When I attended graduate school a few years back, I became good friends with the librarian at the school. One day, he and I were talking about the then growing issue of global warming. He asked if I wanted to know the truth about it and I told him yes.

He took me to a shelf and pointed to a stack of papers that stood a good 10-inches high and told me that stack of documents contained the truth. I spent the better part of my free time reading through the many documents and was surprised at what I read.

For what it is worth, here is a summary of that stack of documents.

In the early 1960s, the Soviet Union and United States were locked in the Cold War, with people in both countries and other countries fearing nuclear warfare between the two super powers.

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev secretly traveled to the United States, where he met in secret with President John F. Kennedy. The purpose of the meeting was not to talk about nuclear weapons or warfare, as most believed, but it was to discuss what it would take to set plans in motion to establish a one-world government.

It didn’t take long for either leader to realize that the threat of a nuclear war was not enough to bring about their plan. They eventually hit upon the idea of using the environment and environmental crises, real or fabricated and that this would all be done through the United Nations, which in time would become the one-world socialist government.

Khrushchev and Kennedy agreed that if there wasn’t an environment crisis, that one could easily be created, but the environment was something that would bring all nations and people together for a common cause.

Thus, the plan was set in motion.

When Al Gore was still a US Senator, the United Nations held an Earth Summit meeting. Gore was the official representative of the United States. The meeting opened up with the 180 world delegates bowing and praying to Gaia (Mother Earth).

At that summit, there were around 28 resolutions put forth by UN officials. One of those resolutions was to create an international environmental police force that would be identified by their green helmets. They would have complete jurisdiction to cross whatever border necessary to respond to any declared environmental crises. They would also have the authority to dictate to the leaders of the countries and local leaders.

Al Gore signed that resolution for the United States.

Another resolution called for the mandatory sharing of wealth and technology of the developed nations with undeveloped nations. In other words, the US and all companies in the US would be mandated to share their wealth and technology with many of the African countries and others that were poorer and had less technology.

Al Gore signed that resolution for the United States.

Another resolution gave the United Nations authority over all land throughout the world. They would have the power to dictate who could own how much land and where that land would be. They would also have the poser to dictate where every person was allowed to live. The concept was the redistribution of wealth and the elimination of all poverty throughout the world.

Al Gore signed that resolution for the United States.

In fact, Gore signed all 28 resolutions. Fortunately, enough other countries refused to sign the socialist resolutions which would have virtually establish the UN as the one-world socialist government.

Shortly thereafter, an international conference on the environment was held with the main topics being global warming, air-land-water pollution and the reliance on fossil fuels, which they declared was depleting at a dangerous pace. Interestingly, about 200 of the world’s top environmental scientists received letters telling them NOT to attend the conference. Most of those scientists who received the un-invitations had already spoken out or written against the supposed environmental crises to be discussed.

Take a look today to see who it is that is pushing climate change issues like cap-and-trade. Democrats control California, the only state with their own cap-and-trade laws, limiting carbon use of everyone and every business.

The plans created by Khrushchev and Kennedy seem to be fully on track with the help of United Nations, liberals in many nations and America’s Democrats.

Believe it or not, but I read through many official documents that laid out the whole sordid conspiracy. If you doubt it, take some time to analyze what is happening today involving the environment and you will see that it all makes sense.