The governments of Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Belgium, and Poland have all strongly condemned Israel for its demolition of Palestinian homes near Jerusalem.

Following a council meeting on the Middle East, the European governments released a joint statement which said: “We as member states of the European Union strongly condemn the demolition by Israel of Palestinian buildings in the district of Wadi al Hummus, in the south east of Jerusalem,” reported the Anadolu Agency and the Agence France-Presse.

“In all but the most exceptional of circumstances, demolition in occupied territories is contrary to International Humanitarian Law and to UNSC resolutions,” the statement continued.

Palestinians and is harmful to the peace process.”

The statement follows an announcement made by the Israeli on Tuesday which stated that twelve Palestinian buildings which it considers to have been illegally constructed were demolished on Monday.

The Israeli government contends that the homes were built too close to the separation barrier which divides the occupied West Bank from Israeli territory, posing a security risk. Israel’s supreme court approved the demolitions.

The EU countries have described the demolitions as “particularly egregious”.

The statement noted that under the Oslo Accords of the 1990s, several of the buildings that were destroyed were located in areas meant to be under the Palestinian Authority’s civilian control.

The statement also calls out the Israeli government for setting a “dangerous precedent that directly jeopardizes the two state solution”.

The United Nation’s preliminary assessment found that 24 people have been displaced by Monday’s demolition.


115 thoughts on “Some Countries Furious Over Israeli Decision”
  1. Informative post on the complex situation that is Israel and the rest of the world. I dont know how it would be possible but I sure hope there is an end in sight for the turmoil. Influencers in the west need to stop stoking the fire. Thanks again Partially Politics Team. Blog bookmarked

  2. What has illegal Erected Buildings Demolition to do with Humanism ?
    Does those EU Member States accept Illegal Building in their Countries ?
    This is Absurd what these Antisemitic Countries are Insinuating

  3. Two state solution ? The Palestinian leaders “Continually ” Say they will not except anything but the Annihilation of Israel !! They have had chance after chance since Ariel Sharon,and continually turn those chances to give their people a much better life,down !! . Their hatred for Israel is that intense !
    Whenever Israel acts to defend itself ,it’s people,this is the crap these people always Spew out of their two faced mouths..

  4. Israel, as everybody knows, is a apartheid state that nobody wants to condemn because they are afraid of being called anti- Semite.

  5. Israel is The Mouse that Roared and, lest we forget, they do have “The Bomb” and seem to have no qualms about rattling it over there in the middle east.

  6. LOL. With these Countries complaining it must mean Israel is doing the correct thing. Every one of these have become a Migrants DREAMLAND. They have no clue on how to treat their own Citizens let alone some other Nation States.

  7. When are they going to attack Hamas for sending rockets into Israel. Isn’t that against the law. Those countries should butt out of Israel’s business. We bailed out Europe’s asses before and they better not piss us off.

  8. I also stand with Israel! Tired of those who have to defend themselves are punished for defending and aggressors rewarded. Happening all over the world. This should sound the alarm that the conquering of America & Israel for One World Order Democrats are working from within as they promised w/o firing a shot. Satan at work.

  9. When Israel stops being the BULLY on the block just to drive Palestine people out so they can have it all, contrary to international and humanitarian laws in place. Israel is going to bite the wrong end of the bullet one of these days and end up not having any land, through the centuries it has happened many times, and it will happen again, you can only push people around so long before the fight back, and I do not think that Israel can take on the entire Muslim Middle east and come out a winner in any way.

  10. awhaqt people forget is going back in history all the territory in question was part of Israel up until the Roman (Italian unless they moved zarome) occupation caused the diaspora. according to the Bible int first chapters of deutormony the Isrtaelites were given land extending all the way to the Euphrates. They were required to protect those who meant no harm but most of those people in that area are pledged Israel’s demise/

  11. Before condemning or turning their backs on Israel these governments had better read their Bibles, that is if they can read and understand what it says and of course if they are actually Christians, I support the US policy about Israel and support Israel

  12. I stand with Israel and support its cause. I am a believer in the Bible prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled. These are the last days.

  13. Typical reaction by the cowardly European countries that are on their way to destruction by the Muslim hordes that have invaded their countries and are gaining political power which will lead to the destruction of Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Poland. Serbia was the only country to take a stand against the encroachment against their country by the Muslim Horde and Ignorant Jackass Bill Clinton sent the U.S. Military in to crush their rebellion against the one world government movement and enabled the establishment of Kosovo to take place. Only other country to oppose the flood of Muslims into Europe was Croatia. Once again America went to war to help the wrong side. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said.

  14. I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
    Genesis 12-3

    The Bible has never failed USA has been blessed 🙏 only because we have stood by Isreal this is no different. I believe in God’s word .

  15. Before criticizing these governments, perhaps you need to re-visit the Bible. In the Old Testament, the Jewish people were God’s chosen ones. He warned them many times about their disobedience to Him, but they continued to do what they wanted. After Jesus Christ was crucified, the New Testament replaced the Old Testament, and in there God states that His chosen ones are only the people who accepted Christ as His Son. That is the Christians, and any Jews who became Christians. Most Jewish people think of Jesus as a prophet, not their Saviour. Consequently, they are no longer the chosen ones, and since God disinherited them, their inheritance is no longer in affect. Many people have been duped by their continuous propaganda, but in reality the Palestinians have every right to live there.

  16. Shut up & leave Israel alone -that country has to take care of itself & its people.

  17. I stand with Israel. All the lands that they possess were given by God to the Children of Israel and they want to drive them out. That will never happen. Israel is forever whether they like it or not! One day these Palestines will bow to the lordship of our Creator. The Children of Israel will possess all their lands one day and they will bow.

  18. They just don’t get it Israel doesn’t want any 2 state deal! the League of Nations set aside Jordan for these Arab peoples and the King kicked them out. blame him not Israel!There never were any Palestinian to start with. It was a slang term given them by roman troops.

    Gary Moore

  19. sorry sister, but you are wrong. Israel remains the apple of Gods eye, even when they have rejected Him. He will change their hearts and receive them unto Himself during the coming tribulation.

    Gary Moore

  20. Three points Eileen:
    1. Israel security knows that the Palestinians like to tunnel like moles under the separation barrier. Homes close to the barrier could/would have eventually been used as tunnel access for terrorist operations. It has happened several times before.
    2. The Jews reside in only a small portion of what God gave them. These condemning countries would really be crying if the Jews conquered what is actually theirs.
    3. In the very last days, 12,000 each from the 12 tribes of Israel will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Along with His two servants sent down from Heaven, these Jews will save more souls than have ever been previously saved. When Jesus then puts an end to all evil on earth, He will set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem. With that in mind, just how can it be said they are no longer the chosen ones who have been disinherited by God??? Unsaved Jews may go the way any other unsaved soul, but God will never totally abandon His chosen.

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