Roger Stone, former Trump advisor and close confidant of popular radio host Alex Jones, was arrested yesterday on the 24th of January in Florida on a seven-count indictment brought by Robert Mueller’s special counsel.

The counts include obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering.

The arrest, which wasn’t exactly a surprise, occurred early Friday morning. For a while now, Stone has said that he had been expecting the indictment to come.

At the heart of the indictments are allegations that Stone endeavored to pass messages to the head of Wikileaks, Julian Assange through a middleman, then obstructed Mueller’s investigation into those particular contacts. The indictment identifies two associates: A political commentator (Person 1), and a radio-host (Person 2), who Stone supposedly asked to pass information to Assange. Assange has been living inside of the Ecuadorian embassy as since 2012. He is a political prisoner.

Stone is a well-known political operative inside of Republican party. He and Trump have known each other for close to 40 years now. The indictment of Stone marks special counsel Mueller’s most significant move to date against an associate of Trump.

Stone has never denied having communicated with Wikileaks Julian Assange. In August of 2016 at a GOP forum in South Florida, Stone said, ‘I actually have communicated with Assange… I believe the next tranche of his documents pertains to the Clinton Foundation, but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.’

Stone has also publicly acknowledged that he had been in communication with the hacker known by the online handle Guccifer 2.0., a hacker who hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computer network and leaked its secret documents to the media. Deep state operatives consider Guccifer 2.0 as merely a front for the SVR RF (Russian Intelligence).

Stone is scheduled to appear at a federal courthouse at 11 AM ET on Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

92 thoughts on “Mueller Strikes Again”
  1. What More Do You Expect When
    Mueller IS & HAS BEEN Working FOR The Demo Rats All Along
    He Is ONE Sided
    You Notice When It Came To The Obama & Clinton INVESTAGATION
    NOTHING happened
    & Every Damn Time It Comes To
    Of Any Kind
    He’s A FUKING Demo Rat Crook
    just Like The Rest Of Them

  2. Wow ! Desperation strikes deep Robert Mueller ! I would love to see his factual proof for bringing these charges , seems like all he has is his opinion which isn’t worth very much . But the witch hunt must go on . He has gotten away with this before in past as a procecutor I guess he thinks he can do it one more time . What an AssHat this clown is .

  3. The Demoncrats want more illegal immigrants in America. Why!? Because those illegal immigrants will vote for the Demoncrats. In California, you can go into the Department of Motor Vehicles and get the forms to register to vote. They are available in Spanish. No questions asked. Turn the forms in and you’re ready to vote in the next election.

    Have you lived in a COMMUNIST country…?
    I Have…you do what the Party tells you CAN do…or else?

  5. The migrant caravan from what I can tell are wearing designer clothing.
    If you look at their shoes and hats, they seem to be from the better stores.
    Some of their clothes come from Nike, and other stores, that from what I
    know are not cheap.
    One thing I do know that the hundreds of dollars using military flights, that
    Pelosi can spend a little more and visit the border and then speak from knowledge.
    It is unusual to have a Speaker of the house speak constantly from hate and not
    follow the oath of office she swore, when taking office. I think it was “support and defend”.

  6. Mueller…. what can you say, perhaps this can get things rolling.

    Never in the history of our country, has any individual done so much to gather

    a gang of pseudo intellect FBI (?) agents and take direction from fake news and newspaper,

    gather one party for the sole purpose of trying to bring down a president, and let a true criminal, Hillary Clinton off the hook, and make us believe he is worth a s—t. Oh yes spend millions to try to prove he knows something. I wonder if he knows what a FISA warrant is?

  7. We ALL we’re glad to receive any information as we felt Hillary was not presenting herself honestly. WikiLeaks we’re good for giving some truth and light on Hillary’s moral decions, tactics, and lifestyle. Voters appreciated it. So blame us all. All truth will known one way or another.

  8. Muller is the one who should be arrested indicted & serve time for his said crimes while FBI Director, e.g. Keeping a man in jail for years who was innocent, Uranium One, inaction’s during 9/11, etc. Plus the way he is conducting this witch hunt/COUP of POUTS. 29 SWAT team cops in a predawn raid on Stone’s home weapons drawn was more than an overkill & absolutely ludicrous! The weasel punk is a crooked cop!

