When it comes to television ratings, it is too often an example of that old adage that figures do not lie, but liars figure. If you surgically analyze all the variables in the rating matrix, almost any slick-sleeve public relations practitioner can make anything look like a winner. This is done by ignoring the basic overarching statistics and manipulating others to concoct a good sounding – if not totally accurate – picture.

In analyzing ratings, the Washington Post suggested that they should be “treated like exposed wiring in a flooded basement. Do not touch.” That caution comes into play when considering the latest chest-pounding claim by MSNBC.

If we are to believe the network’s publicity, their ratings have “surged” past the king-of-the-mountain media giant FOX News for the week of December 17th – a 17-year first. That sounds pretty impressive.

But I bet you are like me. You assume that a week has seven days. Apparently not at MSNBC. They calculated their “surge” on a five-day week – and only on the Rachel Maddow Show. So why would they do that? Because if they look at the ratings for the entire seven day week, FOX comes out on top … yet again.

MSNBC and even CNN can carve out their participation prizes – CNN noting that it had its best midterm election year ever. That begs the question: Compared to what? Previous abysmal ratings. But in terms of the all-important championship round, FOX remains the unchallenged leader in all of cable television.

There also needs to be a footnote on the Rachel Maddow claim. There is no doubt that taking over the time-slot for even one day from the top-rated Hannity Show on FOX is an achievement, but it occurred when Hannity, himself, was on vacation.

Apart from the hyperbolic claims of a surge, it is noteworthy – and scary — that MSNBC has been experiencing a slow ascent over the past few years. Most folks are surprised that MSNBC has long ago surpassed the more famous CNN – the station that the spans the globe and seems to the be the cable news of choice in every medical waiting room, airport and sports bar.

Though still far behind FOX in overall viewership – the most important rating – MSNBC’s growing popularity should be of concern to anyone who believes in the importance of a fair, balanced and honest Fourth Estate. MSNBC is viciously biased throughout the broadcast day. Its only appeal is to those in the increasingly left-wing Democrat base who want news that appeals to their own prejudices – it is spleen over brain, indoctrination over education.

In many ways, MSNBC should be thankful for President Trump. The left-wing elitist media has been able to promote hatred of Trump, Republicans and conservatives into an equally hateful following. MSNBC has aroused the rabble on the left, who now embrace propaganda as their primary source of information. It is one of the hallmarks of authoritarianism. Alternative opinions are not only unwelcome, but they are oppressed by social censorship – the kind we see on campuses, among political activists and in the elitist media. It is the stock-in-trade of MSNBC. Being told what to think is not thinking. It is submission.

The greater the number of people who lock on MSNBC, the greater the threat to an informed public – and that a threat to personal freedom. It is not comforting to see their ratings rise. It means the Philistines are gaining.

So, there ‘tis

16 thoughts on “MSNBC overtakes FOX News … or did they?”
  1. Nancy ‘CRUMBS’ Polisi (SP On Purpose!) and CNN Should all Retire before they completely convert the US into a Socialist Boongagle of a Country where Everything is FREE except when they run out of dollars to pay for anything which is right around the corner. Trustfully the Re-Booting of the US Currency by Trump may solve some of these issues before the political discord turns into another Civil War, between the new Socialists and sane US Citizens of both parties.

  2. Thanks for this issue of Partially Politics!

    Interesting reading about timely/critical issues.

    Please keep me on your distribution.

  3. Any Poll comming from MSNBC or Any MSM are NEVER correct. Just look at last Pres election, they all said Hillary was winning, but when the smoke cleared it was shown that All their Polls were WRONG!!! MSMBC IS A ALL PROPAGANDA ALL THE TIME. MADCOW is the Biggest LIAR even bigger than Acosta. That is why I NEVER watch MSM.

  4. Nobody watches cnn of msnbc that i know of only hateful evil people who want to destroy this country watch those socialist news stations that have scum reporters

  5. ABC, NBC & CBS have such poor programming that it is a wonder that anyone with a brain watches any of them. FOX is probably the overall winner if you look at the Nelson ratings. If NBC, CBS or ABC beats out Fox in the day time ratings it is probably due to the fact that there are many more un-employed people watching TV during the day time than employed people (there working).
    Keep up the good work and programming FOX.

  6. So sad that the other news stations (fake) have to lie about their numbers! Fox news is number ond because they tell the truth and back it up with facts! President Trump is doing a great job and when the other stations finally admit it they will be out of business because its only the hate that sells.

  7. Bruce, The Republican Party and Fox are counting on the poorly educated such as yourself to continue to believe the utter nonsense they spout on FoxNews and to vote them into office so that they can continue to use you for slave labor. Please tell me what Trump has personally done for you? I would encourage you to return to school to complete your high school education (such as learning how to spell) before you vote for any candidate again.

  8. Seamus, I can personally assure you there is not civil war pending between Socialists and US Citizens. The USA has never been a country where everything is FREE and it will never be. However, giving a gross tax cut to the 1% (who did not NEED it) while suppressing the minimum wage at $7.65 per hour is far beyond ‘slave labor’ standards. Please share with all of us precisely what Trump has done for you personally since January 20, 2017? I am intrigued and simply cannot wait to hear your story?

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  12. Fox is screwing up messing with winners like Judge Jeanine and Tucker, Sean Hannity. They are winners. The 5 used to be good but Juan Williams is so offensive and Marie Barf when they are on I go to OAN. In fact we watch OAN so much of the time now. No panels nor talking over one another.

  13. One writer (above) made a good observation, a germane point, that ratings during the daylight hours may differ from those in the evening hours due to more unemployed viewers than employed viewers during those hours. Ratings overall point more probably toward truth. Fact-checking and ratings about numbers of viewers continue to have veracity only proportionate to the integrity of those doing the evaluations. Too many polls have proven to have not been truthful and reliable ; because Election Day results showed their LACK of dependability !!! Ownership of agencies (Snopes, on the “left” owned by George Soros, and Herring, on the “right” owned by the owner of OAN, for example) heavily control the outcome of their evaluations, prejudicially , intentionally. They often try to control the narrative, in order to controllingly influence voters in every level of elections. Be skeptical of whom you believe !!!

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