In 2007, I saw then Sen. Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as being very dangerous presidential hopefuls. To be honest, I wasn’t sure which of the two posed the greater danger to America. Obama’s origins and past were quite controversial, including his admission that those who influenced him the most were socialists and Marxists, including his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who happens to look a lot more like Obama than Barack Obama Sr. As for Clinton, she refused then and still refuses to admit that she is a socialist, even though the majority of her platforms were socialist in nature.

When Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination and named Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate, I, like many were greatly surprised. In many ways, Biden was a do nothing and little known politician from one of the nation’s smallest states.

Once Biden joined the national campaign trail, it was plain to see that he had no real morals or scruples when it comes to telling the truth. I had the impression then and still had that impression for throughout their two terms in office, that Biden was selected because of his being nothing more than a lying and spineless yes man.

That really surfaced during the 2012 re-election campaign when Biden continually spewed lies about Mitt Romney. Biden and Obama accused Romney of doing what they had done for the past four years. On many an occasion, Biden was told that what he was saying was not true, but Biden continued to spew his lies about Romney.

Approaching the 2016 presidential campaign season, many wondered if Biden would run, but he said he could not make up his mind because of the death of his son. While I felt sorry for the loss of his son, I could not help but realize that if his grief was so severe that he couldn’t make a major political decision it meant he had no business being president or vice president. After all, a president must be able to put personal grief aside in order to run the country and Biden obviously was not able to do that.

Biden finally declared his intention to run for the White House after most of the other Democratic candidates had declared, which indicated that he still had problems making a major decision.

At a recent campaign event, Biden tried to defend the attacks made against him by fellow Democratic candidates concerning his prior support of racist politicians. In his defense, Biden basically evoked the civil rights record of the Obama/Biden administration.

Oh really? Let’s take a quick look at that record.

Remember Trayvon Martin? The black American teenager who had a good collection of burglary tools, attacked security guard George Zimmerman. Martin was pounding Zimmerman’s head against the pavement, so Zimmerman, fearing for his life shot and killed Martin. BEFORE all of the evidence was obtain and reviewed, both Obama and Biden sided with Martin and his family in condemning Zimmerman and even calling for legal action to be taken against Zimmerman.

Remember Michael Brown? The large black American teenager who had just robbed a convenience store who was stopped by Ferguson Police Office Darren Wilson. While Wilson was trying to question Brown, the teenager attacked Wilson who was still in his patrol car. Brown’s attack was so severe that the teen fractured the officer’s eye socket. Fearing for his life, Officer Wilson shot and killed Brown. AGAIN, BEFORE the evidence had been gathered and reviewed, both Obama and Biden condemned Officer Wilson instead if condemning Brown who was a criminal who was refusing to obey a law enforcement officer. Their support of Brown helped fuel weeks of violent racial riots not only in Ferguson, but also in a number of other locations throughout America.

These are only two of many incidents where Obama and Biden helped fuel the racial fires that have been destroying our nation and which led to the racial assassination of police officers in New York City, Texas and several other locations.

Had Obama and Biden stood by the law, it’s possible that some of the racial tensions would not have escalated to the point they have and perhaps some of those police officers may still be alive.

That is the civil rights record of the Obama/Biden administration and definitely not a record one should boast about nor does America need.