Ever since being sworn in as a member of Congress 7 months ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has frequently opened her big mouth to spew her socialist, anti-American, anti-Republican and anti-Donald Trump rants. In most cases, her rants demonstrate her ignorance and/or repression of history and truth. She is also using a lie about the environment to push her plan to totally change the American economy into a socialist economy where the government will have close to total control of everyone’s economic and financial status and decisions.

One of AOC’s common rants has to do with the way the Trump administration has been handling the flood of illegal aliens. She has repeatedly criticized President Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol over their separation of illegal alien children from their parents or adults they were traveling with.

If you recall, after being elected, AOC was publicly complaining that she could not afford to rent a place to live in Washington DC until AFTER she began getting paid for being a member of Congress. Up to this time, AOC was a financial failure, along with being a professed socialist. So, what was the logic behind House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi assigning AOC to the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform? We know she wants to reform America into a socialist country and as for financial services, and she is obviously not that knowledgeable.

During a recent House hearing, AOC tried to grill former Acting Director of ICE (1/30/17-6/29/18) about the treatment of illegals detained by Ice agents. However, Homan proved that he was smarter than AOC as seen here:

To begin with, AOC forgets or ignores the FACT that the separation of minors from their parents or accompanying adults, was carried out in the very same fashion during the administrations of Bill Clinton AND Barack Obama. If I had been Homan, I would have reminded AOC of this fact right then and there and then asked her why is it an issue now under Trump but was never an issue under Clinton and Obama?

Additionally, many of the illegal minors that were detained and separated were NOT in the company of a parent or relative, but were traveling with complete strangers more for the benefit of the minors and the adults.

Then Homan should also have pointed out to AOC that the majority of asylum seekers are only using asylum requests as a means to get into the country and not because they are true victims needing asylum. In addition, it was recently reported that the staff of a Texas Democratic congresswoman have been caught crossing into Mexico to coach asylum seekers on how best to exploit the system to gain entry into the US.

The majority of the alleged asylum seekers that have been detained by Border Patrol were caught NOT at legal ports of entry, but after they ILLEGALLY crossed into the US, thus supporting what Homan said when he quoted the law they were violating which makes them illegal aliens.

Yes, Homan did get the best of AOC with his responses to her questions and accusations, but he could have and should have shut her down permanently with the points I mention above.

Obviously, AOC and other Democrats are not that overly concerned about the illegal aliens, illegal minors or asylum seekers. Their gripe is all about Donald Trump and nothing more, as proven by their hypocrisy, displayed by AOC and others.

One thought on “Former Acting ICE Director Puts AOC in Her Place On Separation of Asylum Seekers”
  1. Dear Lord how has our Republic descended down to the point where confirmed Socialists/Communists have been elected and now sit in Congress. Is it time to stand up and stop this destruction of the American way of life? I believe so, what say you fellow Americans. If by chance these closet Stalinists ever got a controlling margin in Congress it would alter our Republic forever and to see where it would lead read your history books on Russia, China, Cuba amongst others how the Government took “EVERYTHING” from the people and wouldn’t tolerate dessent of any kind.
    If you love America as I do

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