The Washington Post has taken upon itself to be the scorekeeper on President Trump’s rhetorical accuracy. They currently claim more than 7000 of what they call “lies” That, in and of itself, is a stretch of the truth.

To visualize their score of presidential veracity, the folks of the Fourth Estate have literally tossed one gumball into a large jar for each alleged lie by the President. They further claim that the frequency of these prevarications is increasing exponentially. In his prosecutorial brief, Victor Blackwell, of CNN, presided over several jars of brightly-colored gumballs like they were evidence in a murder trial. To maximize the visual impression – and in what can be described as visual hyperbole — I noticed that they used the over-sized “jawbreaker” gumballs. I suspect that they would have used bowling balls if it were not such a logistical challenge.

One cannot deny that Trump seems to make more inaccurate public statements than most past presidents, but we have no comparison. No one in the media has ever meticulously tracked the lies, misstatements, mistakes or bullsh*t of past Chief Executives. If they were to apply the same standard and diligence to those past occupants of the Oval Office as they do to Trump, I would bet there would be untruths by the thousands. It all depends on how picayunish and petty one wants to be – and when it comes to Trump the media has no bounds picayune and pettiness.

Why does he do it?

Unfortunately, Trump provides his critics with too much ammunition. There is no good explanation for Trump’s propensity to proffer challengeable claims in machine gun fashion. But the hyperbolic media narrative that Trump is a pathological liar and an imminent danger to the Republic may be their bias-driven political narrative, but they are bending the truth to the breaking point, to put it politely.

While the Post makes its claims, it is not into transparency when it comes to providing the raw data – the list of those 7000-plus “lies.” It would be interesting to be able to analyze their list, but they are not willing to publish it in its entirety in their publication.

A lie by any other name

A lie is an intent to deceive when one knows that the statement is grossly inaccurate. We know that many of Trump’s misstatements are based on what people told him or he read or heard in the media. He can certainly be criticized for not being a more cautious consumer of off-hand information and for not checking out the facts before blurting out the statements.

In an effort to pile on, the media will declare lies when they are merely matters of opinion or differing interpretations. They take advantage of Trump’s maladroit manner of expressing his opinions.

They say he lied about the size of his Inaugural crowd – the biggest ever. Based on the best information available, that is not true of those in physical attendance, but it is true if you consider those watching on television or via the Internet. In view of his controversial personality and the shock of his victory, it would be amazing if it was not the most viewed Inauguration in history.

One cannot even count the number of times Trump is accused of knowingly lying about Mexico paying for the wall. (Hmmm. I wonder if that is one gumball or does the Post add a gumball for every repetition of the comment?)

And is it really a lie? Trump has said that Mexico would pay for the wall one way or another – direct payment, withheld foreign aid from the United States or some provision in trade agreements. The best one can say about that promise is that the jury is still out. And even if he cannot make it happen – or is blocked from building the metaphoric wall – it is not a lie any more than when Obama said that Syria’s Bashar al Assad’s days were numbered.

Then there are all those lies the media cites that are purely differences of opinion. When Trump said the negotiations over the new NAFTA were going well, a number of media folks declared it not to be true. A lie? That is the arrogance and danger of a biased and propagandized news media. Who would know better the status of the negotiations – the President or the reporters? Yet they call it a lie. Is that another gumball in the bottle?

It needs to be noted that that VAST majority of those gumballs seem to represent misstatements that are of no real importance. As a person who favors Trump’s policies, but not his personality, I could care less about the media frenzy over crowd sizes and all those other petty agonized attacks on his veracity.

Ignoring important lies

Where was the media derangement when President Obama lied about keeping our doctors in order to pass the Affordable Care Act? It was a gross lie that was necessary to get the bill passed in Congress and was admitted to by one of his chief advisors, Jonathan Gruber. There was no outrage when Obama supported gay marriage after saying on the campaign trail that he opposed it – a lie that his top advisor, David Axelrod confessed in his book. There were no gumballs in jars when Obama lied to the Kurds and Syrian freedom fighters that America would have their back. What about the lie that we would have 6 percent growth in less than one year if Congress passed the stimulus package?

Those are the kind of lies that should be of great concern because they are not petty. They affect real lives – and in the case of Syria, resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Those are lies with enormous consequences.

