Mass Stabbings in Japan Proves Gun Bans Don’t Stop Violence

Even though many Democrats are busy fighting against President Donald Trump over border wall funding, trade agreements, immigration, infrastructure and anything else he tries to do, don’t think they’ve given up on their push for more gun control laws and even gun bans. A couple of Democratic presidential candidates have said that they want to enact stricter gun control laws and those who refuse to turn in their guns should be imprisoned.

They continue to claim that more gun control laws, up to banning private ownership of guns, will reduce mass violence, especially violence at schools. Over and over they blame guns for violence.

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I’ve spoken to a number of anti-gun people who tell me that guns are evil and the cause for all of the violence that we see in America. I typically counter with asking them how guns cause people to do evil things. Do guns possess some kind of Jedi mind control? They usually scoff and comment about ridiculous that sounds, so I counter with asking them to explain how guns cause the violence, but they can’t really answer that question. If given the chance (many end the conversation when they know they can’t win) I get them to admit that it’s people who cause the violence and not guns, but it rarely changes their stance on gun control and gun bans.

Most anti-gun people that eventually become pro-gun, do so after an encounter where a gun was used to save their lives or the lives of their loved ones. I even know of one man who was divorced when his wife learned that he was so anti-gun that he wouldn’t even use a gun to defend her or their two daughters. Upon their divorce, she bought a handgun and spent time at shooting range learning how to safely use her gun.

Over the years, I’ve posted many accounts of people, including children, who have used a handgun, rifle or shotgun to defend themselves and others in their families. There have also been a number of accounts where someone with a legal firearm was able to prevent or stop a mass shooting, thus saving lives, and yet Democrats continue to push to rid America of our firearms.

Some Democrats like to point to countries like Australia who banned most private firearm ownership. They fail to point to the fact that many violent crimes in Australia spiked after the gun ban went into effect. Some areas of Australia didn’t even have a definition of home invasion on their books until after the gun ban when home invasions across the nation skyrocketed.

Others point to Japan who has a law banning the possession of any firearm, firearms, sword or swords. They also point to the fact that gun violence in Japan is virtually non-existent.

So, if their argument is right in that guns cause the violence, then Japan should be a nice safe nation, especially for school kids, right?

On Tuesday morning, a man in Kawasaki, Japan, was wielding two knives, one in each hand, when he attacked a group of elementary school kids as they were boarding a bus. In the melee, two were killed, including an 11-year-old girl) and around 17 others were injured. When police arrived on the scene the man stabbed himself in the neck and later dying from his wound.

Doesn’t this sound like many of the school shooting incidents that have taken place here in the United States? A person attacks innocent students and then takes their own life before they can be arrested.

Yes, I will admit that Japan has fewer mass attacks than here in the United States, but then they have a much different culture than that of the United States. Even so, mass attacks still happen in Japan and Australia despite their gun bans, proving that the violence isn’t the result of guns in the hands of the people, but the people themselves and that total gun bans will NOT eliminate the violence as there is always a way to carry out such violence with knives, vehicles, bombs, etc.