If ever there was a time to pity House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this may be the time. It is a case of being careful what you ask for. She got her speakership through the election of some of the most rabid left-wing radicals in America. They are not small-d democrats. Much like the Nazi experience in Germany, these folks want to use the legal political process to gain a foothold, but they will push aside democratic traditions and institutions to gain permanent power. That is their goal. It is part of the far left’s political genetics.

The radical left’s ideology is both a threat to the Republic and a major headache for Speaker Pelosi. More than anyone in Washington, she must deal with them, their nutty demands, their foul mouths and their ability to dominate press coverage. While Pelosi and her leadership team attempt to show America a positive agenda of actions and legislation, these folks are consuming most of the oxygen in the room and tarnishing the Democrat brand.

While the more moderate liberal Democrats understand that impeachment FOLLOWS the findings of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the newly empowered radical left sees impeachment as a means of overthrowing a legal government by an unbridled political force-of-will – constitutional requirements be damned.

Already, three legislators have introduced “bills of impeachment.” The fact that there are yet no grounds for such action is immaterial. These radicals now have their call-to-arms in the proclamation of the most radical of the radicals, Representative Rashida Tlaib, “We’re gonna impeach the mother****er.”

Keeping impeachment fever from engulfing the Democratic Party is only one of Pelosi’s challenges. The Democratic Party has long depended on the Jewish community as significant part of its base. Part of the new diversity of the Democrat caucus is the election of legislators clearly opposed to everything Israel. They consider our strongest ally in the Middle East to be a terrorist state. Their sympathies are clearly with the Palestinians and Hamas.

They favor the BDS program against Israel – which stands for Boycott, Divest and Sanction. These are the kinds of actions that America usually imposes on rogue adversarial regimes, like North Korea and Iran, not allies.

These newbies on the Democrat side of the aisle undermine one of the favored anti-Trump political narratives – that he is a divider. As the untoward consequence of identity politics, the entire political strategy of these newly empowered radicals is founded on division. They are the promoters of all the “-isms” – with exaggerated-to-phony claims of racism, sexism and homophobia as the mainstays of their propaganda campaigns. Without seeing the irony of their own intolerance, they speak openly of the toxicity of the white male and express hostility toward people of faith.

Pelosi, as the leader of the Democratic Party, is an unabashed liberal, but she is also a pragmatic political realist. She well understands that her Party has drifted to the left just about as far as the American public will tolerate. If she is to lead her party to victory in 2020, she knows that there will have to be accomplishment on a popular legislative agenda. She will also have to establish that her Party can unify the nation.

That strategy became enormously more difficult – if not impossible — as the extremist elements dominate the news and brand the Democrats as the big government, tax-and-spend, cultural warrior and anti-patriotism party. Strident hatred of all things Trump, Republican and conservative is already wearing thin and producing a yet underappreciated backlash in fly-over America.

In is increasingly likely that it is the Democrats who will have to cave on the issue of border security. As along as Trump hangs tough – and if there are insufficient Senate Republicans to override a veto – the only way that all those government workers will be back on their jobs is for House Democrats to crack – just enough to support a Republican bill to fund Trump’s wall, barrier, fence or whatever one wants to call it.

If that is how it all plays out, Trump will become a triple-crown winner. He will get his funding, congressional Democrat unity will shatter like a dropped Ming vase – with the radicals going ballistic – and his prospects of re-election will increase. All this gives Trump very little incentive to cave.

I had written a previous commentary arguing that conservatism has become a divided movement within a divided Republican Party within a divided nation. The issue of the border wall has every prospect of dividing liberals within the Democratic Party and foster the re-emergence of the currently kowtowed moderate and conservative Democrats – and they are out there.

The radicals do not yet have enough power to drive the agenda in Congress, but they can cause incremental shifts. They will also have the benefit of a news media that will give them more than deserved coverage. The radicals will serve as foci for the scattered leftist rabble population. This was already seen in the publicity Tlaib received for her low-life remark and the praise she received from the radicals on social media – AND the surge of money into her campaign coffers.

It is no secret that the Democrat radicals desire and intend to change the Democrat Party to something more like the European left-wing socialist parties. They openly admit that much.

For the next two years, it is less likely that Pelosi will be leading a unified party than trying to keep it united – less the leader of the band and more the cattle herder.

So, there ‘tis.

158 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Secret Goals”

  2. She wants to be President without being elected. If Trump is Impeached then Pence may be too. She is the next in line for the Presidency. Very Insidious!

