The New York Post has hit back hard with a scathing rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., following her recent comments on the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The dramatic front page of the Thursday, April 11 edition featured an infamous photo of New York City’s Twin Towers on fire on the day of the attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 Americans. The text accompanying the gut-wrenching image read:

“Rep. Ilhan Omar: 9/11 was ‘some people did something.’”

“Here’s your something: 2,977 people dead by terrorism.”

The bottom of the cover read in small captioning, “Omar outraged the families of 9/11 victims by referring dismissively to the terrorist attacks while speaking to a Muslim lobbying group.”

“Some People Did Something”

The Post was referring to Omar’s recent comments at the Council of American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] fundraiser last month when she called upon other Muslim-Americans to “make people uncomfortable” with their activism. However, another part of the speech surfaced on social media this week in which Omar described the terror attacks perpetrated by Al Qaeda.

“CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said at the event.

Her comments prompted a response from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, a former Navy SEAL who lost his right eye after being injured by an IED in Afghanistan.

“First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something,’” Crenshaw wrote in a tweet. “Unbelievable.”

In an editorial that accompanied the striking cover, The Post stated, “Wow. What a way to describe the heinous surprise attack on America that claimed 3,000 lives. Especially when Omar’s focus was Muslim rights. That made it all the more vital to note that the terrorists acted in the name of Islam — as self-described ‘jihadists’ in a war against America, Israel and the West.”

“To call them merely ‘some people’ is to deny a cancer festering in the world Muslim community,” the editorial said.

The editorial went on to further criticize Omar for saying in her speech that there is an expectation that the Muslim community “needs to hide every time something happens.”

“Again, by ‘something happens,’” the editorial states, “she means (but won’t say) when Muslims commit acts of terror, no one expects Muslims to ‘hide’ after an attack by Islamist terrorists. No group should be blamed for the deeds of a few of its members. But defeating terrorism requires facing the facts of who’s behind it and why.”

The editorial also pointed out that CAIR was formed in 1994, NOT after 9-11 as Omar said, and that they have been listed as “an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to steer US funds to the terror group Hamas.”

Omar, who became the first Somali-American elected to Congress in November, appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday where her 9/11 comments were not addressed. The freshman congresswoman told the host she was still “learning” after she was accused of making an anti-Semitic remark in February.

“The whole process really has been one of growth for me, right,” she said. “I’m learning that everything is not as simple as we might think. As I’ve said to my constituents and my colleagues, when you tell me that you are pained by something I say, I will always listen and I will acknowledge your pain.”

As a Jew and a former New Yorker, all I can say is “Hey Omar – acknowledge this!”

19 thoughts on “NY Post’s Startling Reply to Omar’s 9-11”
  1. Thanks you LOONEY LEFTIES Of the clown state of minnie-sotta, you have infected the USA with the idiots you elect to public office, are you in a contest with with NUTville Kalifornia?

  2. Omar needs to be removed from Congress and then deported from our great country. No person speaking words like this need to be here in our great country. MAGA build the wall.

  3. Congresswoman Omar is an absolute disgrace to our Congress. If the Democrats had one ounce of courage they’ll send her back to Somali on Monday morning at 9:00 am. What a ungrateful terrible person.

  4. Finally…! An issue that will allow America to address the fact that all Muslims are taught from birth that their goal in life is to eradicate every Infidel in the world. If you are not a believer and you do not worship Allah, YOU ARE AN INFIDEL…!! There are no political parties that are being targeted, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, if you are not Muslim, you are in the cross hairs of the Muslim nation. Obama was the first to open the gate for the Muslim masses, he was and is a devout Muslim and it was his goal to white wash the vile, savage, blood thirsty terrorists. He would not even acknowledge their complicity in the crimes perpetrated in the terrorist attacks around the world. As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he vowed his allegiance. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, both proven to support and fund terrorism through-out the world, should unveil Rep. IIhan Omar and all of the elected Muslim officials in Washington.

    It is their sacred duty to Allah..! Destroy All Infidels…!!

