The sustained invasion of the West from the third world continues as yet another caravan composed of thousands of Central American migrants makes its way north toward the US-Mexico border.

Again, rather than arrest and deport the migrants, Mexican authorities have done absolutely nothing to prevent the caravan from heading toward the US border. Mexico’s federal police are escorting the entitled migrants north toward Tijuana.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who’s an anti-establishment leftist, has said that he’s pursuing a ‘humanitarian’ approach to the ordeal, saying that he’ll help stem the flow of migrants by finding them jobs.

Right… Mexico, an all but failed narco-state at this point, who can’t even provide enough jobs for its citizens, is going to find jobs for thousands of unskilled workers from Central America. That sounds completely feasible.

In exchange for Obrador’s selfless ‘humanitarian’ services, he has called on Trump to help prompt economic development in the region. The 320 million dollars of annual aid that the United States gives Mexico isn’t enough.

But why do these migrants seem to think they can waltz into our country, be handed jobs, homes, food stamps, and free healthcare? That question is an evasive one.

It’s almost as if they think that it’s their God-given right to live in the United States. Well, I have news for them – it’s not. Furthermore, the majority of American’s don’t want them inside of the U.S. Millions of Americans are already struggling to make ends meet. We cannot afford to take in, house, feed, provide jobs to, and give medical care to a never-ending line of migrants from the third world. It’s unfortunate, I know. But it’s also the reality.

Immigration officials in Mexico reported on Sunday that nearly 3,700 people from Central American migrant caravans have registered for temporary status in the country.

Hundreds more refused to wait for ‘humanitarian’ visas from the Mexican government and illegally crossed the loosely guarded border bridge from Guatemala into Mexico. Most migrants who were interviewed by various news outlets like France 24 and Fox News have stated that reaching the United States is indeed their ultimate goal. Others have said that if that doesn’t work out, that they will likely stay in Mexico.

Unfortunately, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon unless the U.S. government takes drastic actions against Mexican and Central American governments. As long as the governments of Central America and Mexico are complacent and assist these caravans in reaching the United States, the issue will persist.

Trump has already floated the idea of withdrawing the vast amount of aid that U.S. taxpayers generously gives to these countries if indeed they continue to refuse to enforce immigration law.

If Trump cares about the already struggling U.S. worker, then he would be wise to add some bite to his loud bark. Perhaps then these countries would be more receptive to our concerns.

121 thoughts on “The Next “Migrant Caravan” is on its Way. Shocker…”
  1. All you sickos on the right, if you believe 1/10 of this BS, you all need to get your heads examined! Stay away from sites like this & PLEASE, turn off fitness, the Capital of FAKE NEWS!

  2. Close the border, when Mexican migrants can’t cross 2 work the leftist press. will see the light.

  3. As this group of invaders approaches our border the president needs to declare a national emergency and send the military to secure the border. We need to stop invading forces and maintain the rule of law in the United States.

  4. Please no more aid to Mexico. This is the thanks we get. Better to use the money to build one hell of a wall that also goes 20 feet deep since they like to tunnel so much.

  5. The dumb Democrats need to wake up and look out for our great country and keep these people out. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket because of them and their dumb ideas.

  6. These illegal aliens are invading our country. Like any other enemy that invaded our borders, they should be shot. Not be given welfare, housing, food, medical.

  7. I do not understand why the Liberals in our country do not see a problem with this.All these people seeking entry into our country most of who do not speak English,children who will attend our schools do not speak or read English.Which puts a burden on our school systems,over crowds our schools and cost us tax payers billions of dollars every yr.I would like a Liberal to explain their reasons why they think it is ok to let these illegals into our country.

  8. Since we are the last holdout against the one world global government, aka the new world order and deep state establishment traitors – the future of this planet hinges on our winning this last desperate ACT OF WAR by the new world order, using recruited thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens (Recruitment will not end until they totally run out of money to pay and transport them) to perch as close to our southern border as possible, to await a chance to crash through and crash our economy. If Freedom, with liberty and justice for all is survive, we must preserve law, order and justice – we have to use whatever means it takes to win this “death throes battle of the new world order” to regain control of our government, which is ongoing on our southern border. Mexico cannot hold enough of these invading caravans to outnumber the loss of 95% of worldwide population that we can rest assured of if we lose this battle.

