Unvaccinated Illegal Immigrants and Anti Vaxxers, a Recipe for Disaster

Measles is more than just a simple “childhood disease,” it can be deadly. Fortunately, in the US, measles was eradicated in 2000. Or was it?

The disease has once again reared its ugly head, to the tune of more than 500 cases nationwide – the highest number since the “eradication.” The reason? The CDC and most medical professionals agree, it is largely due to the “Anti-Vaxxers.” If you don’t know, “Anti-Vaxxers” are those who do not want to have their kids vaccinated, mostly due to fake propaganda that links the vaccine to the rise in cases of autism. Because of the growing Anti-Vaxxer movement, states have made it far too easy for parents to “opt out” of mandatory vaccines for school attendance, based on “religious grounds” or other “moral objections.” And it is this growing number of unvaccinated kids in the population that is directly linked to the 2019 measles outbreak.

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While the CDC and others have not been shy to point their fingers squarely at the Anti-Vaxxers –and rightfully so – there is another, even more insidious part of this story that few are willing to talk about.

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As our president has said, there is a crisis at the border. Trump has recognized that a lot of those people gathering at our Southern Border are “bad hombres,” drug dealers, murderers, rapists and the like. But, there are some more sinister killers among them. The Anti-Vaxxers and an influx of unvaccinated immigrants is recipe for disaster of literally epidemic proportions!

While it may not be very “PC” of me to say so, the fact of the matter is, a lot of people who come into this country illegally are not vaccinated for measles. And there are large swaths of the illegal immigrant community who don’t want their kids vaccinated, whether it be due to religion or unfounded fears.

In January of this year, there was a large measles outbreak in Washington State. The source of the outbreak was eventually traced back to a church in Vancouver, WA. The city, and particularly the church has a very large immigrant population. City and state health officials found the boy who was “patient zero” from the church. Nobody knows the immigration status of this boy or his parents, because Washington is a declared sanctuary state. Officials are not even allowed to ask the question.

Before the current outbreak, the largest measles outbreak since the 2000 eradication occurred in 2016. It occurred at an immigration detention center in Arizona.

Weaponized Measles

Follow me a little deeper down the rabbit hole and it gets worse. The conditions created by the Anti-Vaxxers, and the wave of immigrants charging the Southern Border, also has created a perfect storm for the intentional introduction of a weaponized form of measles as an act of bioterrorism. Instead of a suicide bomber, think of one or more immigrants crossing the border, intentionally infected by radical Islamists with measles! It is even credible that our enemies have been behind spreading the propaganda about not getting vaccinated, to create a more vulnerable population.

In fact, for all we know, they could be carrying strains of measles that our current vaccines are useless against.

But, let’s get back to what we do know. When you have a huge measles outbreak in Arizona at an illegal immigrant detention center, and when you have an immigrant-populated church in Vancouver being ground zero for another, is it unreasonable to ask if the number of unvaccinated, illegal immigrants coming into this country in unprecedented numbers, is playing a role in one of the largest outbreaks that we’ve seen in the U.S. in years?