Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Investigate The DNC

Throughout the 24/7 news cycle, a legion of Democrats is hyperventilating over the release of the Mueller Report. To a person, they are making fist-pounding demands that Attorney General Robert Barr release the report IMMEDIATELY. They express their mythical “right” to see not only every word of the Mueller Report, but all the backup notes, documents, transcripts, tax returns, tapes, social media postings, files, school records, lists, emails … and Stormy Daniels private phone number.

As proof that the Democrats and the media have not yet learned their lesson, they are out there speculating and hypothecating what MIGHT be in the Report itself. They allege that MAYBE – their favorite sentence starter – Barr has misrepresented what the Report actually says. MAYBE Mueller did not absolve Trump and his campaign from colluding with the Russians. MAYBE there is other information in the Report to show criminality on the part of Trump. MAYBE Muller did not want his bosses at the Justice Department to decide the issue of obstruction of justice. MAYBE he wanted the Report to go to Congress.

They are being entirely disingenuous when they demand the entire report. They know that is not even legally possible. It will be redacted regarding “sources and methods.” There can be no transcript from the secret Grand Jury hearings. No information can be revealed that involves ongoing investigations. There can be no controversy over these issues, but there are other potential redactions.

It is against the rules and policies of the prosecutorial community to reveal any personal information – including derogatory information – about folks who are not indicted. That is why former FBI Director James Comey was severely reprimanded by the agencies’ Inspector General for his Hillary Clinton press conference. And contrary to the opinion of some Democrats, breaking rules does not establish a precedent – as much as the kids may wish that to be true.

If the rules are followed, there can be nary a discouraging word about the President, Donald, Jr., Ivanka, Jared Kushner, Jerome Corsi and a bunch of others who Mueller had no cause to indict – much to the shock of the members of the Trump Resistance Movement, who are currently in mourning.

Then there is the issue of Executive Privilege to be exerted by the President. Regardless of the legitimacy of the action, there will be official objections, and the matter will head to the courts.

What is both strange and offensive about the Democrats’ and the press’ angry demands for the Report is that the Attorney General – from day one – has said that he WILL release the Report “as soon as possible” – a matter of days or weeks, but not months.

Virtually everyone – including the President – has expressed the opinion that the Report should be made public. The only difference is that the rational people are patiently waiting for the AG to do the necessary work and the politically unhinged are running around helter-skelter to get the AG do what he is already doing.

All those indignant demands we see on television are nothing but political posturing – just another false political narrative. Of course, there will be another chorus of outraged Democrats and news personalities when the Report is released – no matter what is says. As the MSNBC slogan says, “It is who they are.”

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. If the left worked as hard as they do trying to get Trump, instead do something to keep our country safe , maybe they could have a chance. We are all on to them , all they want is the power back, so they cane live the lifestyle they had.

  2. I am just wondering if the mueller report can’t find Trump guilty of the democrat’s hypothesis, will there be a mass drinking of cool aid(all members of congress would be a delight to me)

  3. The DNC must be investigated. The lack of their responsibility for fair and balanced governing of our great Nation is tantamount to having enemies, terrorists among us. The DNC is willfully determined to take down the POTUS, destroy our democracy, make our Country a third world Nation having torn the fabric of our America apart. The harmful names, insults, falsehoods, the DNC and all their far “left” cohorts rant and rave about each day is damaging to every individual, citizen of America. Too many of them have proved themselves to be unfit for the positions they hold, should definitely NOT be in any decision-making position to govern our Country.

  4. Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,250 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

  5. So Nibiru came in from an orbit that takes it 5250 years to go around once has come back into the part of its orbit that’s closest to the sun, passed closest to earth last November, is now
    In the part of its orbit closest to the sun and will pass closest to us again in July on its way back out for another 5250 years .
    And this planet is bigger than Jupiter?
    I can easily see Jupiter in the night sky just with my bare eyes, no special equipment needed. Other than the moon Jupiter is the brightest thing in the sky and it’s over a billion miles away…
    this planet that is passing close to us “bigger” than Jupiter and you think nobody on the planet, not even one person will notice the giant new brightest thing in the sky and say something?

    Your comment along with most of the others I’ve read in this forum reenforce my belief that people of faith are the single biggest problem in this world.
    The reason I say that is that people of faith are able to believe in something absolutely, the whole while they are dismissing all facts and reason that actually point to the contrary of that belief.

    It is useless debating with them because they have “faith”.
    Facts, science and all reason will not sway them from it. They tell you that you just have to believe…

    If you continued to attempt to disprove or point out why the belief they have is in fact not true they won’t argue with you or attempt to debate with facts. What they then do is to label you as something to be despised. They call you names as a child would because that’s all they got…
    look through all the comments in this forum and see for yourself how many of them Attempt to legitimize their points by calling the other person names…
    Just an onservation of the very low level of discussion that is so pervasive throughout this forum. Just sayin.
    I won’t be back to this site.
    Think about that.
    Perhaps you should leave it also .
    Maybe say something nice to somebody. Try it, it feels good!
    Unless hanging out in the school yard yelling insults and names at people is your idea of a good time of course. In that case keep reading and drinking this perverse kool aid.

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