  9. Hey Mueller: When you going to get around to investigating the Clinton Cartel? ? ? ? You are getting paid to do a “NON-PARTISAN” Job…..Not a one-sided attempt to drive our Republic/Democracy, into a cesspool, of socialism / progressivism / & Liberal Corruption…..Where you Liberals, seem to breed!

    Your recent Roger Stone debacle, just “proves”, what you lack in , Character, integrity, honor, & patriotism. Really…..You should turn yourself in, to the nearest law enforcement agency, & give up your bogus credentials! You are a disgrace to America, & the FBI!

  10. Muller is a crook. He should be imprisioned for wasting the people taxes. If he wantś to do a probe let him spend his own money. Bet he wouldn t even care then.

  11. Obama was not only he worst president we have ever had but he put us in a shape that is going to be hard to pull out of. Trump is trying to assist with this matter but when you have crooks like Mueller working his thing it is almost impossible. Get rid of the Mueller investigation at once.

  12. Mueller need to just STOP now-clean his own FBI up and lay-off of America’s POTUS and friends-time out Mueller! America is sick of all of this-you are harming America now-just stop!

  13. Why didn’t you arrest Stone a long time ago. What’s this let’s keep the case going till after the 2020 elections. What gamesman you turn into.

  14. This is totally wrong. They are stealing votes. Divorce CA. …DUMP THEM …TOO CRAZY. I VOTE AGAINST ALL THIS CORRUPTION!

  15. Mueller is a amateur lawyer he doesn’t have the skills to procecute anyone so he confuses people under oath and then charges them with lying he is heavy handed , to cover his weakness he is the one that needs to be investigated!



  18. A poisonous snake will always be a poisonous snake, e.g., mueller,, a RINO, who works for the despicable, communistic demorat party

  19. When you are caught lying you post phone coming uot, the truth of fake and phoney with be on your back forever. Mueller you have been caught. Why not plea bargain, say you might get a 20 term , hey not a bad deal. You should , well you figure it out. For committing fake acts at our expense.

  20. As far as I’m concerned, the people doing the investigating should be the ones being investigated. We all know that Billary Clinton is the most crooked person in the country, and all her minions are right there with her. We the people of this great nation need to stand up and clean house and start over. We need to do it now, or it’s going to be too late.

  21. I wish President Trump would fire ALL Obama appointees if this is possible. OBAMA IS A moslim NIGGER. Obama should be tried and convicted for treason against America.

    About the border wall:

    If Mexico’s economy ever collapses, no border wall will stop the millions of desperate Mexicans, from fleeing Mexico, for what they hope will be a better life for them in America.

    My question is:

    Is Obama, the radical left, George soros, the deep state, and the liberal radical left, are instigating these caravans who are trying to invade America?

    I will forward an email I sent to Greg Dawson, in which I expressed by concerns for the future of America.

    My Best Regards,

    Robert Morris


  22. It might be an idea to appoint another. General Council.. let it be a strong conservative to serve with mueller, review the inner workings of Mueller. Interview all of muellers staff. Muller is running amuck with no useable oversight.

  23. I don’t believe anything the FBI tells the public, they like Muller are Liars. It was my understanding a few years ago that Muller received three hundred dollars from The Clinton’s Foundation two bring this Trump investigation forward. I truly believe he’s into the pockets of the Clinton’s. The Democrats bring this country to its knees.

    God Help Us If Donald J. Trump Doesn’t win this election!

  24. They said that the best proof of strong stewardship when you overcome strong opposition. Kites fly higher when there is strong wind. Let the wicked and liars fight the wind until the lies and until their own lies overcome their breath and they will perish with their own misgivings.

  25. Muller and his aides are all demorats and are trying to disgrace our POTUS one way or another and he keeps on wasting taxpayers money by going beyond the Russian collusion by trying to roll anybody for nothing just to make him look good. So he should be hung out to dry and be told to hit the bricks.

  26. Mueller’s criminally insane behavior is showing,! He’s stuck and doesn’t know how to back out! Go home Mueller, before you go to jail! You got paid big dollars from my tax dollars! Another dirty cop, like Comey! Just a lot of BULLSHIT, AND HE STILL HASN’T SAID ANYTHING! THIS IS ABUSE OF AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY! GET THIS QUACK OUT OF THIS STUPID FARCE! LEAVE MY PRESIDENT ALONE, TO SAVE AMERICA!