  3. Pelosi is a total disgrace. She is all about herself, and not what the people want. I don’t know anyone at all who thinks she is capable of doing anything positive. She is a total nut-case. I don’t understand why the Democrats would want her around at all.


  4. Freshman DO NOT
    Seems our younger generation need to be educated as to VOTING FOR OUR FREEDOMS; OUR AMERICA; OUR CONSTITUTION
    Before”they” realize it AMERICA will be a socialistic County which WiLL LEAD to COMMUNISM then DICTATORSHIP
    Same with foul mouthed cortex and taiga or whatever her name is. I could care less about their opinions and I pray 93% FEEL the SAME!!Go for BORDER SECURITY
    Everovie star event like golden globes are surrounded. By SECURITY
    All in Obama’s staff are surrounded by
    SECURITY Guns. Staff. WALLS I mean high powered weapons
    Dem o RATS expect AMERICANS to live in fear
    For their lives
    You NEVER hear of a relative or family
    Member being killed by ILLEGAL ALIENS
    HAVE YOU??? Money and POWER protects
    OUR MONEY!!!!
    Vote for AMERICA
    Vote for FREEDOMS

  5. Pelosi can not even complete a thought much less a full sentence. The DemoCRAPS are doing nothing for the USA! She will reap what she sows. They have done nothing but torment Mr. Trump since he started running for President. Just imagine if it’s this bad now, what our country would look like if HilLIARy had won the election! God bless Mr. Trump! MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  6. House of Representatives needs to unify. We cannot send this message of a split allegiance, Democrats are/will be the Party that saves America from this termoil we have been thrown in. Newbie’s, when you took on the name, you knew what we stand for and that use unification as our weapon. Don’t fall for doing things the way they do. Respect yourselves, be and act as one.


  8. We need a wall, immigration is a problem, I was disabled by a illegal sliding a car crash, rear ended then tried to run me over after I got out to help him, I don’t want things like that to happen to others


  9. I agree. I really believe they are de trying the USA. Those 2 they think they own this country. They are acting agaings the good of the country and Citizens .?????

  10. In my opinion, seeking the presidency without being voted in is her goal. She knows the American people would never vote her in as President.

  11. Has anyone considered the possibility that Pelosi is trying to get both Trump and Pence out so that she can assume power then swear Hillary in as Vice President then after that she steps aside and Hillary becomes President then we’re in real trouble

  12. Hello Janet, AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENTS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT… WELL SAID AND DONE… Pelosi and the DEMOCRATS are USELESS BRAINLESS WORTHLESS DUMBEST IDIOTS… more on Politics rather than the welfare of the AMERICAN Citizens… ILLEGALS should just go back to where they came from…

  13. Unless miss nancy is ready to give up her paycheck untill this border crisis is solved or be willing to work without pay when the temporary shutdown is on again. Her pay would do nicely for either purpose. And she needs to be personally responsible for all costs needed to support the influx of illegals entering our country. Perhaps she needs lots of help at whichever of her overpriced properties they could work at. If not that then the powers that be in the house and senate need to be willing to drop the hate trump dogma to get on with necessary business needed to handle this large buildup at our borders. Illegals still cannot vote to help them win the election. Allowing them to do should get the enabler deported also.

  14. The far out left has taken a turn for the worst. The Don ratio party is no longer standing for American values, Soros has his narly fingers in our country by attempting score migration routes to destroy America , wrong country , wrong day! No one will vote for any of these democrats until they school the UnAmeticans they let into office. Pelosi and Schumer just salivate over power, no policies to bequeath on the American people. Build the wall and start on infrastructure next…end this division now .

  15. make it so they can’t climb over – straight on our side but curve or top broad & slant/narrow down or put overhang at the top or sharp objects or make it lean toward mexican side (sure engineers can do that – just a row of leaning towers of pizza?) or sth.

    mexico let them into mexico – they keep them

    take away the freebies they’ll not come any more

    when america was great it was white – no more after the blackening & browning – fact – it’s at a point where the whites can’t support the colors any more – don’t make any more black & brown for everybody’s sake

  16. The vice president would be next in line should he be impeached and then the Speaker of the House

  17. how in the world can some idiot say lets vote for it and then we can see what’s in it. Brain DEAD. May God Help Us to get rid of this hideous individual.

