Every time President Donald Trump even mentions the possibility of imposing tariffs on countries like China, Democrats and the sewagestream media go wild. They instantly predict gloom and doom for the American economy, for many manufacturing jobs, auto sales, electronic sales and devastating gloom and doom for American farmers.

I recall listening to one national morning news broadcast a few months ago where the crew of three slammed Trump for his tariffs. They told viewers that many farmers, especially those who grow wheat and corn would be financially ruined before the end of the year.

They interviewed one, just one farmer who said the tariffs would destroy him and his farm. The farm had been in his family for 5 generations and he feared that Trump’s tariffs would force him to sell his farm and end the long family farming tradition.

The news crew focused on the lament of this one farmer and used what he said to apply to every farmer in America and consequently, the vast majority of farmers who supported Trump in 2016 would no longer support him in 2020.

In addition, some 2020 Democratic candidates, such as Pete Buttigieg, are running around telling everyone that farmers won’t be able to survive Trump’s tariffs without some kind of costly aid.

So, is what they were reporting true? Are America’s farmers abandoning Donald Trump after supporting him in 2016? Was that one farmer speaking for all farmers in the nation?

Not so say a number of farmers in Iowa, as reported:

Farmers in Iowa say they’re still backing President Donald Trump, despite the U.S.-China trade war that is hitting their industry hard.

“He’s doing a good job and trying to make sure we’re treated fairly,” Kevin Prevo, a fifth-generation farmer from Bloomfield, Iowa, told The Wall Street Journal while at the Iowa State Fair. He said he voted for Trump in 2016 and that “you bet” he’d vote for him again.

China said earlier this month it will suspend all U.S. agricultural imports. On Tuesday, when the Trump administration said it is delaying tariffs on some Chinese goods, the president said he hopes China will now commit to buying some U.S. farm products.

In 2016, Trump won Iowa, a heavily rural state, by almost 10 percentage points. The state hosts the nation’s first primary election in February, and Democratic candidates have been swarming in the state in recent days, including at the fair, where they have made speeches insisting Trump is hurting farmers.

True, America’s farmers are receiving financial aid from the Trump administration to the tune of just under $15 billion, but compare that to the $700 billion bailout that the Obama administration used to bailout auto makers and financial institutions, the $15 billion aid this year for farmers is a drop in the bucket.

However, it seems the truth about America’s farmers, at least those in Iowa, have not abandoned Trump in 2020 and hope to be part of the effort to re-elect a president who is trying hard to make America great again.

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