Swedish authorities are looking into the shooting death of a woman in Vällingby in north-western Stockholm.

Police were alerted to the situation during the early hours on Wednesday after one witnessed reported hearing what seemed like gunshots. A vehicle fleeing the area following the shooting was also reported by witnesses, the Local reports.

Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered a woman lying down injured with gunshot wounds. After being rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, the woman is said to have died from the injuries that she had sustained around 7:19 am.

At present no further information about this shooting has been made available to the press or the public. Police did not specify whether they discovered the injured woman inside or outside.

The crime scene was subsequently cordoned off so that forensic investigators can do their job. Police are said to have spent the morning knocking on doors in the area to collect witness statements and any other pertinent information.

As of 9 am, no arrests have been made.

Earlier in the week, a woman carrying a child near the popular beach resort of Ribersborg was shot dead when several masked gunmen opened fire.

Sweden, once a quiet country with very little crime, has been plagued with shootings, sexual violence, and explosions since the government adopted pro-mass migration policies.

According to police statistics, the number of incidents involving explosives and bombs between January to July of 2019 has risen 45 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

Just a couple weeks ago, two girls believed to be around 15-years-old were raped at the “We Are Sthlm” summer music festival. Days before in Gothenburg, two masked assailants forced an innocent man to withdraw cash from an ATM by putting a knife to his throat.

14 thoughts on “Sweden Sweeps Up More Terror After Second Day Of Murder”
  1. The Politicians who facilitated this Immiggartion Policy CONTRA to the wish of the Swedish Population should be fired and held responsible for the Detoriation of the Safety of the Poplulation and where ever possible those immigrants (Arabs ? Moslims ? ) should be thrown out after end Prison Terms.

  2. To the Swedish authorities: When are you going to open your eyes? How many more murders and dead bodies do you need to find before you take action against these terrorists? You know damn well that these crimes are being committed by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Do something to protect your own citizens and START DEPORTING ALL THOSE ILLEGALS! In America, 67% of violent crimes such as murders are committed by illegal aliens. Why are you, and we, sacrificing innocent lives?

  3. Because of Sweden’s FAILED “leadership” they now have mass crime. The failed leaders are massive hypocrites always safe while the citizens gamble daily with their safety.

  4. Pathetic that an entire population of a small country must be held in danger and fear of being murdered , raped or both by these migrant criminals. What did Sweden ever do to provoke this behavior except allow the criminals running the European Union in Brussels Belgium dictate the migrant criminals to enter and be supported by the hard working Swedish people? If I were a citizen of Sweden–I would be planning my and my family’s escape from murder, rape and mayhem. Your loss Sweden.

  5. No it is not, I was born in Sweden, now live in USA since early 80’s, and we did not have these kind of problems before al the immigrants came

  6. Of course it would! You can’t say anything that could be construed as deraggotory against people of a certain middle eastern religion without being branded a racist or -phobe . Both of which are incorrect, anyway. Because speaking against them is neither racist or phobic as they are of all races and one who speaks against them is not afraid of them, necessarily, but just commenting on certain a-social behaviors they exhibit. “hate speech” seems to have a very broad definition on a certain social network provider these days. i was recently put in the penalty box for commenting on an Imam in Iran exhorting his fellow Shi’a muslims to kill any and all; Jews, Christians and non-Shi’ites as : Ah those tolerant muslims! I guess being sarcastic about their inciting their fellow adherents to violence is construed as hate speech now? The Swedish people got the government they deserve, unfortunately, now they are left to clean up the mess their elected officials have made for them.

  7. Where will they go? Most of the so-called “civilized” countries are now experiencing the same type of crime wave, Sweden needs to allow it’s people to defend themselves. The criminals got weapons, what do the Swedes have? The same wacko restrictive gun laws the rest of Europe has (except Switzerland). Gun control really working well there, isn’t it?

  8. Just shoot ten of the perpetrators for every one they shoot, knife, or rape. They will soon get the message. Maybe even go home. They do the crime because there is no repercussions in your country!

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