A recent poll shows that only eight percent of the American public believe the news media is … believable. The fact that CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times are advertising to promote their self-proclaimed devotion to the truth suggests that they know they have a problem.

And well they should.

Much of the elitist east coast press is not only on 24/7 anti-Trump mode, but they are descending into hyper nonsensical reporting – torturously spinning every benign action or comment by Trump into a negative. When it comes to any devotion to journalistic standards, ethics and truth, most of the left-wing hosts, panelists, columnists and editorialists have jumped the guardrails. In more than 60 years of dealing with the press, I have never seen such vicious mendacious reporting.

The folks at MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post are no less the propaganda vehicle for the Democratic Party than are the Russian, Chinese and North Korean media the tools of their respective one-party leadership. That is not a hyperbolic statement. MSNBC, as one example, runs 24 hours of constant anti-Trump spin. On one morning alone, I counted more than a dozen untrue or misleading statements on Morning Joe – and I was watching for about half an hour.

That is not new. What IS new is how they have not surpassed dishonesty to wallow in reportorial irrationality. Consider the reporting on Trump’s visit to the troops in Iraq.

One can expect the “he should have done it sooner,” but that was not enough. Building on their false narrative that Trump is a knee-jerk decision-maker, one report alleged that the trip was a last-minute decision because of the criticism. Totally untrue. The Christmas Eve trip was in the planning stage for more than a month – and those who aired those false reports either knew it and a lie or they are the most ignorant folks on earth. Take your pick. Anyone who knows anything about presidential travel would know that it does not – and cannot – happen on a whim.

Criticism got creative when a number of those bobblehead panelists started spreading the claim that Trump had violated Iraq’s sovereignty by his “secret” visit. You just cannot believe that intelligent people would be so deprived of personal integrity, knowledge or logic to make such a ridiculous claim. Of course, for security reasons, the visit was very secretive, but NOT for the Iraq leadership. Do these people really believe that we would fly Air Force One into a war zone without alerting all those people with defensive rockets and fighter jets?

They criticized Trump for not taking the time to visit with the Iraqi President Barham Salih. Aren’t these the same people who (inaccurately) slammed Trump for meeting with heads-of-state without adequate preparation? And for security reasons, it was to be a fast in and out. Trump and Salih did talk by phone.

Of course, they ripped apart portions his speech to the troops because they say he went beyond trite cliché comments that the establishment deems “presidential.” He gave the troops a bit of the political picture from his perspective – a bit of the Trump razzmatazz. Yes, there was a bit of partisanship in his comments – just as the messages the left provides our military personnel has more than a tinge of partisanship. In fact, the Democrats and the press spend an inordinate amount of time undermining the Commander-in-Chief. Isn’t that politicizing the military?

Our men and women in uniform are not combat zombies that have no interest in the bigger picture. As voters, we should want them informed – and that means hearing from all sides.

Then there was the major criticism of the day. It flowed through the anti-Trump newsrooms like raw sewage. Brace yourselves. This is a shocker. President Trump was caught on camera autographing a Make America Great Again baseball cap for a young soldier – a cap that the young man brought in the hope of having it signed.

The word “inappropriate” echoed from newscast to newscast. Trump was politicizing the military. That was a campaign slogan on the red cap. As one panelist said, “That should never have happened.” They not only criticized Trump for a modest kindness, but — hard as it is for a rational person to believe – that the young soldier was going to be in a heap of trouble with his commanders for participating in this offense against the military. Maybe if he deserted like Bowe Bergdahl, the left-wingers would not be so hard on him.

Have you noticed something all these reports have in common? The signing of the cap, the out-of-context portions of the speech, invading Iraq and heading out of the country without telling the press a month in advance??? None of them have to do with the major issues of the Middle East. None of them talk about the progress of the military mission. None of that matters.
They are all shameless nitpicking as part of their anti-Trump agenda. If the press can elevate signing a baseball cap for a soldier to a major national crisis, we have no reason to expect truth, justice and the American way from those currently dominating the increasingly corrupt Fourth Estate.

So, there ‘tis.

3 thoughts on “Trump Goes to Iraq”
  1. “either knew it and a lie or they are the most ignorant folks on earth.” MISPRINT! “O-R” is NOT “the correct spelling of “and.”

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