In her first televised interview since replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham slammed Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

As reported by Real Clear Politics, in what was Grisham’s first TV interview last week, which took place with Eric Bolling on the Sinclair Network’s “America This Week,” she said that Scaramucci seems like his feelings “must be hurt,” over the way he has been treated by the President.

She was referring to a comment Scaramucci made on the same program, appearing just before her, where he said President Trump was “mentally declining.”

When host Bolling asked her about Scaramucci’s comment, the new Trump’s new communications director replied, “That’s nonsensical to me. His feelings just seem to be hurt.”

Then referring back to Trump, Grisham said, “He’s the President. His poll numbers are going through the roof. Our economy is doing better than ever. He’s doing a great job. Anthony knows that and the country knows that.”

Grisham also commented on whether there would be any more White House press briefings going forward, saying, “We’re going to talk about it, that will be ultimately up to the President. We have had two press briefings with Secretary Mnuchin and Ken Cuccinelli. Those worked out well and the press seemed to like that.”

We Want to Hear From You

Replying to Grisham’s comment that it was to the President, and not her whether or not to resume the daily press briefings, Bolling said, “But, we want to hear from you.”

You will hear from me, you’re hearing from me right now!” Grisham noted. “But the president also is so accessible. Right now I think that’s good enough.”

“So you could almost call it one of his press conferences when he gets off the airplane… and spends 40 minutes with reporters?” Bolling asked.

“No question goes unanswered, he will take questions on a variety of issues,” Grisham said. “And also, you’ve got to remember I have three roles right now, First Lady’s office, director of communications in the West Wing, and press secretary. So I’m getting to know my teams, rebuilding the press teams, getting up to speed on policy. There’s a lot of work being done behind the scenes. It is not all about a press briefings. And honestly, the president is his own best spokesperson,” she concluded.

21 thoughts on “Grisham Slams Scaramucci In Her First TV Interview as Press Secretary”
  1. As the Administration and the President matures, the people who leave after being tried by fire are often prepared for the next step in their careers. Sarah was great .

    Mooch exposed his Soros, Stier tax-dodging hedge-fund mentality. Now he seeks revenge. Too bad. I really liked him at first. The scummy lawyers that occupied the Mueller team are getting jobs with DC laws firms – ones to avoid at all costs if this is their personnel policy.

    Life goes on. Godspeed Stephanie. You’re doing it right.

  2. I think everyone is afraid to say scara is deranged, I mean 11 days in White House, that’s some kind of record, so he wants exposure and decided to rip trump, classic loser

  3. I have several innovative, inventucative, and potentially valuable ideas that I would like to communicate directly to The President of the United States. I am old, poor, and fair health. Travel is difficult and I fear it.
    Could you arrange a “backdoor” channel to enable me to communicate in Confidence with him?
    My “ideas” are Free to him/A gift. My only goal is to help him.
    John Satink

  4. The far left radical Dem Party, social and mainstream media want to destroy America and Democracy. Three yrs of Russian Collusion from the Deep State, Obama, the Clinton’s, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Rice, Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey, Steele, Ohr and others. This is the greatest travesty ever to hit the United States of America. Watergate was a pimple on an elephants butt compared to this

  5. I love how Trump spends time answering questions on the lawn before or after his many trips. He’s answering for a lengthy time and the camera is always on him, which is proper. Who wants to look at a gaggle of frenetic reporters seeking attention, when the attention should rightfully be on our brave leader. Cudos to our POTUS for this new format!

  6. I see the Democrats as unhinged and they should definitely be checked for “mental instability”issues

  7. I like that there have been no daily press briefings for a while. The Criminal Left Media is never going to give the American People the straight skinny about Trump’s numerous successes, so why should the White House waste time on these fork-tongued vultures? And that exponential fool Jim Acosta. Kick him off the grounds and never let him back in. I fully support Trump. I voted for him in 2016, and will vote for him again in 2020. And that Scary-mucci guy can go to hellsinki and rot.

  8. The New Press Secretary seems like she is EXTREMELY well versed on handling the PRESS! She holds no punches with them! She speaks directly to the Reporter and seems to Take Control of the conversation! To she seems to be very straight forward! She leaves no room for the Reporters to make up any replies for her! Very much like the last Great Press Secretary for Our Pres. Trump! Oh just a Side Note! I referred to the XPres. Obama as Our Pres. Forty years ago I would not have felt I would need to say that! Oh Well! The cup is half full!

  9. You go girl. Like a tag team match. Your predecessor fought a hard fight and did well. She handed the reins over to you for a much deserved rest and now your fresh and ready to go. You came out swinging.

  10. POOR SPORTS: As a former Sports Psychologist with a team that won the NCAA National Football Championship, I observed the premiere team we beat, assumed the loss and regrouped for the next season. That is called being a ‘good sport.’ A ‘POOR SPORT’ TEAM is frowned upon. “Get over it!” would be the unified response reverberating across the land. In a democracy, one wins and one looses. The looser responds appropriately. But not in this case with the last election. ‘Resist’ is absolutely undemocratic, sociopathic and adolescent behavior but people in adult bodies. Pathetic!

  11. DITTO!! And the MSNBC Anchors and Reporters as well! T as an there’s ABC, CBS, NBC, and a myriad of other Local and Network News Programs. All fake news, all pro, Left Wing Socialist, all more personal opinion than news. Not all verbal, but all guilty in expressions and mannerisms!!🤔🤔

  12. CNN does not have any stupid jokes only people that think that CNN has less than the best anchors on TV.

  13. Sometimes we have to be reminded that anyone and I mean anyone that gets close to Trump gets hurt when where the other so think twice before you start with ugly words to those that have been there.

  14. And You, Susan Spiegel, must have voted for Hillary Clinton…Is it because you think someone like Hillary, who destroyed all the evidence that would have put her behind bars for selling 25% of the countries Uranium to Russia for personal gain..or was it when she destroyed her computers and bleached all the memory cards..or was it when Bill was enjoying his flights on board Jeffery Epstein’s private jet, going to Pedophile Island and enjoying his appetite for sex, ever with underaged girls…Let’s bring Hillary back so you idiots can get off on voting for her again, in another losing cause.
    President Trump will retain the Presidency in 2020 and the country will continue staying great and the strongest power in the world and greatest country to ever exist. Move away Susan, so you can enjoy the virtues of any other country in the world and then come back and thank President Trump for all he has done..

  15. I signed up at to send emails to executives who advertise on ABC, NBC & CBS to get them to stop sponsoring biased media using media matters as their hateful vile source.

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