Media Lies

But what about the media in this world of fact-checking and lie-accusing? It brings to mind Dr. Seuss’ tale of the community of Hawtch-Hawtch where there was a need to supervise (watch) the bee at work. When nothing improved, they found it necessary to watch the watcher. After a series of watchers watching watchers, Seuss concluded:

And now all the Hawtchers who live in Hawtch-Hawtch are watching on watch watcher watchering watch, watch watching the watcher who’s watching that bee. You’re not a Hawtch-Watcher you’re lucky you see!”

So … who IS watching the media? Yes, there are media reporters – but guys like CNN’s Brian Stelter is neither a media critic (as we once called them) or an ombudsman. He is a propagandist for the press.

And yes, occasionally the media is caught in such an outrageous lie that they must offer up a retraction. Occasionally, a reporter makes up a story (a lie) and gets fired. That happened to “Morning Joe” regular Mike Barnicle — often introduced with the appellation “the legendary …” He was canned from the Boston Globe for faking news reports. It has happened to the New York Times with Jason Blair. But, for the most part, the media can lie, deceive, spin and censor with impunity. After all, they see themselves as the primary watcher.

And The Beat goes on

Among the most biased hosts on MSNBC – and it is at least a seven-way tie for first place – is Ari Melber who hosts “The Beat.” He also appears as guest host and panelist on virtually all the other MNBC programs. In his year-end show, he noted that many people (an understatement) believe the folks at MSNBC are biased and only dishes out one side of the story. To prove otherwise, he aired a snippet of three interviews is Trump advocates.

In those archival interviews, Melber berated his guests and called them liars. He was not inquiring. He was indicting. What he did not show – and I recall because I had seen those interviews – was the panel discussions that followed, in which three of four “contributors mercilessly” ripped the Trump supporters apart like a McDonalds’ bag in the hands of a child.

If you were to do some stopwatch-research – timing the negative and positive Trump news and opinions on MSNBC – you get a fact-based knowledge that destroys Melber’s self-serving narrative. By my rough timing on one occasion, its negative-to-positive ratio runs about 300-to-one against trump. In one segment of Morning Joe, the hour was 100 percent anti-Trump by twelve talking-head analysts – not including the negative video clips. Not one person with an alternative opinion.

In attempting to demonstrate fairness and balance with these three video clips, Melber offered up a GROSS deception – a misrepresentation that can only be considered … a lie. He was not mistaken. He was not misinformed. He willfully distorted the truth to create propaganda. Yes, Melber lied. MSNBC is not fair and balanced and only zombies of the left-wing base could believe otherwise.

Painter paints himself into a corner

On CNN – which is biased but does offer up a number of alternative viewpoints – there was a real debate. Taking up the #NeverTrump side was Republican deserter Richard Painter – a man of world-class arrogance and pomposity. His appearance and his raspy scolding oratorical style always reminds me of Waldorf, the angry old man in the balcony in those Muppet shows.

The subject of the moment was Trump’s lies. After hearing from a Trump defender, Waldorf … ooops, I mean Painter … bellowed “Everyone in New York knows that Trump is a liar.” Really? Everyone? Old Painter just told an untruth … a lie. One does not need to do a survey to know that not “everyone in New York” thinks Trump is a liar. To make his point, Painter told an untruth. It could be considered an expression made for emphasis (nice way of saying, “a lie”). BUT … it is exactly the kind of exaggeration that garners Trump another gumball. Using the same standard, Painter gets a jaw-breaker for his jaw-boning.

When those folks on the tube say that Trump wants a “medieval-style wall,” “compare his proposal to the Great Wall of China or say he is relying on 17TH Century technology,” they are … lying. Flat out spewing gumball-earning lies. They use THEIR definition as a straw man even Trump has often explained that the “wall” can be many things in different places. It is a metaphor for border security – walls, fences, barriers and whatever it takes.

Trump hurts himself

I cannot say that I am not chagrined by Trump’s propensity to tweet and say things that are challengeable. He hurts his own credibility and – more importantly – his ability to move the conservative Republican agenda forward. I do not admire his hyperbolic egocentric bragging. I would like to see less c’est moi and more e pluribus unum.