  27. This guy Mueller has to be the Scum of the earth he is One piece of Cow chit plus a pro at being low down lying but He is working for the v scum on the left no one else could out him or them period !

  28. The people of this country will not let those democrats get back in power, Obama, Hillary, Mueller, are a bunch of Crooks and as far as Obama and John Kerry who was a coward in the protesting the Vietnam war should be shot before a firing squad and I will Volunteer! Obama and Pelosi should be arrested for talking to foreign government, the law is the LAW, if it was sorry ordinary person they would already would be in Prison ! SO TO THE GOVERNMENT CHARGE THEM FOR BREAKING THE LAW OR LET ALL THE PRISONERS OUT!

  29. Illegal and should be monitored! This is why the electoral college is MANDATORY!! California and new York should NEVER be allowed to elect our POTUS!!

  30. Mueller need to go he’s just costing us money and he’s really only after Trump. Trump get rid of him….

  31. It’s a mess: I read on the Internet Obama is at Guatonomo
    Prison & Hitlery may be in prison too consenting to go
    & not make it public: Many politicians have got away with way
    Too much and should have all faced the firing squad and
    Literally be executed again I say many: but slippery snakes
    Slither and continue their slime & murder and unending ways!
    Their vast amount of cronies so big people live in fear of being
    Murdered if they get involved: the clintons they say have murdered over 100: anyone that does whatever can disappear:
    All the money scammed from Haiti: the Clinton estate should be liquidated and money scammed should be returned to Haiti:
    Long histories of lies deceit cover-ups: will it ever end? It must
    Stalin Hitler and Husane, BinLaden all those sickos eventually met their demise no longer to be tolerated: George Soros should go soon along w Clintons, Obama too: our government has been terrible: Trump has had to put out way too big of fires endless
    B S endless how does he do it: love of his country

  32. Terrible unacceptable
    Voter I D that are as strict as the stamped drivers licenses to prevent fraud Must be inacted would be huge undertaking expense
    Having to spend more money: a rolling stone of the corrupt Democratic party sickening DOMINOS to distract the truth:
    Just like liars in the court room trying to prolong the truth from coming out to the surface to be destroyed hoping they get away with the lies: con artists in actions
    Trying to get to a deceitful result
    The inevitable truth always rises to the surface sooner or later
    The light eventually exposes the truth the darkness sometimes decades after the fact!!!!!!!!!!
    To detect fraud: illegal voters completely unacceptable
    Fraud & deceit, APATHY and corrupt politicians

  33. Pastor Morris I had a lot of respect for you at one time but I am not so sure I can still say that now. Do you support corruption and lieing. Trump is a pathological liver and all associates are liers. Please explain. By they way as a former pastor myself a lot of things that Obama did I didn’t agree with as well.


  35. I agree. Need more to investigate what happened to the $50 Billion for the Southern broader fund. Bush signed it into law for a double wall. Not mention the $4 Billon that is going to Mexico for all the dependents the illegal aliens that are claiming on taxes that they are filing each year with the IRS. Who’s pockets is it lining. This is stealing from the American taxpayers. We want to know!!

  36. If he supported corruption and lying he surely supported Obama the 2nd biggest liar in the world.

  37. Even Gestapo Mueller? I do hope he comes for you early some morning.Trump is a shining beacon of pureness compared to the bitch of Benghazi and the first communist president

  38. President Trump is a gift from GOD! Saving America and ISRAEL. If you are too stupid to understand OBAMA is a MUSLIM who did his best to DESTROY AMERICA. And he made an ILLEGAL deal with IRAN, by executive order, and sent them BILLIONS to fund terrorists! Obama sold USA URANIUM with Hitlery to Russia and pocketed the millions and millions and committed many more crimes!

  39. I am WE THE PEOPLE. Enough, Mr. Mueller. Let’s investigate Mueller. Has he acquired wealth during his tenure? Does he own real estate beyond his means? Does he live the high life? Would someone with answers please post the information?

  40. Everyone who is working with Mul-her is a comme-democrat, who want to destroy America & President Trump. But the fat lady hasn’t sung mule-her, for all the criminal acts President Trump has on you. Your ass is going to Guantanamo Bay soon shit-head communist!

