If you study history over the past century and half, you will discover that most socialist revolutions have started with radical socialists promising free stuff to the working class. It happened that way in Russia and a number of eastern European nations. The working class is duped into believing that this new form of government will make their lives better when in reality, they are being baited into a life of virtual enslavement to their new socialist government. By the time the people realize that they have been lied to and entrapped, the only ones living out the promises of free stuff are the politicians and elite.

The socialist bait and switch has been so successful that it is once again being tried on a nation – OUR nation and those who are baiting the working class are the Democrats, who are really socialists in every aspect of the term.

Depending on which socialist Democrat you listen to, they are promising free healthcare, free college tuition, free day care and more. The general theme of Democrats is FREE EVERYTHING.

But what is the cost of all of this free stuff?

John Stossel, a reporter and libertarian pundit who has appeared on both ABC News and Fox Business Channel looked at the promises of free stuff being made by Democrats. He shows us just how much, or the least cost of the free stuff Democrats are promising:

Kamala Harris wants you to “collect up to $500 a month.”

Elizabeth Warren says, “We need to go tenfold in our research and development in green energy.”

No one has tracked the cost of all of the promises. So my video team did!

Who will spend the most?

Here are the new spending proposals from the five most popular (according to ElectionBettingOdds.com) candidates.

In my latest video, we break it down by category, education spending first:

Joe Biden wants to “triple the amount of money we spend for Title I schools” ($32 billion) create “universal pre-K” ($26 billion), provide “free community college” ($6 billion per year) and double the number of psychologists and social workers in schools ($14 billion) – $78 billion total.

That’s a lot, but much less than what Kamala Harris would spend.

She too wants to “make community college free” ($6 billion), but she’d add debt-free “four-year public college” ($80.1 billion), “increase government’s investment in child care” dramatically ($60 billion) and “give the average public school teacher a $13,000 raise” ($31.5 billion) for a total of $177 billion.

Pete Buttigieg rarely says what his proposals would cost, but he at least seems to want to spend less than Harris.

He touts “free college for low- and middle-income students” and would give teachers more money. Assuming his plan is like Harris’, that brings his education total to $87 billion.

Elizabeth Warren would spend much more.

“You’ll be debt-free!” she tells students. Taxpayers, unfortunately, will be deeper in debt, since she would “forgive” most existing student debt and make public college tuition free ($125 billion).

She also wants a “Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act” ($70 billion).

These big-ticket items put her in first place so far.

But wait! Bernie Sanders would spend even more…

To read Stossel’s entire report, click here.

The bottom line is this, there will be a high financial cost to the Democrats’ free stuff promises, but even more costly will be the loss of freedoms and rights of the American people. The cost of our freedom will far outweigh the financial cost of the FREE STUFF!