Trump’s greatest strength, however, is not him, but them. It is easy to overlook what cannot be defended in Trump when one considers the alternatives – a divisive left-wing political movement based on identity politics, political correctness and the empowerment of a permanent authoritarian ruling elite presiding over an increasingly powerful and oppressive central government. As it was in November of 2016, Trump, for all his faults, is still the better option for America and the personal freedoms we have come to expect as citizens.
So, there ‘tis.

44 thoughts on “The Truth About Trump’s Lies”
  1. ‘‘Tis only an ignoramus who would spew such vile verbiage about our President, look at the facts! Growing economy, almost no unemployment, business booming, bigger paychecks, Isis almost gone, no missiles flying over japan, I could go on and on. Wake up America, you never had it so good!


  3. Well said! I believe the left wing media lie more and more just to pander to the thumb sucking liberals.
    They should do their jobs and do it honestly no mater if its against their agenda or with it.

  4. really,this from the ultra left wing liberal rag,ha ha ha ha,now that’s funny !! I would trust a rattle snake before I would trust anything this communist supporter said

  5. W FLATTW ; I am greatful for your service to our country and I also thank you on you post. I believe also that our POTUS in the only President that has tried to drain the swamp from our government ! You are right also saying that he isn’t owned by anyone, which is a great inspiration and strength. Which he will need now as to the newly elected House that now has a far left Liberal base !

  6. Make NO mistake this is a high stakes ‘game’ these guys are playing…… the ‘pot’ is global world domination under the thumb of the UN and w/o our Constitution to protect us……! I don’t think most of the libs are aware that they are the willing dupes of the globalists (one world order)….. and, are using the Sol Alinsky play book. If anyone has an answer….tell me how life in such socialist meccas as Russia, China, N Korea, Cuba. or Venezuela stacks up against life in the USA !!! Truth be known….. these fools have never been outside our great country and judge the world by fantasy standards…..!

  7. Its scary how depraved the left has become. On a weekly basis they are lying about Trump, Global warming, Sexuality, Political statement coverage, True conditions at the boarder, Global politics, Media interactions and protests, Kavanaugh, Muller, etc. etc. My God, these people are either horribly ignorant or lying Scum. Neither of these are acceptable in my book. Hoping on a change before I die and leave this to my Children.

  8. Libs reject your pesky facts. They don’t fit their anti American agenda. Their impeach POTUS Trump TDS sky screaming butt hurt mania.

  9. After years of listening to media double talk, Baloney, and watching them ignore issues of major importance because it puts democrats in a negative light, and this is crap they’ve been getting away with long before Trump came down the escalator, I ignore everything they say or print up on Trump. Kind of like ignoring the headlines I’d always ignore in the Globe or National Enquirer. The only difference now is I have more respect for these two papers than the NY Times and all the rest that follow their lead. I also assume now that the very things they accuse conservatives, Trump, Tea Party people of are things they practice on a regular basis and get away with because they never fear some one like a Woodward or Bernstein exposing them to the public. I can’t help but feel a resemblance of this kind of corrupt and descending character to that of a juvenile delinquent who gets away with lies because his parents always believe their precious baby over higher authority. This is why the media is our enemy. They are very dangerous to us all and this country cannot continue but eventually go down the drain because of it.

  10. Thanks for your Service! You are a good man to admit, as a Democrat, that Trump is on the correct track and not being too political!
    I was a Democrat growing up and “Slick Willy” Clinton turned me off and I became a Republican so I could be a part of the discussion! Stay the Course, help Trump drain the Swamp! Trump is the only “R” Candidate that could take the Baton and run with it and win over the Swamp! No one on the stage could have gotten this far!

