While Vice President, Joe Biden, has yet to “officially” join the race, President Trump has already tossed a few choice words at his would be opponent. President Trump called Biden “another low I.Q. individual,” when the former Veep accidentally admitted in a speech that he was planning on entering the Democratic presidential race.

Among a bunch of other scathing tweets Trump put out recently, the president said, “Joe Biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for President. Get used to it, another low I.Q. individual!”  form

Joe’s most recent gaffe occurred when he was speaking at a Delaware Democratic Party fundraiser. Biden defended his political stance against critics who say he would be a moderate if he ran among the current crop of Democratic candidates, by saying, “I’m told I get criticized by the new left,” Biden said. “I have the most progressive record for anybody running.”

After the crowd cheered, Biden quickly corrected himself, and said, “I didn’t mean…, I mean, of anyone who would run. Of anybody who would run,” he said.

Biden’s a Loser Who Trump Would Love to Run Against

Despite seemingly blundering into announcing his candidacy, Biden has yet to officially enter the race for the Democratic nomination. However, in the past, Trump has described Biden as his “dream” opponent for 2020. During an interview in July, Trump was asked to weigh in on who his Democratic opponent will be.

“Well, I dream about Biden. That’s a dream,” Trump said. “Look, Joe Biden ran three times. He never got more than 1 percent, and President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did. I’d love to have it be Biden.”