In a response to a largely unsubstantiated article in the New York Times, President Trump has targeted the paper as the “true enemy of the people.” While the president has often used such terminology referring to the mainstream media in general, this time he singled out the NYT, tweeting, “The New York Times reporting is false. They are a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

Trump’s tweet was believed to be a response to a recently published Times article which detailed his alleged “two-year war on the investigations encircling him.”

In an earlier tweet, Trump claimed journalists “don’t even call asking for verification” about stories they are planning to publish about his administration ― a post which is also being interpreted as an attack on Times reporters.

That tweet said, “The Press has never been more dishonest than it is today. Stories are written that have absolutely no basis in fact. The writers don’t even call asking for verification. They are totally out of control. Sadly, I kept many of them in business. In six years, they all go BUST!”

Times Reporter Fires Back  

The writer of the piece that raised Trump’s ire, Maggie Haberman, fired back in response to the president’s assertions, claiming that she indeed did contact the White House about her story. In an interview with CNN’s “New Day,” she said that she sent several emails to the White House about the planned story “that went unanswered” until the story was published.

“We went through a detailed list of what we were planning on reporting,” she explained. “They chose not to engage and then afterwards the president acts surprised.”

“Now whether his aides are not telling him what we are looking at or whether this is a game and he knows what it is and he’s pretending that he doesn’t, I can’t read his mind,” she speculated. “We certainly followed normal reporting practices and went over it at length with both the White House and the Department of Justice.”

Haberman’s piece touched on everything from the firing of James Comey to Trump allegedly pressuring former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to lie about Trump asking for Michael Flynn’s resignation. It also alleges, with no evidence,  that Trump discussed having Flynn and Paul Manafort pardoned as a means to entice them against cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump also took to twitter to take a jab at the Washington Post when he learned of the Covington students suing the Washington Post for 250 million dollars for “practicing a modern-day form of McCarthyism.”

“The Washington Post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.” Covington student suing WAPO. Go get them Nick. Fake News!



22 thoughts on “New York Times: The Enemy of the People”
  1. When a media organization plots a coup d’etat with persons in our government to take our country and throw it in the trash, open the borders, and make a new world order where only they get rich and we get enslaved in socialism/comunist organization is helping them so this, they are traitors and treasonous, this makes them enemy of the people.

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  3. The media has tilted so far leftist in its various printings and postings over my lifetime, that most of it is no longer recognizable as news. virtually all of it can be best identified as politically biased propaganda. It got noticeably worse starting with Obama’s crime wave admin and has gotten so bad now that viewership on most “news” shows has dropped like a rock.

  4. Trump is right as usual. The MSM and the NYT in particular have acutely regressed from their responsibilities to accurately report the news. All freedoms, including freedom of the press, presuppose truth, fairness, and objectivity, virtues long ago lost to the MSM and the NYT. Therefore, the MSM and the NYT are enemies of freedom of the press and by extension enemies of the people.

  5. President TRUMP, is only saying what anyone who follows the POLITICAL FOLLIES knows,
    that the NYT is a total CROCK OF SHITE!

  6. Oh the media is all fake news when it comes to President Trump. No doubt about. You think by now you people would learn that people are tired of untrue stories and bad journalism. Get your stories straight and honest. You might get more readers

  7. Our country”s schools, media, government & police-military have mostly been usurped by marxist-communist traitors for many years now. It began in the late 1950s. We have been asleep, we have mistaken our form of government to be a democracy. Nowhere in our Constitution is . Nowhere in our Constitution or other founding documents is democracy so much as mentioned in any but the most derogatory terms, as prelude to despotism. No real or meaningful instruction regarding our Constitution or form of government has been undertaken by our totalitarian schools. We dreamed that God or Jesup would save us. We have no leg to stand on.. We are finished but for the actual removal of our Constitution from all remembrance. Look around you. Try finding someone who can sustain even the shortest conversation about our Constitution or anything else of any real importance to liberty or justice. Justice is upon us.

  8. Cortez doesn’t even know what the three branches of government it is and where to vote on her as president

  9. When I was a journalist for a major newspaper we were either objective in all our reporting of the news or we were fired. That the NYTimes is publishing such trash; such fake news, lousy, lazy reporting and distortion of facts makes them a true enemy of all people. When it used to be “all the news that fits to print” resorted to “All the news that fits, print” it started downhill and recent extreme lay-offs has left them with no seasoned, experienced people and I suspect, only young, stupid staff.
    They are our enemy and if you are unable to recognized it, you are a puppet of the Left.

  10. When I was a journalist for a major newspaper we were either objective in all our reporting of the news or we were fired. That the NYTimes is publishing such trash; such fake news, lousy, lazy reporting and distortion of facts makes them a true enemy of all people. When it used to be “all the news that is fit to print” resorted to “All the news that fits, print” it started downhill and recent extreme lay-offs has left them with no seasoned, experienced people and I suspect, only young, stupid staff.
    They are our enemy and if you are unable to recognized it, you are a puppet of the Left.

  11. I agree with you Ruth and they hate our president because he does not want our country going socialistic.

  12. You are a Nazi pig. Why don’t you say what you really want to. There should not be a free press. Only truth is Trump lies. I want to find you and take you out in the woods and leave you there

  13. i have never even seen one of these newspaper rags,so i guess they are not that big outside of Wash. and NY.Yet evryon on TV refers to them as facts. That is just ludicrous thhat the world turns on a biased rag.Thinking back I really think the whole scheme to get rid of Nixon could have been a Wash. post plan.This is the same thing. both parties were trying to get info on each other but they are trying to get rid of Trump.Th ese6 crooked FBI agents and obama’ss people really had a good plan going. i sure hope they get to the bottom of this someday

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