  9. Don’t anyone understand what ellegal means. It means you broke the law and you don’t get all the milk and honey the United States of America supplies for her citizens. It’s a sad thing that pregnate women break the law and leave their children here for the citizens to care for. Unfortunately the Liberals are OK. with that. I would like to know who is financing the Caravans, I’m sure they don’t finance themselves,

  10. Like I have said it before…. Invade mexico, Take over the country, send in the liberals, communists, marxist, socialists and the leftest democrats (ALL OF THEM.) And with NO TRADE from America…. Lets see how long they survive in their NWO or socialist utopia!!

  11. Wanda , I agree to some extent. If these Democrats can’t see this at the border and not think if it as an emergency should just go down to front of the chamber and resign . Because they are in my opinion just turning their backs on America again. This is an invasion without open weapons that we can see ITS CALLED A WALL , BUILD IT TO STOP THE FLOW OF DRUGS AND PEOPLE. THEY NEED TO GET IN LINE LIKE THE REST.

  12. I am sick of you bleeding hearts telling us how to run our country. This is America, you idiot. I am Shawnee and I say enough is enough. This is not your ancestral country. Stop telling us who should be allowed to be here. Your family shouldn’t be here. We have enough people here now. We can’t even drive on major highways…there are so many people. Stop yelling what to do with my money. I didn’t work for thirty years to support the world. I can:t afford anymore taxes to pay for any more food, housing, and medical formore immigrants. That:s what they get for voting for socialism. Socialism never works.

  13. In order for our legal laws on the books to be ignored and replaced with uncertified laws. Both lawmakers and government officials are complicit. It seems a malvolent powerful spirit is behind all this.

  14. I’m certainly no liberal but it is clear to me that with the issues that the democrats endorse, their popularity is going to hell in a hand basket. Legal/illegal immigrants are about the only hope they have to do well in an election. The vast majority of the American public is completely fed up with the myriad untruths that the liberals and the MSM have been trying to propagandize the Republic with, that the citizens have become distrustful of both.
    And no doubt will continue until the lies have ceased and ridiculous complaints are gone. Both the Wall and the Justice Kavanaugh episodes were examples of ardor gone awry. With the zeal demonstrated by the liberals, that could be a long time. Probably until the MJ thrill and the hard drugs have disappeared and people come down from their pipe dreams.

  15. Unfortunately for all of us, the Leftists can’t see into the immediate future, when the illegal invaders take their share of the food stamps and other freebies.

  16. Frost is British (at least I know that a couple famous Frosts were British. Jack and David, do you know them?)
    You make it sound as if you are from a native family! I just really bet you’re some white person.
    That’s okay, isn’t it? That white people are telling “foreigners” to stay away. Kind of ironic when foreigners’ kids do so much better for the country than people like you!!!! Look it up wwoman!

  17. What about you? Are you a real “native American”? You know what whites call ” red skins”?
    Maybe not, huh??
    When did your family get here? Did the “red skins” invite your family here??

  18. The dieliema we have currently staring us in the face is a serious issue that will take the majority of Americans standing our ground in order to prevail against this onslaught of the 3rd World population. This will be a trying task America and it will be necessary that common sense from the majority of our country prevail if America is to countinue to be the leader of the Free world in lieu of the Liberals of the Socialistic Democratic movement.

  19. No benefits for illegals. Not – 1 cent.
    They break our law , enter our country illegally. Their punishment for breaking our law is to give them everything free. This is so wrong. The illegals get more benefits then American citizens . Our taxes should go to help American citizens not fior illegals.

  20. Exactly. They are an invation force that we need to address as such! Stop by any means to protect our country. This is a real threat. Address as such. Hell with this invationary threat bullshit. F***k them, the “enemy”!


  22. Joe, you must be a Pelosi fan.. Why would anybody vote for that crazy old woman? BTW, I thought you were on the other side.

  23. C’mon Joe. Keep raving all your crap & somebody will cover you up. What more would you expect Pres. Trump to do in his first 2 years? The economy is in better off than it has been in decades. Everybody, now has a job. The VA isn’t letting veterans die while waiting to see a doctor like it was when Obama was Pres. President Trump even brought back jobs to our shores which Obama had sent overseas and claimed they would never return. Obama and the other Democrats don’t like Trump because he has showed them up by being a real president, even with all the flack they are consistently throwing at him. Thank Goodness we now have a real president. The Democrats, even with the best propaganda machine in the world, can’t hold a candle to President Donald J. Trump.