  41. Robert, your close to being spot on, Hillary won’t go to jail because Obama would be next,

  42. Trump and his family will soon be indicted. Oh happy day! He and his people are the epitome of corruption.

  43. I hope Mueller sends Trump up the river along with all his crooked thugs he has threatening people that tell on him. He’s biggest lier that’s put on president hill. He gets along only with people just like him Putan and North Korean leader. They are rich and horrible leaders that would sell their own father or mother! The Kennedy’s are the only honest politicians ever in white house! That’s exactly why they were murdered! Trump and Bush both should fry for all the terrible things they have done. God help us.

  44. I agree with you hundred percent Mueller worked through the Democrats when he was in the FBI he took orders from Hillary Clinton and destroyed some of the documents he has no business being special cancel cancel he just don’t know which room he should be fired right up on chargers

  45. I agree…if it were a DEMORAT nothing would be investigated and America would move on
    . with MULEFACE it most important to D-R-A-G his feet and smeer any and every conservative possible. His investigation is BULLSHIT, the DEMORATS ate BULLSHIT and this hatred for our president is BULLSHIT.

  46. Obama was a typical Chicago crook. He weaponized almost every branch of government against everyone who did not agree with him , was a conservative or a Republican.For instance: He had Lois Lerner of the IRS to deny tax exemption for any Republican or Conservative group; Do you remember he supplied guns and ammunition to Mexican Cartel gangs in an effort to try to initiate complete gun control. An American Border Agent was killed with a gun that was given to a Mexican gang member by Obama and his Pit Bull -Eric Holder. where was Obama when the 4 Americans were slaughtered trying to defend the American Consulate in Libya. They asked for help but the military was told TO STAND DOWN. We cannot forget when Obama told all all Americans that they can keep their Insurance Plans if they were happy. Obama said premiums for private medical policies would go down. THE PREMIUMS AND DEDUCTIBLES WENT THROUGH THE ROOF. OBAMA AND HIS Mean spirited wife were Socialists, apologized to the world for the BAD THINGS AMERICA DID. Obama and all of his kind were evil smooth talking Socialists who wanted to make America into another Cuba

  47. Amen! You speak the truth. What would the founders of our Country say about the smear campaign the ignorant left (socialist left) have been conducting since Trump upset Hilary.
    He has done much to bring the USA back to the freedoms the Constitution intended. Under Socialism freedom and incentive to provide well for family will be systemically lost.. The Government will reign.

  48. I totally agree with this! Damn mueller is a rino and cannot be trusted. He should be run out of town. He is wasting taxpayers money with this witch hunt and can’t prove a damn thing. His finds should be cut off and not another dime to continue with his witch hunt!

  49. Dream On, B*tch!!! It’s so fuuny, you didn’t go after the “black” man who really was the worse President we’ve had in decades!!! Nothing like a Trump GDP of 3.3%, Jobs galore, Taxes Lowered And Regulations Lower!! Numb Nuts Obama did everything the opposite showing how little his pea brain knew about running a country and supporting a good economic climate!!

  50. Muller should be in jail. He was in charge of the FBI when Clinton signed of on gibing away 20% of the Uranium which the Russians ended up with, when the US has to buy on the open market.

  51. Sipping to much of the progressive, socialist, Nazi, communist, democrap cool-aid,,,huh. What flavor is that anyway? Is that the Clinton/ GPS fake dossier or the deep state 25 th amendment removal process by Obama’s DOJ, FBI, CIA hatchet men? Speaking of selling out, I am sure Hillary did not have 33k missing e-mails for classified information involving Benghazi, you know the ISIS weapons deal, not to mention pay to play for Hillary’s influence. Guess you have not been listening to the latest news. Blinders mean anything to you, ha ha.