  18. the democrat party has become the UCP. vor those who are uninfodmed it stands for the UNITED COMMUNIST PARTY!!!!

  19. They don’t listen to Me Trump he is the smartest president we have had in a long time and if they will let him he will make us the greatest US there has ever been let him be President and run this country like he is doing he is better than Obama ever was so let’s build that WALL & keep those illogials from smoking dope ever and killing doing other like rape so let’s go build that. WALL I was a Democrat for years but this year I turn Republican and proud of it the Dem are sucking.

  20. Spot on; very well said. Puppets Pelosi and Schumer are sinister and inept, and should be removed. Unfortunately however, to much money, pride & power- neither will step down or will be removed. Thank god for the wonderful foresight of our forefathers in the creation of our wonderful constitution and republic. It’s doing exactly what it’s suppose too- EXPOSE THE RADICAL. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  21. You are so right Pelosi is a disgrace and really does not understand what we the people want. She needs schooling on 2+2 as there is no way we can get supporting illegals. Build that Wall

  22. Carol I agree, I pray that you and the millions of American’s that voted for President Trump could see our Country come together and give him our full support! Just think what gain’s we could see! WORKING TOGETHER ‼️??☺️?.

  23. Carol I agree, I pray that you and the millions of American’s that voted for President Trump could see our Country come together and give him our full support! Just think what gain’s we could see! WORKING TOGETHER ‼️??☺️?.

  24. Democrats will save the country? Impossible. They are self focused idealogues. It is their way or the highway. Only fools follow them.

  25. The Democrat Party is an obvious failure, more anti American than pro American. Their road is s dead end for America. Be very careful how you vote. Future generations are depending on you.

  26. Pity Nancy Pelosi? Not a chance. Pity all Americans who have to put up with her. The House desperately needs new leadership.

  27. Yes, she sure is, she sat behind our President and sucked on her false teeth and tried to look like she was reading them. What a Joke. I am so thankful our President is building that wall. Maybe it will give us some protection from all the people that want to come here. I am so upset with all the playing going on.

  28. I am with you 100% Pelosi cares nothing about the American people.she needs to be on a porch back in California in a rocking chair twirling her fingers.and thanking a serious look at her self.she needs fired.or impeached or put in prison for treason.

  29. Janet, Very well said! I agree…because we, the American people cannot afford to feed the entire world. …and there is not enough room on this continent to house the rest of the world.!! They need to support themselves in their own Country. Do we need another Peace Corp. such as Pres.Kennedy started…to go & teach them to care for themselves???

  30. That will never happen. Not in my lifetime. We’ll have a civil war over it.
    Better yet convention of States & the people will get our country back & we’ll have term limits, balanced budget, immigration & clarification on all our amendments. Can hardly wait. I want to be a delegate from the great state of Texas

  31. I think some outside of the Beltway chatter are beginning to understand. The Barbarians are inside the gate.

  32. The only thing that will save our country is the “Progressives”… Liberals are centrists… Progressives have the will and the platform to fix the woes of the “Working People”… Regardless of what you have heard from the Republican media, by far, the most successful countries in the world are “Democratic Socialist’s”

  33. It’s all about them! Those are their foreign interest groups that’s more important to them then the people of America they don’t like America they don’t like the people they’re trying to destroy us they don’t want to save this nation. They want to take care of us with welfare, medical, and all the freebies so we don’t work, we don’t Prosper we just smoke cannabis and wait for our next check. it’s all about control and keeping us enslaved month after month after month after month. that’s their mission. there the original slave owners, the Democratic Party it can’t get any cleaner then that. These people are Treasonous traitor’s of a America. Nancy is not going to give up the ship, she’s been at this all her life. She has to stand in front of the nation and continue to spew out her twisted babble, as she expect’s the people to swallow her same old, same old, crap! This is why they had to steal their votes cuz they new 25 years ago they had lost there voter base. That’s why they refused to eliminate my deceased family members names off the voter rolls as I would tell them time and time again to please take the names off then I would go back to vote again and i could see they wpuld slow walk one name at a time. Unbelievable Those days are long behind us now Nancy folks are awake! Have your seen her eyes on cameras? There’s something wrong with that woman and it’s deep! She needs to get right before it’s too late! MAGA??

  34. AMEN! It will be great day to see her gone!!! She is bad news to all! I wish she had never gotten any attention at all!!!