  24. Your for killing kids and cant decide wich bathroom to use. If thats not enough you support senile marxists… whos the sicko again….. stay off the meth dumb ass!

  25. – I guess everyone but you commie libtards are too stupid to understand the Real News!?
    – How many illegal aliens do you support and house directly ?

    You socialist morons not only drank the cool-aid, but are now your bathing in it, and you have the nerve to tell us not to believe our own eyes, as we look past your fake news.

    America is Not Lost yet, the sad part is You will benefit from the patriotic diligence of those around you.

  26. Tear down the Wall in California that goes into the Pacific. Then put up guards along between Cal. & Ariziona, letting all those illegal immigrants. Telling them they can stay as long as they stay in California. Fingerprint everyone, make them take the injection on the hand to identify them. If they are caught out of Cal. they will be arrested, deported once again and told if they come back they will be given a pill that will cause there death!
    Making sure they understand that California, Oregon, and Washington STATE WANT THEM, but they have got to stay in those 3 commie States!

  27. Indians were before white men, so bugg off dirt-bag! America has treated our brothers like crap. Too bad that it couldn’t had been different, both Indians and British who came to America could not just merged as one!

  28. Emigrants who came here in the 1920 like my parents worked hard. They were not allowed in if they had any disease. No free hand outs. They worked to make this country strong and they loved this country.ap

  29. Just supporting late & very late abortions tells enough about a persons character. All worried about an illegal immigrants children & NOT caring about the KILLING of our own children & thier future.
    Let our countrys future live & btw; leave my guns alone & worry about your mixed up life.

  30. Migrants who seem to think they are more privileged than those who get on the list LEAGALY and wait their turn to immigrate to the U.S. are pathetic. Also, if your country is so bad, get the masses together and overturn the government! Or get yourselves on the list. No one is more privaliged than any other person who wants to become a U.S citizen. You have no right to barge through the border. As is well known many are moving drugs in.
    S2am L. Brown, The left wants them in for votes which will happen.

  31. Why should the USA try have to support everyone? We need to care for our own. Not those who break our laws.
    We give and give. My husband worked where the USA was repairing roads. The people threw rocks at our trucks with the American flag on them and spit.They were Socialist/Communist..

  32. FIRST off, STOP all of the aid that the UNITED STATE’S is giving MEXICO , HONDURAS, VENEZUELA and any country that is sending THOUSANDS of people that are sick and have GOD knows what kind of DISEASES to the USA.!! I don’t understand why DEMOCRATS want to just let them come Right on in UNDOCUMENTED, so The murderers, Rapists, gang bangers, and all the BAD people can get FREE housing, MEDICAL, FREE FOOD, everything THAT me and my family pay for in TAXES!! HOW is that FAIR to me and my family and all the other TRUE AMERICANS?? I’ve never gotten a DAMN thing give to me. Why do thay think that they DESERVE to come here and have any and EVERYTHING just given to them because they have RIGHTS. Well AMERICANS have RIGHTS to AND we should get them FIRST. F**K BUILD THE WALL!! TRUMP ,. PLEASE ,so that we can still have an AMERICA worth giving in!!!

  33. get out from under your rock or go to the border and watch! watch as males from these countries lift their shirts to reveal ms13 brands. I saw it and so should you. or get back under your damn rock.

  34. Well, I guess I am one of the sicko’s But I can think for myself, and I know what the left has instore for you low life people and that is to eventually enslave you. They are mostly Communists. You idiots
    Just follow along like lemmings over the Cliff to your demise.

  35. Just like Pelosi, a group of illegals were helped onto Pelosi’s personal property. She immediately had them evicted. If people like you want the border open, maybe some of the sex offenders murderers, drug cartel, thieves, etc. should meet your families in person and you can personally help them with money for medicine, food, education, etc. Just like Trump stated, let’s haul these illegals to sanctuary cities, and if these loonies really believe in open borders THEY SHOULD BE WILLING TO SHARE THEIR SAVINGS, BANK ACCOUNTS, AND THEIR HOMES. Where are these “keep borders open” when there are thousands of illegals sleeping in the streets of some California cities… help them out.

