished, but it also sent a deadly message to students regarding their own patriotism. For one, it told the two students that refused to do the pledge that they were right: there is no patriotism worthy of being celebrated or acknowledged at this current time. Second, Furkin’s firing showed the students who did participate in the pledge that their patriotism is not appreciated in the very country they were showing their respect for. It is very unfortunate that this is what we are now teaching the younger generation.

It was reported that one of the two students who refused to do the pledge felt “singled out” and “bullied” by Furkin. The student also stated that they were hurt by his comments. Rather than the school using this opportunity to teach the student something about free speech the school instead used this as an opportunity to hide from the responsibility merely, only to then punish the cause behind their fears. “Furkin had a pattern of inappropriate conduct,” said the Parkway superintended, Keith Marty. “Additionally, his comments caused disruption during class,” Marty continued. Interesting that the disruption that was punished was that of American sharing sentiments about the country in which he lives.

The comments were not damaging to anything other than one student’s pride. Too bad that student’s pride did not include the country in which he resides. Equally bad is that we now live in a society that would rather punish someone for hurting someone else’s feelings than support them for upholding national pride.


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  2. I sincerely hope the ACLU is going to step up to the plate and get this guy his job back. I am also glad my kids don’t attend that school, because if they did I would be ashamed.

  3. this is exactly what is WRONG with the education system and this country- it is denouncing those who are patriotic and are paving the way for those who want democracy to crumble.This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. What I would like to know is: Why isn’t the people of St. Louis, MO signing petitions against the school and
    standing up for the teacher who asked his students to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” ??
    The problem as I see it is: There has been too many immigrants from muslim nations that invaded our USA
    and lied about being dehumanized in their former country & lied about coming to America for freedom.

    Well, as we can now see, that is because obama (he doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized) let all his
    muslim brothers, sic; sisters into our nation so they could eventually over-run our America & make it like the shria law from which they came from. I think it’s ‘high-time the people of St. Louis needs to stand up & quit being cowards & go on the defensive & march for their and all us Missourians rights. Don’t allow two students who obviously have muslim parents dictate their rights on the rest of the students rights!! If the two students & their parents don’t like our nation…well then… let them go back to whichever ”degraded nation that hates America & stay there! JESUS IS LORD!!!!

  5. That’s what is happening in these days. A great percentage of students is very rude and disrespectful to teachers, subs, and staff members, and to the school’s property. They know how to manipulate the system for their own convenience. As long as they don’t change the disciplinnary system, thieir attitude is going to get worse. Also black students are now very touchy and delicate about any comments in regard to their skin. They make a big fuss out of anything. Even if you call their attention to stop doing something wrong in a classroom, they call you racist. And you as a teacher or as a sub, you are the one who pays the consequences, NOT them. Somebody must change the disciplinarian rules to improve this every day problem at schools.

  6. Thay should fire the persons involved with the disition making of firing the teacher. Give them the same medison.

  7. If my kids attended this school. They wouild not be attending any more classes until whoever fired this teacher was removed and the teacher put back into play.

  8. I agree with you 100% if i lived in St Louis I would be raseing all kinds of hell . I would like to know what kind of a son of bitch even said said anything bad about the pledge of Allegiance.

  9. Who ever fired that Teacher should be put out on the street without a pension. Better Still deport them as they are not true Americans.

  10. like the last president yep just another jerk brought up with the anti AMERICAN OBAMA and the left education system and x hippies and off springs of draft dodgers

  11. like the last president yep just another jerk brought up with the anti AMERICAN OBAMA and the left education system and x hippies and off springs of draft dodgers pure cowards

  12. Your religious prejudice is unamerican. Typical of the radical religious left you strike out at other legitimate religions because you seem to think yours is the “only true religion”. What makes you think Islam, Bhudism, Taoism, or any other religion is innferior to yours? I find your inference to be appalling, revolting, corrosive and subversive to the Constitution of the United States of America. Perhaps youn should read it for once . . . you will find that it guarantees freedom of (and from) religion.

  13. I have refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance ever since the radical christian !left conned the powers that be to include the offensive phrase “under God”, a distinct reference to the judeo-christian god and to the exclusion of all other religions and non-religions which are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution! Your branding of those other than christians as being “sons of bitches” merely proves my point and justifies my stance. You and your ilk are out of touch with true Americanism and Patriotism. You demand not equality but supremacy of priveledge and that makes you subverssive to the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

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  15. Greetings,

    I’m not the best speller but I see the word “Thay” is spelled incorrectly on your website. In the past I’ve used a service like SpellAlerts.com or SiteChecker.com to help keep mistakes off of my websites.


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