  35. STOP VOTING DEMOCRATES INTO OFFICE. They always do this to american citizens. 2020 cant come soon enough democrats up for election better b out of there. I no i wont b voting for them..we are nothing but scum under there feet. We need article 5 cos like now.

  36. Janet, what a racist and xenophobic tirade. Do you hide your hatred of others behind a mask of fervent Christianity? I sincerely hope not. The people seeking asylum are unhealthy due to lack of food and water on the long arduous walk from South America. Illegals commit far fewer crimes percentage wise than do Americans who were born in this country. Blame Donald Trump for employing Illegal immigrants to work in his buildings and on his golf courses. He saves a lot of money because he can pay illegal residents far less than he would have to pay US citizens

  37. So very true, Pelosi should be ashame, she blames Pres. Trump for all that’s wrong and then blocks what is needed to achieve security for our country. Yet she has armed guards at her gate and a ten foot cement wall. Where is the ironie of this. She mentions no critical need for border security, the money needs to be spent on keeping guns out of schools etc. I agree we don’t want guns in our schools. This could be stopped along with homelessness, and hunger in our country❗️Take that 50billion for foreign aid and take care of our nations problems. Trump has tried to do things and at least doing instead of stomping feet and shouting coliseum with Russia. Let’s move on due your homework Clinton’s handprints are there. You forget had she won her agreement was giving Russia billions of dollars worth a rare ore. But she lost and she was playing both ends so she walks away richer regardless. Trump is hated by Democrats and Republicans because he doesn’t take money from the flesh peddlers, He is a Christian! Low and behold we finally get a true loving American back in office. You Pelosi, and your fellow congressmen and Senators need to support Trump he is the elected President instead when the man is trying to negotiate with foreign countries you start bull shit. I don’t care if Democrat or Republican you need to stop! We have to stand united on the world stage.

  38. God chose Trump to help us. The Dems are fighting God all the way. How can God help us if we don’t help him. I just want everybody to think about it. When you line up on judgment day will you be on the sheep side or the goat side. God will help us if we give this country back to him. It was dedicated to him by George Washington in the little stone church that still sits at the corner of 9/11 ground zero. Let’s give it back to him, PLEASE!!!

  39. One work comes to mind when Pelosi or Schumer walk up to the microphone everything is fine the they open their mouths and all I hear is (Hate Trump) and I attribute that to there wisdom which either have shown a whole lot of. When I was younger I was raised in a Democratic way. Now the Dems allow idiot radicals into the party and what some of them are saying about socialism!!!! Really wake up this America . Take your thoughts back where you came from and maybe one day my Military brothers will come and save you from socialism.

  40. If that happened civil war will start, and I will be right in front lines with all patriots who love this
    Country. And believe me our solders will be with us fighting the socialist scum. And if you think
    We don’t have the weapons your are fucking stupid.

  41. I truly believe that all Democrats care more about themselves more than the American people in our country there should be only one goal for Democrats or Republicans and that is America and it’s people. Our people are safety our country should be more important to all Americans than anything……..

  42. You are so right and a Real American God Bless You and our Awesome Country!!!??????????????????

  43. Ellen, an indoctrinated cool-aid drinker, Nazi’s are SOCIALISTS, you’re an useful idiot to ENEMIES Of USA?

  44. Are you that broad who has a daytime talk show?
    Ellen disengenyouass. You had a person on the other day that said, ALL MEN ARE USELESS AND THEY SHOULD BE KILLED HORRIBLY UNTIL THEY WOULD BE EXTINCT AS A GENDER?

  45. I agree but let explain why ol Nancy is the way she is. Her father was Big Al a true to life old school ( real gangster not gangsta for the millennial crowd). She as often spoke of her daddy as a great man of respect. John Gotti ×10

  46. No they are classified as … Brace yourself now don t want you to faint you might bump your again….Third World Countries. Hey i like visiting Europe great times no freakin way would live there. I assume your an elitist so you ve neen there you couldn t lie straight faced and say anywhere that isn t a tourist spot isn t a complete sh%t hole. Most of that continent is a large unfinished toilet. But i hear very far down South America way things are doing great. Oh and Cuba well what can we say about Cuba that hasn t been said about crotch rot. Conrad take to shots smoke some crack and concoct a better argument. Happy to take up this debate again anytime, and next time please take it up a notch or two. I like to lots of vulgarity aggressive borderline threats of violence and my favorite emotions and feelings. Don t worry about the facts i ll bring those. Hope your having a great day

