President Donald Trump is doing his sworn duty to uphold and enforce federal laws and for that, he is being vilified by Democrats and the sewagestream media. This is no surprise since the same Democrats and sewagestream media praised Barack Obama for his refusal to uphold and enforce a number of federal laws, including the ones that Trump is upholding and enforcing.

Let me ask you a question. If an American citizen knowingly violates a law, whether local, state or federal, isn’t he or she arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted and sent to jail or prison? What happens to the family left behind of that American convicted of the crime? Is there any sympathy or bleeding heart stories of how their children are separated from their criminal parent(s)?

Earlier this month, President Trump ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to start enforcing federal immigration laws by rounding up and detaining ILLEGAL aliens. Political correctness tries its best to decriminalize these people by calling them undocumented immigrants, but face it, they knowingly violated US immigration laws by ILLEGALLY entering the United States. That makes every one of them a criminal.

If a hungry person steals food from a store, they are arrested and convicted of committing a crime, regardless of the reason, so why is it any different for those who commit a crime by entering out country illegally? In many countries, they would be shot or thrown in a hellish prison for illegally entering the country. That’s what has happened to some American citizens over the years who have illegally entered Mexico and some Middle East countries.

But when Trump orders ICE to enforce the law, anti-American media outlets turn to the sob stories and vilify ICE and Trump for doing the right thing. For instance, CNN posted:

After immigration authorities rounded up hundreds of workers in a massive sweep at seven Mississippi food processing plants, friends and family members are desperately searching for answers.

A crowd waited Thursday morning outside a plant in Morton, Mississippi, hoping authorities would release their loved ones. Many had been released by the afternoon.

Children sobbed as they waited for word on what had happened to their parents, video footage from CNN affiliates and Facebook Live showed…

CBS, another anti-American sewagestream media outlet posted a video of a little girl, the daughter of an illegal alien whose dad was arrested in the ICE sweep in Mississippi.

Watching the news, I saw where groups are forming ICE response groups who will help warn illegals of ICE raids as well as help those detained and their families.

So, where are the activist groups working to help the families of American citizens arrested for breaking the law? Where are the sob story reports and videos of their children who are left without their parent or parents after being arrested?

Shouldn’t there be more compassion or concern about American citizens than what we are seeing for ILLGAL aliens? Face it, illegal aliens already cost US taxpayers over $165 billion a year. Since there are only about 141 million taxpayers in America, that means that illegal aliens cost each taxpayer about $1,170 a year.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather see my tax dollars go to help American citizens who genuinely needs help instead of being used to support people who are here illegally. The actions being exhibited by Democrats and the sewagestream media over the enforcement of federal immigration laws are anti-American and illogical.