In today’s America, virtually everything has become a matter of race, whether it is or not. I’ve seen an ordinary case of a shoplifter being arrested turn into a career ending and life-changing hate crime due to racial activists like Al Sharpton.

The ironic part is that there is more black on black violent crime in America than there is white on black or black on white, but to activists like Sharpton, it’s only the white against black acts of violence that become a racial issue and a hate crime.

They want equality, okay, then consider this:

In 1995, it was reported:

“Researchers adept at analyzing the genetic threads of human diversity said Sunday that the concept of race – the source of abiding cultural and political divisions in American society – simply has no basis in fundamental human biology.  Scientists should abandon it, they said.”

“Their conclusion grows out of a more precise understanding of the underlying genetics of the human species and how surface distinctions of skin color, hair and facial features, which may loom so large in daily life, have nothing to do with the basic biology of human differences.”

“‘Biologically, we are saying in essence that race is no longer a valid scientific distinction,’ said Solomon H. Katz, a University of Pennsylvania anthropologist.”

“‘Race is a social construct derived mainly from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history, and it has no basic biological reality,’ said C. Loring Brace, a biological anthropologist at the University of Michigan.  (Spoken before the American Association for the Advancement of Science Convention in Atlanta, 1995)” By Robert Lee Hotz, Los Angeles Times, as reported in Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb. 20, 1995, Pg. A3.

In other words, the entire issue of race is just a social means of hating someone that is different than you are, yet it is one of the issues that ripping America apart and most of the racial hatred and division is being fueled by the racist attitudes of black activists like Sharpton. After all, if there was no racial hatred in America, Sharpton would be out of a job and have to really work for a living.

Yet, today, the issue of race is stronger than it has been since the Civil War. No matter how mundane something is, someone will find a way to make it a racial issue.

We see this all the time with law enforcement. If a police officer wrongly arrests a white person, it’s just a mistake but if the police officer wrongly arrests a black American, it instantly becomes an issue of racial discrimination. If a police officer shoots a white person resisting arrest and failing to comply with the officer, it’s the victim’s fault, but if the victim is black, it’s the fault of law enforcement no matter how much resistance and aggression the victim uses against the police officer.

We also see a one-sided racial issue in the judicial system. Instance, if a white person pushed an elderly black person off a bus and causing that person’s death, activists like Al Sharpton would be all over it calling it a racially motivated hate crime.

But, when a black person pushes an elderly white person from a bus, causing the white person’s death, it’s simply a case of homicide with no racial hatred involved. Such is the case of 74-year-old Serge Fournier of Las Vegas.

Fournier was on a metro bus when he asked a black woman to be nicer. The black woman, Cadesha Michelle Bishop aggressively shoved Fournier out the open bus door. He landed on the pavement, bleeding and severely injured and ended up dying as a result of his injuries.

If black activists like Sharpton really want equality, then they should descend on Las Vegas and protest and riot until Bishop is charged with a hate crime for killing a white man. Their silence displays that they are not about equality. What they are really about is superiority and special treatment over whites.

4 thoughts on “When a Hate Crime Isn’t a Hate Crime”
  1. Al is the biggest racist of all. He stirs the pot and starts riots. Doesn’t paid his taxes. Racism is dead. It’s means nothing anymore because Al and rest of racists used for nonsense. He blew it with the kid and hands up lie. Burned a city down because of a lie. Obama encouraged it. Obama brought back racism two fold. He plan to destroy America with blacks against white all the while Obama brought in Muslims to take over America. Both blacks and whites better get a grip..Obama screwed both races. Abortions for all but not the Muslims. They are having more babies here than America. America has become so dumb down its a wonder that most can not boil water. Wipe their own butts. You can’t fix stupid. congratulate to Al Sharpton worse thing that happened to the people of America.

  2. So a report from 26 years ago is the basis of your racist diatribe? POS loser. Your reading comprehension is zero.

  3. Basic Biology is one thing, but when it comes to our brains capabilities, people of color have come out wanting, with Asians having the highest average IQ. Don’t try and lump us all into one bag my friend. Yes we are all human and can pretty much do what every other human can do, but when it comes to “thinking” and creative activities, Western Whites come out way above the rest. We have built huge cities and a culture next to none. We have helped those countries without any creative aspects how to build and sustain sustain their cities.
    Africans by the way, have built no lasting cities that the white man did not teach them how to build.

  4. It seems that this division has taken on a lofe of its own. It is sad and unfortunate that real hatred has been over shadowed by occurrences that seem to garner greater “attention”. We will all be accountable for our participation in this world, what is true amd what isnt. May peace rise!

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