Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán has warned his people and the people of Europe that the migrant crisis is far from over and that European nation-states need to be ready and willing to take action to rectify the globalist-led EU’s mistakes, failings, and years of recklessness.

As he spoke on the Good Morning Hungary show on Kossuth Rádió, Orbán observed that “There were many mistakes in the past five years, which Brussels let slip”.  The Hungarian leader also mentioned that his Fidesz party – currently holding almost 60 percent of the seats in the Hungarian parliament – would not let up on its efforts despite its recent success at both the national and European levels.

During the interview, Orbán emphasized his strongly held belief that Europe can’t be strong unless it has strong nation-states – an indirect rejection of federalist tendencies of globalist bureaucrats in Brussels, which favors further the extreme centralization of power and increased integration between member states – the United States of Europe model, if you will.

The vast majority of people who are outside of the Brussels’ globalist establishment – meaning most Europeans – are opposed to this model.

Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, and Marine Le Pen are all prominent voices who’ve been able to clearly articulate a clear alternative to this globalist-led United States of Europe model.

“While the right respects nationhood, the left pursues an internationalist agenda. Respect for our country, the representation of national interests, and fighting for our rights is a matter of obligation on the right,” Orbán said.

Orbán’s tone was more pessimistic when he was asked about migration.

“The pressure of migration will only grow further in the coming decades. The European population has been on the decline, while the opposite is the case in places like Asia or Africa. This situation will necessitate a much stronger border control system. Millions will arrive, and one of our most important tasks will be to defend our people,” he explained.

“European politicians want to legalize immigration, thinking that’s the right solution. We see it otherwise” Orbán continued, asserting that creating a social environment where families can flourish is a better way to stop Europe’s population decline than is the policy of replacement migration that leftists and centrists push.

“The question remains: how will we implement the allocated budgets? When will European parties realize that pro-migration has more disadvantages than benefits?”

“We will only be able to celebrate our success once the problem of terrorism, public security and migration have been resolved,” Orbán insisted.

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