The United States could remove some of its troops stationed in Germany amid recent rifts over defense spending and a naval mission in the Persian Gulf.

In the case that the United States does decide to withdraw its troops in Germany, the troops would likely be relocated to Poland as multiple U.S. envoys have mentioned in the past.

“It’s really insulting to expect the US taxpayer to keep paying for over 50,000 Americans in Germany, but the Germans get to spend their surplus on domestic programs,” Grenell told DPA news agency on Friday. Grenell’s comments have since been widely circulated throughout German media.

The threat of withdrawal comes amid ongoing disputes between the U.S. and Germany over Germany’s NATO contributions. Relations between the two countries became even tenser after Germany refused to take part in a US-led naval mission in the Persian Gulf.

Earlier in the year, Germany also declined a US request to deploy troops in Syria which were intended to fill the gap left by departing American soldiers.

So far, the UK and Israel have been the only countries to join the mission. Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds has said that her country would give the idea “very serious consideration”.

US ambassador Grenell’s remarks follow a tweet by the US ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, where she said, “Unlike Germany, Poland is meeting its commitment to spend 2 percent of GDP on NATO. We would be happy to welcome American soldiers moving from Germany to Poland.”

Both remarks come weeks before President Trump’s visit to Poland. Trump has also remarked on the possibility of relocating some American troops from Germany to Poland during talks with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Washington in June.

“President Trump is right and Georgette Mosbacher is right,” Grenell commented. Many U.S. presidential administrations have implored Europe’s largest economy “to pay for their own defense,” but this plea has dragged on “for many years and by many [German] governments,” the ambassador said.

Germany hosts more American troops than any other European state. The country is also home to the Pentagon’s largest military installations on the continent.

22 thoughts on “Why Are American Troops In Germany Being Relocated To Poland?”
  1. Great idea, the Polish people are kind, hard working and intelligent. They are responsible, they like and respect America.and respect rule of law.

  2. I’m. with Trump. We send our money and resources over tbere, only to have their people snub their noses and condemn our country. They’ve gotten by for years, having us carry their weight. Then they want to tout their kids as better educated and smarter than American kids. I’m pretty sure if all parents could afford the best education for their kids They would get it. But, unfortunately we are stuck paying for all the free loading people like Germany, who have been nothing but an extra burden on the American taxpayer. It’s time they step up and handle their own debt, do what’s right, and understand as a country we need our resources to take care of our people. In 2002, when America was reeling from the World Trade Center disaster how many countries offered to help us??? Yep, it’s time, and past time, that we start thinking about our country….Only America!!!

  3. It is time to get out of Germany and let them fend for themselves. Poland and Hungary are fare more deserving.

  4. I was stationed in Germany for 4 years in the early 60’s, we pay for everything we do, not only the lease on the property but every employee on the base is a German dictated by their local union. So, for their economy it is a great thing not only to have the soldiers/airmen that are there but for employment on our bases, supplies for the base etc. And so, it is about time we moved to Poland, first it is a beautiful country that has been paying their NATO dues, they are bumped up against Russia and live in fear so we would buffer them and it would aid in their economy. Germany has never paid their share of NATO, they aid Russia, they have just paid Putin to put in a supply line direct from Russia to Germany so that they will have a steady supply of energy. They (the signees) didn’t aid Ukraine when she negotiated between Russia & Ukraine.

  5. Some of us Germans would be very glad if your occupation troops would move out.
    We do not fear a Russion invasion but rather an American offensive against Russia.
    And again the battle field would be Germany.
    Mission accomplished.

  6. Europe is remarkably small. Drive an hour or two and you are in a new country. Redeploying troops from Germany to Poland is like redeploying troops from Fort Belvoir Virginia (D.C.) to Fort Lee , Virginia (Petersburg) or Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It is no logistical big deal.

  7. It’s time we get out of Germany, they have been taking advantage of the US for years.

  8. Sorry. I did not wait long enough for the finishing of your moderation.
    So I drew parallels to German censorship methods…

  9. Great idea! Instead of money which goes into Germany’s coffers from service personnel’s purchases etc. and then being spent to support illegal immigrants it will go to a country that knows how to handle illegal immigration.

  10. I agree get our troops out of Germany and send them to Poland the Germans have short memories we defeated them and also helped them the most to recover. President Trump see’s thru these phony allies and says enough

  11. As the saying goes God helps those who help themselves, Germany is helping themselves to American taxpayer dollars and it is time the US pulls out of Germany, then we will see how Germany fares without US troops to take care of their problems, see how they help themselves

  12. I served in the Army in Germany for
    Over two years (1970-72). I would have rather been home, going to college and chasing girls. It seemed like we were there so the German kids could have a “youth” while we gave up ours. All this and the U S taxpayers paid for it. Fifty years later, they are still ripping us off!

  13. More freeloaders not willing to pay their fair share. Time has come for the US to blow out of there. Let the EU nations carry Germany. The Germans should be ashamed of themselves.

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