The ubiquitous interviews with the newly elected Democrats have a disturbing similarity. Those invited before the cameras of CNN, MSNBC and the other left-leaning media outlets are the most radical and the most socialist of the congressional class of 2019. They are welcomed with obvious delight by their media interviewers – the kind of giddy excitement that one might bestow on the person who just kicked your team’s game-winning field goal.

All those tough, in-your-face questions that the media management typically excuses as “journalists doing their job” are no longer evident. The congresspersons-elect are welcomed with high praise and softball questions.

The fact that Democrats now control the House of Representative should not be our greatest disappointment or concern. It is the left-wing racial philosophy that has increased its political might in America through the Democratic Party that should concern us. No … it should scare the hell out of us.

In a recent interview on Morning Joe, Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat soon to be representing the people of the gerrymandered 13th District, was introduced by Mika Brzezinski with Tlaib’s Muslim religion being the seemingly most noteworthy political accomplishment – closely followed up by her gender. For lefties like Brzezinski, it is still about identity politics.

Tlaib said that her religion is immaterial and should not be the issue. I totally agree. It is what Tlaib said in that and other interviews that is most troubling – what she will represent in Congress. She is an avowed socialist.

If you count her references to the apparent (to her) evils of corporate America, you will know how she will work to have Washington take over and suppress America’s highly successful free-market system with the restoration of suffocating regulations and job-killing taxes. She proposes and supports enormous taxpayer expenditures to “benefit” those she sees as downtrodden and outside the gate of America’s opportunity society. This is the same old snake oil policies that the left has been hawking for eons despite endless examples of abject failure.

Perhaps it is her broken-lens view of America that had her proclaiming Detroit – part of which she represents – as the “most beautiful black city in America.” WHAT? Staib went on to describe Detroit as the birthplace of both the civil right and labor movements. The first credit is totally untrue and the second dubious at best. Perhaps Tlaib confused the civil rights movement with Motown music, the last great thing that came out of that sorrowful city since the Corvette.

Detroit is a city where powerful labor interests and their progressive Democrat allies –under the initial leadership of Mayor Coleman Young — combined to make Detroit what it is today. The no longer “Motor City” – long abandoned by the automobile industry — Detroit is what it is today because of the very policies Tlaib hopes to resurrect on a national scale.

It should not be lost on anyone hearing Tlaib’s praise that Detroit is a financially destroyed, mostly desolate place where government services have all but collapse. We can see how municipal socialism worked for Detroit even if Tlaib cannot.

If Tlaib were some malcontent outlier, there would be no need to worry, but she is only one of a number of radical leftists, socialist-promoting candidates who won election this November. Their recruitment and support from the national Democrat leadership and their victories in the Democrat primaries attest to the fact that the radical, anti-free-market forces have now staked a major claim over the party of Jefferson.

If the people of America had thought that turning the House over to the Democrats would being some positive balance to our federal government – or would be unifying influence – they may be in for a great disappointment over the course of the next two years. Hardline socialists like Tliab are not seeking compromise, they are seeking dominance for a political and economic philosophy that is an anathema to America’s longstanding values and devotion to grassroots governance.

President Lincoln said that our government “of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from this earth.” It will if we succumb to a socialist government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite.

So, there ‘tis