April 19, 2021

The Next “Migrant Caravan” is on its Way. Shocker…

The sustained invasion of the West from the third world continues as yet another caravan composed of thousands of Central American migrants makes its way north toward the US-Mexico border.

Again, rather than arrest and deport the migrants, Mexican authorities have done absolutely nothing to prevent the caravan from heading toward the US border. Mexico’s federal police are escorting the entitled migrants north toward Tijuana.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who’s an anti-establishment leftist, has said that he’s pursuing a ‘humanitarian’ approach to the ordeal, saying that he’ll help stem the flow of migrants by finding them jobs.

Right… Mexico, an all but failed narco-state at this point, who can’t even provide enough jobs for its citizens, is going to find jobs for thousands of unskilled workers from Central America. That sounds completely feasible.

In exchange for Obrador’s selfless ‘humanitarian’ services, he has called on Trump to help prompt economic development in the region. The 320 million dollars of annual aid that the United States gives Mexico isn’t enough.

But why do these migrants seem to think they can waltz into our country, be handed jobs, homes, food stamps, and free healthcare? That question is an evasive one.

It’s almost as if they think that it’s their God-given right to live in the United States. Well, I have news for them – it’s not. Furthermore, the majority of American’s don’t want them inside of the U.S. Millions of Americans are already struggling to make ends meet. We cannot afford to take in, house, feed, provide jobs to, and give medical care to a never-ending line of migrants from the third world. It’s unfortunate, I know. But it’s also the reality.

Immigration officials in Mexico reported on Sunday that nearly 3,700 people from Central American migrant caravans have registered for temporary status in the country.

Hundreds more refused to wait for ‘humanitarian’ visas from the Mexican government and illegally crossed the loosely guarded border bridge from Guatemala into Mexico. Most migrants who were interviewed by various news outlets like France 24 and Fox News have stated that reaching the United States is indeed their ultimate goal. Others have said that if that doesn’t work out, that they will likely stay in Mexico.

Unfortunately, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon unless the U.S. government takes drastic actions against Mexican and Central American governments. As long as the governments of Central America and Mexico are complacent and assist these caravans in reaching the United States, the issue will persist.

Trump has already floated the idea of withdrawing the vast amount of aid that U.S. taxpayers generously gives to these countries if indeed they continue to refuse to enforce immigration law.

If Trump cares about the already struggling U.S. worker, then he would be wise to add some bite to his loud bark. Perhaps then these countries would be more receptive to our concerns.