Heading into the 2012 election season, Barack Obama appeared to be the general favorite to win the election. When Republicans chose then former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to be their candidate to oppose Obama, many Republicans believed there was no way Romney could win, and they were right.

Romney had, and still does, act more like a Democrat than a Republican as he claims to be. I believed then that the only way Republicans could have defeated Obama was to run former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, but she said she was not interested in the job.

We are now entering the 2020 election season, where President Donald Trump is running for re-election against ???????? for the Democrats. There are currently at least 24 official Democratic candidates, vying for the opportunity to face off against Trump in the election. Watching all of the Democrats licking their chops, hoping for the chance to defeat Trump reminds me of a school of hungry piranha waiting for some animal to enter the water so they can attack and devour them.

If Obama was such a certainty at this stage of his first term, then what does that say about President Trump? If you listen to the sewagestream media and Democrats, you be led to think that Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning re-election. Don’t forget that virtually all of the sewagestream media and Democrats said there is no way that Trump could beat Hillary in 2016, but guess what? They were all wrong.

Two of the key issues facing any presidential candidate or president seeking re-election are the economy and national security.

With the tensions with Iran, and after going through the same tensions with North Korea, the media and Democrats claim that Trump has been an utter failure when it comes to national security.

As for the economy, most of the leading Democratic candidates are pushing a pure socialist economic agenda based on promising the people free healthcare, free college and the forgiveness of all student loans. They are not revealing that combined, these programs will have a price tag of at least $6 trillion a YEAR. (President Trump has proposed an increased budget for 2020 of $4.746 trillion.)

So, as we begin the campaign season, how would you answer the following two questions and how do the responses from voters compare to Obama at the same time in his first term?:

1* How do you rate the way President Trump is handling economic issues?

2* How would you rate the way President Trump is handling national security issues?

Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters – Republicans, Democrats and Independents these two questions and here is what they reported:

Voters rank Donald Trump well ahead of Barack Obama in his handling of the economy at this point in their presidencies. Trump’s national security approval is at the high level his predecessor enjoyed just after the killing of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters now think Trump is doing a good or excellent job handling economic issues. That’s up from 39% in mid-2017 shortly after Trump had taken office and just short of the high of 51% last October. Thirty-three percent (33%) rate his performance as poor. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forty-seven percent (47%) give the president good or excellent marks for his handling of national security issues. That’s up from 41% in January 2018 and a high for Trump to date. Thirty-nine percent (39%) rate him poorly in this area.

By comparison, in late June of his third year in office, Obama earned positive marks from just 34% when it came to his handling of economic issues. Forty-five percent (45%) rated his handling of national security as good or excellent at that time, down from a high of 52% earlier in the month, shortly after the death of bin Laden.

If Obama was already considered a shoe-in for his 2012 re-election at stage of his first term, then these results should indicate that Trump should easily defeat whomever the Democrats throw at him in the general election. However, Obama was supported by a huge number of millennials who are the products of the socialist brainwashing program instituted in many public schools and those millennials would never go against their indoctrination to vote for Trump, so regardless of the polls, which were wrong in 2016, nothing can be considered certain in 2020.


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