Omar’s Personal Life Should Kill Re-Election Bid

Minnesota’s 5th congressional district encompasses the city of Minneapolis and part of the surrounding area, an area that has a growing Muslim population. In 2006, Minnesota’s 5th congressional district elected Democrat Keith Ellison to Congress, making him the first Muslim elected to the US Congress. Ellison served through November 2018, when he was elected as Minnesota’s next Attorney General.

In 2018, the heavily Muslim district was determined to keep a Muslim in Congress and ended up electing Ilhan Omar to the seat vacated by Ellison. Prior to running for Ellison’s seat, she served as Director of Policy Initiatives of the Women Organizing Women Network. Basically, this was an activist group trying to get women, like herself, from East Africa, to get involved in civic issues and politics.

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Although listed in Congress as a Democrat, Omar actually ran on the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which is a politically correct way of saying Democratic Socialist Party.

Omar is easily recognized in Congress due to the fact that she generally wears her Muslim hijab., She claims to be a good and devout Muslim, but is she really?

In Islam, women are totally subservient to their husbands and male relatives. Several former Muslims who worked for me, told me that women have the same status as cattle, sheep and other livestock. As such, they can easily be abused and even killed under proper circumstances, like disrespecting their husband or father.

Yet, Omar seems to be the one in control in her Muslim family, which according to some reports, is rather confusing.

Reportedly, when Omar was 19, she and Ahmed Hirsi applied for a marriage license, but the process was never finalized, but that didn’t stop them from getting married in a Muslim ceremony. Supposedly, the ceremony without a proper marriage license, was not officially recognized by the state, although the couple claimed and acted as if they were legally married.

Omar and Hirsi had two children before they separated in 2008.

A year later in 2009, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British citizen who had arrived in the US only 2 weeks prior to the wedding. There is controversy as to who Elmi really is. Some reports claim that he is Omar’s brother, but those reports have never been verified and both Omar and Elmi deny the claim. Having an American wife, allowed Elmi to attend the same school that Omar had attended.

While being legally married to Elmi, Omar was found to be living with Hirsi and had a third child together. She even filed her income taxes jointly with Hirsi when she was legally married to Elmi, not Hirsi.

When the issue of the tax filing became public, Omar agreed to repay $3,500 in unpaid taxes and pay a $500 fine.

Evidently, Omar divorced Elmi in 2017 and supposedly, remarried Hirsi in 2018.

In Islam, a woman doesn’t divorce her husband, nor would she be allowed to live with one man while married to another man. She definitely doesn’t honor husbands, nor is she faithful to them, which in many Islamic cultures, would subject her to being severely punished by her Muslim husband(s). In reality, Omar is a disgrace to Islam.

Yet, for reasons hard to fathom, her Muslim constituents still consider her to be some kind of hero and will most likely re-elect her in 2020, ignoring her flagrant flaunting of traditional Islamic ways. True Muslims would never vote for such a woman.