  11. What I don’t understand is why are we giving Trump a pass. A lie, a stretched truth, using an excuse that he’s being fed mis-information… all things our president does regularly to inflate his agenda while demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He’s a very smart man, obviously, he won the presidency and put the Republican policy back on track. But at what point do we stop feeling obligated to pick a side and be honest with ourselves… Why can’t we judge our president as we would anyone else in our lives, whether it be at work or in our communities. A liar is a liar… we all have integrity and know what’s right and wrong. If someone at work or in your community tries to push an agenda by giving misinformation, our conscience will kick in and we will sniff out the lie and call that person out. What I can’t understand is why we don’t see the Presidents lack of moral character as a problem and hold him accountable? I’m happy we have a Republican in office, so don’t get me wrong. What concerns me is that most republicans turn a blind eye to some serious character flaws in Trump. Where’s the integrity in the Republican Party that has always been part of it’s fabric… everyone just agrees with EVERYTHING Trump says… no one questions. I’m a Republican and voted for him. I agree with most of his policies, but NOT all. I’m a Republican that will challenge our president to be a more principled leader (which he is not)… not a Republican who turns a blind eye. I wonder how many of you that voted for trump would agree with me? I’m sure I’ll get some heat from those of you that just can’t see it for what it simply is.

  12. Trump is a great President!!! He has done so well for someone that was not a politation period. Simply amazing job he has done.
    Reagan was the last decent President we had and I really loved the Bushes.

  13. Good answer Ted C. I once saw a Dems list of Trumps “Lies”! It was pretty funny. Trump has an amazing IQ! And he is WAYYY too smart to tell the American people a bunch of lies — or any as far as that is concerned! The Dems list were things that haven’t happened yet. One was about Mexico paying for the WALL! They called that a lie! Well, that was about 6 months into the first year of Trumps Presidency. And is that a lie today? NOOO! First, the reason there is not a wall today (YET) is because the Dems are blocking him at every effort to even get them to talk about it. And he has said again and again — that Mexico WILL pay for the wall, with the sanctions he has placed against them! SEE?? NOT a lie, first there isn’t a wall finished yet — so how can either of those be lies? AND SO FORTH! Almost everything the Dems are calling Trumps lies are things that haven’t happened yet — LIKE– he is just starting to clean the swamp! I think they think that if they tell the people that everything Trump says are lies — then his cleaning the SWAMP would also be a lie! HAHAHA keep hoping! The SWAMP WILL BE CLEANED! BRAVO TO TRUMP!

  14. Trump may have his faults, but they have no business harassing Trump while they do nothing about Obama and the Clintons who have committed terrible things against our country. If you are basing your contradictions on the fake media, then I suggest you take another look. Trump cares about our country and he has put up with more harassment than any other president I have read about and I have read documents on all of the Presidents. I am Republican and proud of it because of its Christian values for our lives. Give Trump a break!! He is the best president who can make our country GREAT AGAIN!! My son was a Marine by the way!!

  15. You were a Democrat when the term applied to a political party. Now the term refers to a bunch of raving idiots on a mission to destroy America.

  16. I’m 101% agree to what you said about President Trump. He is the best for our country and I will re-elect him again for the next coming 2020 presidential election. God bless America.

  17. I’m 101% agree to what you said about President Trump. He is the best for our country and I will re-elect him again for the next coming 2020 presidential election. God bless America.

  18. I’m 101% agree to what you said about President Trump. He is the best for our country and I will re-elect him again for the next coming 2020 presidential election. God bless America. We have a good.president sitting at the Oval Office of the White House.

  19. You really need some professional help. Could you also please tell us, for what crimes is he going to jail for? Destroying a server? Deleting emails? Taking hammers to celebrate phones thus destroying v evidence? Which crimes are you referring to?

  20. Hey Bob!! You must be one of many w/TDS…. At last we have a President that fights for all the people, including your Dumb Ass. In addition, he does not take a salary. I would love to see Obama and the Clintons tax returns. You would be amazed how much money they received from special interest groups. So Bob go a head with your BS nonsense of President Trump, because you have Zero evidence of collusion.

  21. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID. FURTHERMORE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE ELITE DEMS WHO WANT TO TAKE AMERICA DOWN. YOU CAN NOT TRUST ANYTHING THE FAKE MAINSTREAM MEDIA SAYS. Google and others has made sure of that. I just read that they are trying to stop any alternative news sites a control what comes out on the internet. So much for true journalism. Go USA. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL!! Q

  22. Why dont you do an article on all the lies you people have told. Meaning the mainstream fake media. Where true journalism does not exist. I have never seen so much disrespect for a sitting president. Who ever reads this artical, please do not believe this crap. Ever notice they all speak from the same script. Please do your own your own investigation on President Trump. There are many real news sites to get informed. THIS IS FROM A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN WHO BELIEVES IN THE CONSTITUTION AND A SOVEREIGN NATION THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED, AND WHAT TRUMP IS DOING. AND DOING IT WELL!!!! GO USA!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL!!! Q

  23. The only proof is Obama touching the Russian President and saying on video once I’m re-elected things will be better. Oh I forgot he didn’t know he’s mic was still on. And what about the one hundred fifty billion dollars in cash to Iran. Plus a treaty that only had the USA sign which makes it invalid because Iran never signed it.