  36. we the Indians came here first not the blacks the browns or the white ones that let them in to do the job,s there lazy butt,s wont do the slaver,s we are not your slaves but you that let the dem wit white slavers ruin this land

  37. Well most of us were from people who wanted to come here to WORK for a better life not sneak in invade, They wanted to be American. lean the history and be proud of there new country. Not just show up with there hand out for the free stuff. If you really want change bond together and change the CRAP that is wrong with the place where you were born!!!! that is real change, DO NOT CAST YOUR BURDEN ON OTHER PEOPLE !!!! THEY EARNED WHAT THEY GOT.

  38. Hey joe I agree. I live in a border state close to the border and I see the illegals every day. I am so sick of them coming in here acting like I owe them! Wrong on that point. I can remember a time if you caught them on the ranch you just took care of business. I don’t need any freaking liberal bleeding hearts mouthing off.
    You are part of the problem, they have no right to be here!

  39. MEXINEGRO, do you leave your front door unlocked & open? We both know you don’t & why is that – you filthy POS! Anyone should be allowed in YOUR house, without being properly processed by you or your family…

  40. I notice that you are not following your own advice. Mayhaps you have some evil plan to change the world? Did not think so.

  41. I think it’s good idea but I live in California. I love this state and I hate it being a sanctuary State. It’s because we have really bad government representatives here in California. We don’t get to vote on things like RAISE in taxes like gas tax car registration on and on and on. Nancy Pelosi and Congress must be be happy that farmer that was killed by a illegal must be alright because he was deported and he came back and killed a farmer in a head on collision killing the farmer on his tractor. Illegal was driving while drunk. Farmer had a wife and three kids.

  42. Yea California Sanctuary City Pelosi is all for open borders lets give her some good ones. I moved from California because I can’t afford it, I get punished if I don’t pay taxes to help but they don’t know how much I am struggling myself and I am a U.S. Citizen.. Pelosi should use some of her millions to help her City…

  43. Lets load up the mayflower and get those freeloaders out of here! Beggers that turn on you and than feel entitled. All of a sudden its their country. What a crock. They almost wiped out the natives with their European plagues.
    Great migrations have always been good for the Americas. that’s how it was built to what it is.
    Migrants take the jobs that lazy bums don t want. If don t like them go to work and do those jobs. make it hard for a migrant not to want to come here. Good luck with that.
    Greedy cowards….all!

  44. Nancy,
    Stop complaining you allowed it to happen.If it doesn’t work for you why don’t you go public with your dislike and unfairness of your current Government.Not enough good people like you are.
    Being screwed over by the likes of your Evil selfish politicians is just unacceptable at this point their cure is to create additional Government services and higher taxes.Wake up girl fight back .these illegal aliens are not good for our Country

  45. America has only “ONE” legitimate governing political party, and that is the Republican Party. The opposition party, is the Communist Party. These are indeed evil times in America.

  46. Don’t worry joeose all them low paying jobs gone soon.whatcha gonna do when a robot takes your job awayfrom u. They work faster cheaper don’t get the orders wrong. U are even being replaced on the farm
    What kind of jobs r u going 2 do ehen thry don’t exist
    Go 2 a trade school learn computer tech

  47. Yes donna your right. Your people let a few whites in like the illegals. They swarmed over u just as tadsys illegals will do. If these countries weren’t so corrupt stealing the money they would have a great country. But their leaders sold them out to the i.m
    F. Same things the humanoid Nancy is doing 2 america

  48. Jack u give her 2 much credit. Remember forrest gump had an i.q. of 76. In the army considered a genius
    Horse face i.q. can’t be more then her age. Thats stretching it considerably

  49. Hey ann the illegals will tell u their people were in ohio 600 years ago
    Eventually the north Americans indians sent them back 2 Mexico .
    If u feel this way ann why don’t u get a rack & go back 2 your European country. 4 a thousand $ u can visit your ancestors beginnings

  50. Ann i know your a humanoid demonrats. My white kids are not criminals like your white humanoid kids. Won’t even serve in the military . Bet u come from a hippy pinko commy family. That’s why u want illegals. Not because Americans r lazy but de.onrats like u. ANN HOW far did your kids apple fall from the tree. I’ll bet not far. Just like u. I to had a hippy lazy sister their kids r just like them druggies collecting welfare their whole life now retired collecting 900 a month.complaining they can’t get by on it. Thats what u get a life time of minimum wages just like the illegals

  51. Imagine if blacks had gotten all the money given 2 illegals what a difference that would’ve made. When all Americans r fully employed then should they let them in as a basis need

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