French protestors have now shifted their attention to the industry that pulls strings behind both the corrupt government and lying mass media – the banking or financial industry.

This is a pivotal moment in history.

As the ninth straight weekend of Yellow Vest protests approaches, the Gilets Jaunes have planned a demonstration outside the Rothschild Bank of Lyon on Wednesday night.

The Facebook event has suggested that more than 3,000 French Yellow Vest activists have expressed an interest in taking part in the protest. The people’s grievance stems from legislation having to do with France’s private banking system that’s more than 40-years-old.

Similarly to the US with its private central bank, the Federal Reserve, the French government must borrow money from its private central bank, the Bank of France, then repay the debt with high interest, which only serves to plunge the people of the country further and further into debt.

Like people who are aware of private central banking in the US, French citizens are wondering why their government can’t take control of the power to issue currency and do it interest-free.

It’s a legitimate question we all should be asking. Why must the governments rely on shadowy, private banks to issue a country’s currency with high interest when governments could do it themselves interest-free? It certainly would make every day working class citizens much better off.

People within the Yellow Vest movement have rightfully drawn connections between government, corporate media, massive profits made by banks, their tax avoidance, their interest charges on debt that’s created out of thin air, as well as other perceived underhanded behavior that international banking represents.

In addition to planned demonstrations, activists have also urged their fellow French citizens to empty their bank accounts to spark a massive run on French banks.

French boxer and Yellow Vest activist, Maxime Nicolle, recently took to YouTube and called on French citizens to withdrawal all their money from the banks. He called it the “tax collectors referendum.”

Political commentators and analysts have surmised that a coordinated run on banks could collapse the banking system in France, paralyze the country, and may even cause the euro to collapse.

American broadcaster, filmmaker and financial expert, Max Keiser, in a tweet said, “If every French person converted 20% of their bank deposits into Bitcoin… French banks and the government would collapse, and a lot of bloodsheds could be avoided.”

The world should be watching moves like this one made by the Yellow Vests closely, and if successful, they should be reproduced by working people around the globe.

8 thoughts on “The Yellow Vests Have the French Banking System in Their Sites”
  1. The Rothschilds have long been manipulating currencies and economies in Europe and around the world. They can do so because of trillions they move electronically. Soros is a small player. The Rothschilds have done this and are the masters of it for many centuries. I doubt a few thousand “Yellow Vests” will concern them, but it could bring a greater awareness of the public at large and that is a possible threat.

  2. 1. Learn to spell.
    2. The “yellow vests” are nothing but troublemakers, as usual in France.
    2. The reason for central bank independence is to prevent inflation. Governments with the power to print as much money as they want tend to do so because it’s a politically easy way to fund spending without tax hikes. Then hello Weimar Republic.

  3. When will the populace realize the goal of the billionaires and trillionaires is to create a one world Government with a True and complete mixture of the races to in their mind create a one true race from a mixture of all races. They are the ones behind all these third world invasions into the western and European Nations. Knowing this will cause wars, famine, pestilences, disease, death in order to bring about a manageable population THEY CAN CONTROL AND RULE OVER.

  4. Just as Brexit allowed U.S.Voters to dream and accomplish a President Trump, I hope the continuing success of Yellow Vests will lead U.S. Voters to dream and accomplish “Audit /Abolish the Fed”

  5. What Soros is doing in The United States! We don’t want Soros in America, and the Democrats should send him packing

  6. I have tried to inscribe from you mother fuckers and this harassment is going to get me paid if you don’t stop sending me this shit! Then you block my first amendment right to speak!

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