  5. Omar is an islamist radical “SLEEPER” her loyalties is 2 sharia & islamic world domination. She is doing what the rest of the radicals & her commie allies r doing, trivializing. If u make terror tactics & complaints of non muslims trivial u silence all other thinking. That is why Christians/Jews r being attacked in the US/Canada./Australia
    Check out attacks against Buddhists & Hindu’s in Asia. Mo’s followers r eliminating all its competitors.
    NO I did not 4get Europe, it’s just that Europe would need a major upheaval 2 save itself. 1st step the dissolution of the EU & the execution of the TRAITOROUS GLOBALIST SOCOMS that r presently in charge.
    Perhaps some MASS deportations would b a good 2nd step. Then their MIGHT b a possibility of saving Europe.

  6. These were Animals from shithole countries that hijacked 3 planes, killed thousands of Americans, attacked the military headquarters of The United States, destroyed 2 iconic buildings + a few more in NYC, killed a few childhood friends who worked at Canter Fitzgerald, seriously f’d Up the stock market, forced our hand to go to war in Shitholeastan had more Americans injured or killed, cost and additional 3 trillion and yet the people of Minnesota thought it was a good idea to elect an anti American, pro Islamic terrorist anti Semitic to the Congress of the United States. The real kicker is that the leadership of the democrats seem to think it’s perfectly fine.

  7. The muslime is a really terrible subhuman and needs to get out of our country. She needs to go back from whence she came and never return to try and ruin our beautiful country and make it like the filth hole she came from. She is just a nasty nothing.

  8. There are a great many people that still cannot fathom how this woman ever was allowed to even run for office let alone being allowed to swear allegiance to our country while professing to be an avowed Muslim! A true Muslim has to swear allegiance to Sharia law that states that there is no other law above their law. Now is she Muslim and is sworn to follow Sharia law or the laws of the Republic of the United States of America? YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

  9. If you think she is the only one who hates America, take a long look at the Democrats from top to bottom. She is just too stupid to hide her hatred for Americans.

  10. Is it just me, or did we have the putrid religion of Islam crammed down out throats after 9-11 in a fashion that was “in your face” ? Obama, the America hating Islamic unqualified foreigner popped up out of nowhere, was propped up by the shadow government called the deep state and was installed, not elected. He then proceeded to appoint Muslims in just about every facet of the federal government. Meanwhile, we had several traitors doing their best to allow Muslims to infiltrate our nation through Georgetown University and Dubai. One of these people was John McCain, republican “hero”. This is an invasion, and Omar as well as any other Muslims holding office in the U.S. need to be removed with extreme prejudice. We need to stop screwing around and wake the hell up.

  11. Bob, you do know that you are a racist, don’t you? That makes you a subhuman who needs to get out of our country. Never to return and ruin our beautiful and non-racist country. Go back to the filth hole whence you came. You are just a nasty nothing.

  12. Muslims have every right you do to be in Congress. The only difference is that they have more ambition than you, who didn’t do all the paperwork to get yourself on the ballot, and then more work to be elected. Muslims do NOT want to ruin America and they are not a WASTE of human flesh.

  13. Larry, you owe your editors another column because this one is garbage, and you know it. It’s too easy to knock down Democratic ideas that will get no place in Congress, much less a Constitutional question. This is one wasted column. You need to write another one for your editors.

  14. Ani4Ani: Omar sure chose a funny place to “sleep” if she is a “sleeper.” SHE GOT ELECTED TO CONGRESS, you mutant. That’s not a place for sleeper to sleep. You have no idea if she’s a radical Islamist, spreading Sharia law. Nor does she have communist allies. Meanwhile, Europe is a basket case. The EU will fall apart when Britain exits.

  15. Unbelievable what’s going on in this country and how individuals that were not born in the United States come here and go directly into politics. That’s where it goes array. Look closely to those particular politicians being programs like the Universal Income Plan. That’s the way that the Chinese control their people. That’s an example. Look at the agenda to put the American populace under the control of puppet masters.

  16. Unbelievable what’s going on in this country and how individuals that were not born in the United States come here and go directly into politics. That’s where it goes array. Look closely to those particular politicians being programs like the Universal Income Plan. That’s the way that the Chinese control their people. That’s an example. Look at the agenda to put the American populace under the control of puppet masters.
    Don you hit it on the Doornail with pledging allegiance to sharia law or allegiance to the Republic. That can become a case within itself.

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