  24. I agree with you FLattw he has got the guys most would have folded by now.I am so sorry for him and his family all the democrats thanks about is impeaching him they are a bunch of corrupt demonizing communist is what they are care about no one but their Self.thank you for your honest ,reply.

  25. No, didn’t see that blow job but I did see Obama actually bend over to give King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a blow job. What facts do you have on Trump after all his actions against Russia – by far tougher than Obama ever was on Russia. What high crimes and these “misdeed” do you speak of? The actual constitution calls for a “… conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” After you do some homework and what you were obviously not taught before to understand what all these definitions are, then do the following;

    Prove Treason
    Prove Bribery
    Prove Crime
    Prove Misdemeanor

    An opinion is not sufficient to prove any of these so you better be specific to an actual action under these provisions to establish them. Otherwise, STFU and go back to your basement.

  26. Bob Bensall , you Flithy mouthed MORON .Don’t accuse President Trumo of doing something YOU WOULD DO. The Russian Collusion that happened before and during the election , came from Hillary’s camp , and only the absolutely most IGNORANT, Moronic , BRAINWASHED IDIOTS ,LIKE YOU, Do not accept these FACTS. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS , Because you are literally just talking Shit

  27. Bob Bensall , you Flithy mouthed MORON .Don’t accuse President Trumo of doing something YOU WOULD DO. The Russian Collusion that happened before and during the election , came from Hillary’s camp , and only the absolutely most IGNORANT, Moronic , BRAINWASHED IDIOTS ,LIKE YOU, Do not accept these FACTS. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS , Because you are literally just talking Shit

  28. Outstanding sir! Simply honest and with head held high he tells so much truth, the Media regroup so often just to make new spun lies tie together. In a grand effort put forth by the Media’s “‘Lie Machines” to sway Americans back to where their globalist idea start making sense again.
    My, hat is off to you sir!

  29. We can take with a grain of salt what some claim,Most don;t Know the difference between the truth and a lie

  30. Been not reading the whole article , didn’t have to because it’s biased just as biased as you claim others to be
    the same story continues in the comment section .
    I am living across the pond and have followed the show except for one month (visiting my son in Cambodia) on different outlets , Yes even Infowars and Fox and there is bias on both sides .
    That said Trump lies a lot , and he is pretty good at chancing the narrative and the same happens here .
    I will just take 2 examples first the crowd size Trump was talking about the people in place at the site later on it changed to tv and internet , and then yes there has most likely never been more people watching simply because the number of people having aces to internet is still (slowly nowadays) growing , that beside the fact that Trump was known from his tv show in many countries combined to the very toxic primaries and later on the run up to the voting day . The second one is in Airforce 1 saying he knew knotting about the payment made to Stormy Daniels , first the tape appeared and 2 days ago during the public hearing the check that Trump personally wrote . Like I mentioned I’m not from the USA but even I found it disgusting how he was standing in front of the memory wall at the CIA headquarters bragging about the crowd size . From what I have seen and been reading about Trump and his behavior I can’t believe when I see sites like this claiming to be fair and not biased but every word is so pro Trump biased that it makes me want to puke , Shame on you .

  31. Open and Fair This site is so fucking biased that it makes me want to puke and I’m not even from the USA .
    Biased and twisting the truth just one small example the crowd size during the inauguration ,In the begin there was only spoken about the crowd size attending the inauguration when the lying got out of hand they Yes all you Trumpsters changed it to overall including internet . you folks are defending the most likely biggest liar ever in the WH .
    The worst lie was Trump standing in front of the memory wall at the CIA headquarter bragging about the biggest crowd at the inauguration ever , Of coarse you folks wonder why that was the worst well no respect for the people that lied down their lives .
    Pretending to be open and fair , this side is so fucking biased it’s just a joke .

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