In the wake of the recent spate of mass shootings, Republican Florida Senator, and former Governor, Rick Scott has sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) demanding answers from the FBI involving two mass shootings in his own state.

Scott sent the letter to Attorney General William Barr, urging him to seek answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) and the Pulse Nightclub.

Senator Scott wants to know what steps the FBI has taken to identify and hold accountable those responsible for the failures in the agency that led to the worst mass shootings in Florida.

Scott says he wrote the letter to the Attorney General after receiving no response to multiple requests for information from the FBI director.

Scott Wants an Explanation for FBI Failures at Parkland

Senator Scott attended MSD himself, the site of one of the shootings in question, where 17 students were killed last year.

In the six months before the attack, the FBI received two tips warning that Nikolas Cruz was a school shooter in the making. One tip, phoned in to the FBI’s national call center by someone close to Cruz, offered alarming details only weeks before the attack, but, according to Scott, was never forwarded to the FBI’s South Florida field office, as protocol required.

Scott, who was governor of Florida at the time of the Parkland shooting, has repeatedly pressed federal investigators for information about why the tips were mishandled and what the FBI has done to make sure it never happens again. When the FBI first acknowledged the missed tips, Scott demanded unsuccessfully that FBI Director Christopher Wray resign.

Now a U.S. Senator, Scott wrote Barr complaining that the FBI has withheld information from him and the parents of slain students and faculty.

“I urge you to seek answers from Director Wray that have been denied to the victims’ families and make sure these documented failures by his agency will never happen again,” Scott wrote.

According to NBC News, a spokeswoman for the FBI has declined to comment on Scott’s letter. NBC reports that the DOJ also didn’t respond to a request for comment.

13 thoughts on “Florida’s Rick Scott Sends Demand Letter to FBI”
  1. Not surprising one bit! F.B.I. was to busy trying to put the fake Russia Collusion make on the President! All the Obama and Hillary crooks are all running loose and bet we will never see nothing happen as the swamp is deep and stinky!!!!!!

  2. Fbi director wray needs to be fired and the fbi cleansed of the deep state. Hot and many others need to be indicted. Treason is a crime

  3. The Democrats keep coming up with fresh ideas (meaning ideas that were first proposed 20-25 years ago), that have been tried in many places to no avail. What the hell good does it do to have red flags, if they are ignored when reported? A red flag law was first implemented in Connecticut in 1999-and, after a few years, they proudly reported that the law had reduced suicides by 13.7%. Here are the facts: in 1999 there were a total of 231 suicides in Connecticut; in 2005 there were 263 and in 2017 there were 325. Having a red flag law may have dropped the death rate by shooting by 13.7%, but clearly the people who were considering suicide found other ways to off themselves. Indiana implemented red flag laws in 2005-same result, they claimed a 7.5% decrease in suicides, but in the five years between 01-05, 723 people killed themselves, in the period 06-11, 828 killed themselves and in 11-15, 873 killed themselves. Red Flags don’t work to prevent murders nor do they prevent suicides. I have read that since 1966 almost all of the mass shootings have the use of psychotropic drugs as a common denominator-why not reserve red flags for young men who have been fed these drugs since kindergarten. If one of these people start acting funny and show up with a gun one day, the red flag should instantly go up. Then, the young man should be referred to a competent psychologist to see if he’s a danger to society. If so, take his gun and start treatment. This could actually reduce shootings-it may not lead to total gun confiscation as the Dems want, but it’s time to tell the Dems to go to hell and solve the problem.

  4. I have family in Florida that encouraged me to cone down there for my retirement years. NOW I’m grateful that I did not follow their advice.

  5. There is no punishment anymore and these digital kids need a You tube execution of one of their own made famous on social media. W/O parents who care what do we expect? Its not the guns its the shooter.

  6. It seems he FBI, are not taking the information serious. Or they don’t want to.
    Either way they are accountable for their actions. And the parents need to know.

  7. The questions that Mr. Scott has asked are so important to find the answers to like he said so that nothing like that happens again! Also their needs to be much more investigation on the Part that XPres. Obama played in this Tragedy although innocently from what I know! You might have read the article about how the former Pres. of the USA had a NEW PROGRAM implemented at Parkland School where the students with very bad records ie. Police Records or on the verge of having a police record if the School was to turn the student over to the Police Department for committing a serious crime! You see it was Pres. Obama’s thinking at the time was that there were so many students that were being referred to the Police Dept. Obama thought once they have a police record it is so HARD FOR THEM TO GET A JOB!!! That was probably TRUE but if you set in motion such a forgiving program in a H.S. you need to research it much further than just going on a moment of sympathy for the young men! The punch line you might Google: XPRES. OBAMA and his involvement in the PARKLAND H S. shootings! If I remember it was only mentioned by the PRESS very quickly/slightly! You might need to go through a few or several pages on that subject or further! IT WILL NOT BE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!

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