Attorney General William Barr has said he has noticed a “troubling trend” of nationwide injunctions issued by lower courts that have taken their toll on President Trump’s agenda and that he feels, “threaten the political process for future administrations.”

Barr, who has been accused by Democrats of protecting Trump after the release of the Mueller report, told the American Law Institute that there is a new trend of judicial “willingness” to review executive action, which injects courts into the political process.

He pointed specifically to the district court in California that in January 2018 issued a temporary injunction to block the Trump administration from ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

DACA has protected about 800,000 people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children or came with families who overstayed visas. The Obama-era program includes hundreds of thousands of college-age students.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup said at the time that lawyers in favor of DACA demonstrated that the immigrants “were likely to suffer serious, irreparable harm” without court action. The judge also said the lawyers have a strong chance of succeeding at trial.

The White House was swift to criticize these lower court injunctions and called this particular decision “outrageous.” Vice President Mike Pence recently said the administration will ask the Supreme Court to bar them.

In criticizing theses actions Barr said, “So what have these nationwide injunction wrought? Dreamers remain in limbo, the political process has been pre-empted, and we have had over a year of bitter political division that included a government shutdown of unprecedented length.”

A Violation of the Separation of Powers

The Attorney General went on to say that such lower court injunctions are dangerous because they violate the separation of powers. He said that since Trump took office, there have been 37 nationwide injunctions — more than one a month — against his office and he said there is likely no end in sight. He said, by comparison, there were two instances where district courts issued an injunction in President Obama’s first two years.

Democrats, of course, accuse Barr’s statements of merely echoing one of the president’s chief talking points. At a recent rally, Trump said, “activist judges who issue nationwide injunctions based on their personal beliefs, which undermine democracy and threaten the rule of law.” However, Barr has brushed aside such criticism from Democrats that he is in the president’s pocket. He told the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview that he is “defending the presidency, not Trump.”

“If you destroy the presidency and make it an errand boy for Congress, we’re going to be a much weaker and more divided nation,” he said.

30 thoughts on “Barr Says Courts Are a Threat to the Presidency”
  1. So now we have an AG who is clearly in Trumps front pocket and also wearing knee protectors saying the courts are to blame for the divides in our country? I think not, the courts are acting within the structure of the checks and balances as delineated by our so prescient fore fathers

  2. trump and fat boy barr are a danger to our country and must both be removed from office to preserve our freedom. Their belief that they are free to do as they will is evil. No one is above the law.

  3. The lower state courts have become a part of Obama’s deep state. People. Wake up. The communistic Democratic Party has placed these liberal communist judges in their attempt to over throw our great country, by using our constitution, as they interpret it, against us, We The People.

  4. Someone recently compared the current status as Batman trying to do good while the rest of the cartoonish evil characters resist. What a great disservice these insects are doing to their country by trying to undermine the president’s image abroad. For once we have a president who takes strong positions. All the enemy has to do is stall and hope a weak president comes to power. China would love to see Biden replace him.

  5. Wow how dumb you are your ignorance IQ is extremely Off the charts your talking points or you don’t like trump or pence no other substance but hate

  6. Then THAT should have removed ovomit, and of course hitlery has always ducked the law one way or another, so your last sentence was absolutely correct, however they got away with it.

  7. James Cerullo, You are obviously a socialist leaning pawn of the democratic part. You obviously have
    no respect for our President nor our gifted, intelligent Attorney General by calling him fat. You have been
    brain washed by the likes of Maxine Waters and the other idiotic pawns of the DNC.

  8. we have 26 million illegals in our country today they are costing us American tax payers 103 billion dollars trump and barr and the republican party are the only ones trying to stop this unlawful invasion of our country these invaders are not above the law either time to stop and deport them all

  9. Better than having a demoass 8n the WH. You want higher taxes, you want your freedoms taken away and controlled by the democrats, you 2ant to murder babies, you want to lose your gun rights so they can come and get you whenever they choose, you want illegals coming in and you paying for their free healthcare, their food stamps their benefits they receive over the American citizens, you want Medicare for all which they will say if you get the treatment you deserve or not, you want only electric cars, you want to pay for all their socialist ideas and end up like Venezuela? If you do them go ahead and vote for a demoass!

  10. Barr is correct. There has been a huge increase in national injunctions by left-leaning Federal judges. There is good reason to suspect that these injunctions have been political moves to obstruct the President’s policies.

  11. The problem hasn’t been state courts, which have no authority to issue national injunctions. It has been lower and appeals level Federal courts, that have been successfully packed with leftist judges during the Obama Presidency.

  12. Free to do anything at will, and no one is above the law. Please go over the history of the Obama regime that has left terrible scars upon this great country.

  13. Richard, unfortunately I believe you are correct. I”m hoping for there to be more Constitutionalists in our government to get back on track….our only hope!

  14. ….James…….CONFUSED amigo…….I am a Latino Democrat but I do not follow the retarded logic of the Liberal Democrat of today…Love USA snowflake and TRUMP is a good man….MAGA 2020.

  15. The Federal lower. courts are flooded with Obama left wing Judges that needs to change if this Country is to accomplish what is needed to move forward in continuing a Constitutional direction. The Dems are fully responsible for obstructing with all their left wing tactics.

  16. I think you have mistaken the President and Barr with the Democrats. Do some research that is, if you know how too and learn to think for yourself. You sound just like the Democrats and CNN Talking Heads. This President is trying his best to do the best he can for this country. All you people do is tear him down, make false accusations. Grow up and learn to think for yourself.

  17. The judges are Destroying our president and our country wake up people. Bar is absolutely right he’s not protecting Trump he’s protecting the presidency

  18. Remember what you said when the indictments start coming out for all the traitors. You know who they are so I won’t bother listing all of them. Trump 2020.

  19. Edward,

    You are spot on. The traitors will hopefully be facing justice in the not to distant future. Trump 2020

  20. Of course the traitors can’t get what they want so they fill the federal judge positions with vermin such as they to cram what we don’t want down our throats and expect us to shut and do what we are told.

  21. Dear James,
    If you want to look at a president who did what he wanted and all the Democrats looked the other way, just look at your sweet boy Obama! This man committed treason so many times during his 8 years that it wasn’t funny. But no one said a thing! No one had the guts to come down on the “ Black Man”. It would have been the old white man coming down on the black man thing! Look at his attorney general, still under investigation for fast and furious and other things they did during their term. Trump has done nothing illegal and the Muller report says that. This President has put the economy in overdrive, got rid of regulations that put businesses out of business and all people back to work and is trying to secure a border that needs securing. Now I know you won’t agree with me and that fine. It would be nice if you Democrat’s would just get over losing the election. Hillary couldn’t have beaten you or me in that election. Everyone knew what she was and who she was, a very unlawful and evil person and if you pay attention over the next year or so, she will get what’s coming to her. It is so sad that the left hates someone that does things that improve the lives of every American just because they didn’t do it over the last 8 years of one of their president’s term. It’s funny, Trump did in 6 months more than Obama did in 8 years. Sad!

  22. Evidently you must think Clinton, comey, Obama and the rest of the demoncrats are above the law. You are a perfect example of what’s wrong in this country. If you want socialism China or Russia would welcome you comrat. And less face it ,that fatboy has more intelligence in his little pinky than you have in that screwed up brain of yours.

  23. I,and the rest of “REAL AMERICANS”
    are getting fed up with the current corrupt GOVERNMENT, pretending to be for AMERICA! “THE TRUTH” will eventually come out and then, and only then, will AMERICA reign again! We are coming for you!!!

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