  52. Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  53. I don’t understand. We hired Trump because our government was attacking the middle class. They are stealing from us, adjusting our middle class taxes to their new voting base, illegals. They are spending more on one illegal per year, than most middle class taxpayers make in one year, We are paying huge premiums with a deductible too high to use while we send free doctors to the border. I have researched New York & California and their Corruption is out in the open. The excelled version. The middle class in those states have been starved. infrastructure (subway) no funding, All their tax money is going to Haitians. Huge grant money to frauds by committee crooks. CA filth green killed that whole town. their own experts said spark would not ignite and had been telling them danger of no forestry maintenance, then they demonize, bankrupt the electric & small town insurance, middle class victims of fire that lived now lose their jobs, Our own government televises the harassment of senior citizens – solitary 23 hrs a day to intimidate Trump supporters. Tried getting help from state & national ACLU but they are Dems free attorneys for illegals so they can encourage families now so we pay for 4-5 members now, flooding our schools, multiple languages but racist to assimilate, only required the legal way. Middle America getting two jobs to private school cause can’t teach, can’t learn, Academics have no idea, Republicans are useless. Trump only one helping us, he is our Rep, our will & why we put him in swamp. How is this harassment of him, not us? he is only the tool. No attorneys anywhere coming to help this attack from our own government and have their base take away our right to bear arms. like they have in NY,CA & WA – All illegal-I researched, not even pretending to work on their HC debacle, while we have to skip appointments, they spend our taxes on harassing us through our only tool. Medicaid for the youth they enabled. middle class money to green with the richest benefactors and should be a cause funded by them while charities pay for our disabled vets needs, meals on wheels, everything that should be our tax obligations, CA filth, thinks he can steal our money by announcing it is Trumps money, they are slowly getting out the deep state overtake of Trump – that’s us, not Trump they are overtaking. How is this allowed! They have demonized and endangered every one of our law enforcement-all our blue collar workers. I retired from retail as nanny state directives have worn us out, My work family, many older than me, don’t have my luxury so I am trying to fight for them because I always have and my husband said it is getting worse, I just can’t go there, and now I can’t stop crying because I know what they will never believe and no one will help them, I never cry, except over animals and I keep trying through Quora to get our good academics to understand they are being used to hurt us because I am the only middle class person I know that understands them. I don’t know when I slept or ate last because my brain cant stop following everything they are doing to demolish all my family & work family, and I will have to watch it, because they will go down first and it will be the first time I can’t help them against this, Other managers family obligations means they could never help as they need their jobs but I had the strongest disposition anyway, My husband and I couldn’t afford college but are readers and schooled enough to be smarter than the college kids the nanny state makes us educate, We both easily worked our way into management, I am a strategic thinker and why I have figured it out before anyone I can find But in each area they know, they just don’t communicate it too each other. I don’t fear anything and I have never been this afraid of anything and been so helpless to do anything about it, My friends think I am one of those political activist’s when I told them about safe spaces and removing man from school books because they don’t believe it and work all day, worn out catch local then national mainstream. they don’t know they are lying and when I get tech help from them to send out the word, they say violently “you didn’t get that from fox, did you! Both black and white,They have never watched Fox to know and I vet and factcheck everything and now it is worse. Trump hater hired at Fox over media, Fox reporters told by their guests that often appear that he is working against them like the rest. Tucker didn’t even call out the true violent felonies of that senator social media gun control going on for political benefits and there is no more bullet needed for the already dead right these people might need, his debauchery is easily read in state news as well as his police covering and getting him out of two violent charges & all those connected to him – I am convinced that middle classes only hope in NY had the Mueller maneuver pulled by threat to adult children, as he not scared for himself. Brian Kolb outlines the entire destruction of middle class NY in news releases, All those news stations in NY & no help, Two big business puled out of Tucker to threaten like they tried with gun business owners, Do any of you know this? I feel alone,

  54. You are a typical ignorant Trump supporter. Mueller is a Republican!
    Get informed before you spill your nonsense.

  55. I use to listen to you but seeing your racist support and hate for Mexico I will withdraw all my support to your ministry and the church. You do support the liar in Chief and the Father of Lies.
    My best regards to you as well.

  56. They are all acting out of hate for our God appointed Great President . Mueller give it up you will not win over All mighty Gods decisions. This will never be what you Liberals want it to be . The Swamp is cleaning out all all you none loving Americans.
    Lone live our Nation our God fearing Nation shall stay strong and None of you Evil people will rule our Nation.
    So stamp aside and crawl your holes and let this Great President do what God put him to do
    ..To Heal our Country. Rather you be live it or not I don’t care and I know true believers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior will destroy you all.
    One day soon every Knee shall bow and Confess that Jesus Chris is Lord
    ..i pray the the Blood of Jesus saves your souls before it is to late. God I pray that you will cover all who are evil and save then and cover them all with the Blood of Jesus Christ ……Amen and Amen
    Nancy Moret

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