According to former Massachusetts Governor, and current Republican presidential challenger to Donald Trump, William Weld,  the president will not willingly leave the White House if he does not win the re-election in 2020.

Weld made the unusual comment during a recent broadcast of  HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, where Maher asked the former governor directly, “If Trump loses, do you think he’ll leave?”

“Not voluntarily,” said Weld. “He’ll have a run at saying, ‘It was a rigged game so I’m not leaving.’ I don’t think the military and indeed even the Justice Department — the rank-and-file, the investigative agencies — would stand for that in this country.”

Maher (as is this reporter!) laughed at this notion that the existing system of government couldn’t prevent the president from refusing to admit defeat, “But we’ve said that about everything so far! As he becomes more and more a dictator, we go ‘That would never happen, they would never stand for that’” and yet they do.

Weld, who in addition to being Massachusetts’ former governor, was the 2016 Libertarian VP pick, replied, “It’s very obvious that he wants to be what the people who wrote the Constitution were hell-bent to avoid, which is a king. He loves autocrats and he consorts with them and he says a free press is the enemy of the people…” He says “’We just can’t have these restrictions on me. I’m not gonna play. If anyone’s investigating me, I’m not gonna engage with Congress.’ What could be a more obvious violation of his oath of office?”

Weld’s Comments Don’t Hold Water

To give Weld his due, Trump himself has joked about remaining in office past the two-term limit mark on more than one occasion. For instance, after Chinese President Xi Jinping got rid of term limits, Trump reportedly said, “He’s now president for life. President for life….And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

However, in November 2018, the president told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he had no intention of trying to remove presidential term limits in the U.S.

“I think the eight-year limit is a good thing, not a bad thing,” said Trump.

This is not the first “whackydoodle” comment Weld has made about Trump since announcing himself as the sole Republican challenger on his re-election bid. At a recent event at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Weld practically called the president of the US a Nazi, by saying that he believes that Trump would prefer it if the US was an “Aryan Nation.”

“I celebrate that America has always been a melting pot. It seems he [Trump] would prefer an Aryan nation. I know that sounds strong and tough but he’s very interested in bloodlines and it has resonance,” Weld said.

Weld later tried to walk back the comments by saying he meant that he believes that Trump would prefer it if the US was “a nation with no immigrants whatsoever.”

7 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Leave White House Voluntarily With Loss In 2020”
  1. This is exactly another so called political expert ..Congress member of Indian Upper house…. Mr. Kumar Ketkar said before Indian elections about Modi. Be ready, Trump might get re-elected like Modi. ? ? ?

  2. I did not know for sure what a “whack job” William Weld” was until I read this story. He clearly claims to be a Republican when he obviously is a leftist! Weld’s comments demonstrate how much Trump’s election has unhinged the “left” and demonstrates their lingering pain over their rejection by the general voting public in 2016. My first inclination was to feel sorry for him and “them.” However, I have regained my grip on reality and cannot express my immense satisfaction at the result of the 2016 presidential election, which apparently was and remains a terrifying and dreadful emotional experience for him and them.

  3. While Donald Trump doesn’t display the conventional presidential personality or demeaner, he is intellectually bright and conventionally law abiding.
    If, by some strange turn of events, he does not recieve a second term, Donald Trump will leave the White House, all right. Not with a smile and a pat on the back for the new occupant but because something untoward would be the only reason that someone else will be headed to the Oval Office in January 2021.. There would be a lot of general disention because of how favorably his chances are presently, for another win, despite the media and the Left’s unresolved hatred of the man. Strange, because Trump and we, his followers, are Hell-bent on keeping America strong and successful for as long as is humanly possible.
    We owe that much to our brilliant founding fathers and their unique Constitution.

  4. Weld sounds more credible than Trump ever could wish to. When is the last time this president has told the truth?

  5. Weld is a Democrat light to medium. He is no Republican. At least not a Constitutional conservative. He is more of a lush from his looks than anything else. I don’t like him, and never have.

  6. it is amazing what ignorance exists in humanity. Give a man a fish, and you owe him support as long as he lives. Learning to catch one’s own fish is too hard for average d. Learning to be civil and helpful toan elected one also seems to be an impossible task. It makes one wonder how those ultra sharp humans got elected.

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