  47. Look i m gonna be that guy folks. Allow me some space in yours heads for one minute leftist rightist and centrist. The forgotten truth is all politicians are from every ideology are concerned first and foremost with self preservation and like us lowly common folk with job security. Only the truly mentally ill believe they are so important that when their 15 minutes of fame is over that they will leave a legacy. Mamma Nancy that little snot nose Porta Rican girl with the foul mouth (embarassed to say from my home State of New York) all the liberals from both coasts and on the other side the Pauls the Linday Gramms in 20 30 years they will all be a real small foot note in pages of history. Our system is far from perfect but it works and hasn t stopped working. Like when we used to Produce any product in this country when it said made in the USA everyone knew it was built to last. America will grind through this assault on our system and its processes without a Hitch. Fear of the “other side smothering us from both factions of the media is why emotions are always on high alert. Yeah the Sky is falling for the last 25 yrs still ain t made to the ground yet. Hmmm wonder why maybe there is a profit to be made from fear mongering?
    The close this long winded post i d like thank anyone who read this no matter which flavor of crazy is your favorite flavor i wish that all your fears for our Country be removed and you find your peace beyond any human understanding. It will be ok guys i don t believe in much but that i really do.

  48. Thats like saying all dems are Stalinist. Soery i know you don t under the reference. Stalin was the supreme Soviet back in the day before the Kardashians anyway he killed millions more of his owe people (including jews) damn it did it again okay a jew is a person of the hebrew faith…. Wow thia going take a really long time. Maybe we ahould talk about who shot Tupac probably take leas time and more relevant for you.

  49. You poor, sadly, misinformed person! It is too bad that you have not studied any of your history lessons! Everyone who has lived through the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, Etc. and studied the history of those times (before the Democrats decided they would rewrite history to suit their on agenda), know the truth and what you spew is not truth!!! Open your eyes and your ears and use your common sense! We are a Constitutional Republic, NOT Communistic Socialism and will remain free NOT governed by a Dictatorship!

  50. Very true. Well stated.
    The new ones are people that are using Marxist tactics. We need to bind them and vote everyone of them out of office.
    Stand up and get involved.

  51. The best thing that could happen to Nancy is to start an investigation regarding how she and hubby made all their money, last I knew they were number 4 in wealth in California.
    Aoc and the other newbies should be removed from committee they are on.

  52. Ellen, you don’t know your Bible very well. The dems voted last week for infanticide of babies. The women’s body should be a temple for God. Yet, dems platform are Okay with abortion/murder before and after birth. Hum? Sounds like dems are acting thinking like Hitler. Dems think a wall to protect us and our nation because it is not morale, Read Revelation 21:12 -. Heaven has a strong wall with 12 gates for 12 tribes of Isreal. Have you heard of the Golden gates? The gates need a wall. Heaven is for the righteous. Hum… R for righteous and R for Republican. Dems want to control our lives with Socialist/Marxist/communist ideology. Read “Animal Farm “or “1984 ” for a simple warning and example of what dems are pushing for in the 2020 election. I think you are on the wrong side sweety.

  53. We need to take Hilery to court now. I suspect the paper trail for Nancy, Shimmer, Shift are loaded with lies and illegal action which are as black as the ace of spades…

  54. Dems will not save the USA. If they make this a socialist country and a world Gov, it will be the Anti Christ that takes over the world. Then he and his dems will require everyone to take the mark of the Anti Christ. Without the mark on right hand or forehead individuals will not trade, buy or sell. Take the mark, you have chosen Hell.
    This Prophecy is about 2000 years old.
    Dems want faith, the Bible, churches, etc should be illegal.

  55. Dems will not save the USA. If they make this a socialist country and a world Gov, it will be the Anti Christ that takes over the world. Then he and his dems will require everyone to take the mark of the Anti Christ. Without the mark on right hand or forehead individuals will not trade, buy or sell. Take the mark, you have chosen Hell.
    This Prophecy is about 2000 years old.
    Dems want faith, the Bible, churches, etc. should be removed.

  56. i really do not believe pelosi knows what planet she is on when she wakes up in the morning. same for feinstein

  57. Please explain why Trump is allowed to overcharge US citizens and keep the money to himself or pay for his kids with the money. Besides that he has been making all US justice go his way. Look at it differently. I am just saying because Trump is treating US justice like shit why don’t US citizens refer to IS justice by the name Trump Just Is Bullshit?

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