Charges have been dropped against a woman who attacked White House top aide, Kellyanne Conway.

The Maryland woman, Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, 63, was originally charged with assaulting White House counselor Kellyanne Conway during a confrontation last year at a restaurant in a Washington suburb. Inabinett’s trial was scheduled to start Monday morning in Montgomery County, Maryland. Instead, a county prosecutor asked a judge to dismiss the charges.

Police had charged Inabinett last November with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Conway declined to comment on the dismissal.

According to Fox News, Conway had told police she was attending a birthday party with her teenage daughter at a Mexican restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland, last October when she felt somebody grab her shoulders from behind and shake her. The woman who confronted Conway yelled, “Shame on you” and “other comments believed to be about Conway’s political views,” according to a charging document prepared by Montgomery County police.

“No Injuries”

According to the court documents, Conway suffered no injuries in the incident.

Montgomery County prosecutor Kathy Knight said Inabinett sent Conway a letter apologizing for the incident. “She has apologized for choosing this time and place to vent her political views,” Knight said. “That was inappropriate.”

Knight noted Inabinett had never been arrested for a crime before.

Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office said dropping the charges is “the best resolution for this particular set of circumstances.”

Maraya Pratt, an attorney for Inabinett, said Monday that she couldn’t immediately comment. Another attorney for Inabinett, William Alden McDaniel, Jr., said in a statement in February that his client didn’t assault Conway and was merely exercising her right to express her personal opinions about a public figure in a public place.

While Conway did not comment on the dismissal, in an earlier interview with CNN after the incident, she said she was standing next to her middle school-aged daughter and some of her daughter’s friends when the woman began shaking her “to the point where I thought maybe somebody was hugging me.” She said it felt “weird” and “a little aggressive,” so she turned around to face the woman.

“She was just unhinged. She was out of control,” she said. “Her whole face was terror and anger.”

According to the Associated Press, the restaurant’s manager told police the woman who confronted Conway had to be forcibly removed from the premises. Conway told police the woman yelled and gestured at her for 8 to 10 minutes before she was escorted out of the restaurant. Conway’s daughter provided officers with a short video clip and photograph of the encounter.

37 thoughts on “Woman Who Attacked Kellyanne Conway Will Not Face Charges”
  1. So, the take-away here is that it’s “OK” to assault conservatives in public places, with no consequences. What’s next? Death squads? Stay tuned…

  2. If the liberal courts continue to accept this kind of behavior against conservatives it sends a clear message that it’s alright to do this and you can get away with it. This will escalate into violent encounters as it already has with Antifa and others. Without law and order we have anarchy.

  3. WTF is wrong with what I originally wrote? You are one of those sites that censor conservative thought. You are a blight on society.

  4. Mary Elizabeth Inabinett used the “Dingbat Defense” which always works for people assaulting White House or Trump employees! A Dingbat is allowed a get out of jail card so charges will never be brought against them!

  5. The proper name for the conflict would be Assault and Battery. Charges are usually a felony offense. Since the woman grabbed her and shook her (Battery) then continued her tirade (Assault) upsetting the entire restaurant as well as Kelly’s children and friends for over 10 minutes then refused to leave on her own and the police had to drag her out. I find it very strange that the charges were dropped. The perp should have said; Excuse me miss, but could you take a moment to answer a few questions I have? Then if Kelly said yes the lady should politely and calmly asked her questions and engage in a civil discussion for no more that 1minute. After thanking Kelley for giving her some of her valuable time from her children, that should have been the end of it. Otherwise Kelley should have kicked the living shit out of her and put her in prison for behaving like an ass and upsetting children in the process. Just sayin ….. jwstx

  6. If the case was dropped because its an assault on a conservative – that is heinous.
    Brings me to the point, you cant be disrespectful of a relision even when they are a threat, but you be disrespectful and violent to a human based on political belief. What is wrong with this picture?

  7. That’s so like what we all wish would be the scenario. Unfortunately, it was not reality.
    People have come unhinged because unless they make something up they have to go back in history and dredge or make up something.
    If you don’t listen to X22 (with the date) it will bring you joy to listen to people connected to the WH that have knowledge of coming attractions. The fit is about ready to hit the shan!

  8. KAC should have made her make hefty donations 2 ice Border patrol the wall & TRUMPS reelection campaign.

  9. It’s time these crazy left wing loons start paying for their looney idiot behavior!!!! Enough of this crap!!!they seems to be getting more toys in their attic!!!!

  10. You are correct. If this was a conservative woman she would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Democracy in Maryland is spelled Democrat.

  11. Ex ellent… should have but didn’t so the charges should not have been dropped. Replace the judge. Restore legal protections that apply to everyone

  12. What’s with “we’re”?? I suppose you mean “were”, but you wrote “we’re” which is a contraction for “we are”. And yes, I am the grammar police!! If you write in the public view, you can expect to be corrected.

  13. Agree the liberal lawyers are slimy, but it’s the judge who is to blame on this and most similar ‘decisions’. If the judges followed the law, the slimy lawyers wouldn’t get away with the crap they pull. Just sayin…

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