Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the US Constitution reads:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Technically, every person running for president must provide sufficient documentation to meet the requirements spelled out by the Constitution. That documentation has to be filed with the proper federal and state government agencies, generally the Secretary of State offices in each state. If a candidate fails to provide the necessary paperwork and documentation, they legally are not allowed to run for office.

Prior to the 2008 election, Barak Hussein Obama NEVER filed the required documentation that would prove he is eligible to run for and hold the office of president. Yet, the federal government agency in charge of certifying candidate eligibility or any of the state agencies bother to certify Obama’ eligibility, even though there were enough sources that placed Obama’s place of birth of being Kenya, not Hawaii.

Note that during the 2008 campaign season, Bill Clinton was the loudest birther, challenging Obama’s eligibility to run for president, until one day when he suddenly went silent on the issue of Obama’s birth and never spoke about it again. Conspiracy theorists began circulating a video interview with a female Clinton staffer who overheard Bill Clinton being threatened by someone associated with Obama. The threat stated that the life of Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was in danger if Bill Clinton continued to question Obama’s birthplace and eligibility.

Over a year after Obama was sworn into office, the White House presented what they labeled as Obama’s official birth certificate. An investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse proved that the White House presented birth certificate that was a forgery and a poor one at that. Then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio went public with his department’s evidence that the birth certificate was a forgery. His department’s evidence was later used in several court challenges, but in every case, a liberal judge dismissed the evidence and ruled in Obama’s favor.

Some who still believe that Obama was not legally qualified to run for president point out that Obama looks more like his self-professed mentor, socialist Frank Marshall Davis than he does with Barack Obama Sr, a native Kenyan. Malik Obama, Barack’s half-brother looks like Obama senior but bears little to no resemblance to America’s most corrupt leader in history.

It is obvious that Democrats disregard the legal requirements for the presidency, when it applies to one of their own. But when it comes to their opponents, they not only want to hold to every letter of the law, but they go out of their way to create new laws with new requirements to prevent their opponents from being on the ballot.

Case in point is what has and is happening in California.

There is NO law requiring any candidate to make their tax returns public. Over the past couple of decades, most presidential candidates have made their returns public, but Donald Trump has refused. His refusal to follow a ‘tradition’ has raised the ire of Democrats, who continue to try to make revealing tax returns public a mandated requirement.

California’s legislature is dominated and controlled by socialist Democrats who took it upon themselves to pass a state law requiring any presidential and gubernatorial candidate to make their tax returns public in order to appear on the ballot. They call it the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act and it has Republicans concerned about California’s primary election in March of 2020.

Jessica Patterson, Chair or the California Republican Party commented:

“We’re not talking about keeping President Trump off the ballot in the general election, but what this will do is make sure that Republican voters stay home for the primaries and give Democrats a big opportunity when it comes to the general election.”

Scott Wiener, California State Senator and Democrat, commented:

“While Donald Trump surfaced the tax return loophole that SB 27 closes, this isn’t about Trump, rather, it’s about all presidential candidates from all parties. When someone is seeking to become the most powerful person in the world, the voters deserve basic information about the person’s finances. That’s all we’re asking for.”

Sorry Sen. Wiener, but saying that has nothing to do with Trump is a blatant lie. I heard interviews with several Democratic lawmakers in California who said the law was introduced for the sole purpose of forcing Trump to release his tax returns or not be allowed on the ballot.

It’s clear that when it comes to meeting presidential candidate requirements, there is a great deal of hypocrisy among Democrats. Their candidates, specifically Barack Hussein Obama, don’t have to meet the qualifications established by the US Constitution, but when it comes to Donald Trump, they will create new laws in an effort to prevent him from appearing on the ballots.

This is what American politics has become.

31 thoughts on “2008 v. 2020: Obama v. Trump: Candidate Requirement Hypocrisy”
  1. the demo-donkeys always talk out of both sides of their mouths and both side lie. If they say it is raining out, don,t take their word for it, get up and go look.

  2. I am pulling for the fires next time in California. Anyone still there, well that is their fault. Any “conservative” that stays in California is a moron.

  3. Wow you Trumpys are a pitiful bunch that’s for sure. I would vote for a chimpanzee over Trumpy

  4. The CommieCrats…can’t call them Democrats…NOT ONE friggen thing Democratic about them any longer. I feel like I’m witnessing the DEATH of a great party gone crazy 😡

  5. Keeping anyone off the ballot takes away my right to vote for who I want no matter what party
    This is what a dictatorship government does

  6. The California republican primaries cannot prevent President Trump’s supporters from initiating a massive write-in vote. He could still get California delegates that way.

  7. There is an old adage that says “the more you do of what you’re doing, the more you get of what you’ve got”. The credibility of many of the Democrat candidates for office bear this out. There seems to be no expectation of honesty, loyalty, or leadership from any Democrat hopeful for quite some time. Moreover, the Democrat party faithful has less interest in the faculties, or ability of their candidates, than they do in the ability of the party, assisted by the media, to maintain the power of manipulation and obfuscation.

  8. I am retired law enforcement, and the so called birth certificate that Obama and the leftist used to be democrats foisted of on the American people makes a travesty of the Constitution. I have good memory, and I distinctly remember an interview of Obama by a liberal reporter when he had just been elected senator from Illinois where he mad the statement that it was great that a black man born in Kenya could become a senator in the USA. After the leftist picked Obama as their presidential candidate, that interview mysteriously disappeared and no one in the media could remember it ever being recorded. The used to be democrat party, now the communist party, knowingly ran an illegal alien muslim, communist for president and covered for him, along with sellout McCain who in my mind purposely threw the 2008 election.

  9. DEMOCRATS are the most DERANGED, DEPLORABLE, FRAUDULENT INDIVIDUAL’S in this Country TODAY. They all should have been ABORTED at BIRTH..

    ) DOING

  11. I think that if California pulls this crap–that the Supreme court should rule that no ballots(votes) from California will be counted. President Trump tendered a full financial report to be even able to run for the presidency. The demomarxists have been frothing at the mouth wanting every detail of Trump’s business dealings.. Most of the illiterates and demented congress would not even understand the taxes of a world wide Trump Enterprise. Jerry Nadler only wants tidbits and snippets to pass along to his “My son the attorney” who is employed by a legal firm that specializes in suing Trump Enterprises. How rotten to the core is someone who would attempt to bring the demise of our Republic to enrich himself(the finder) and his son the attorney??? Now we learn that Obama –although certified by the Speaker of the House of Reps Nancy– that was a lie–He was never properly certified as being eligible to run for President. UNSEAL ALL OF That IMPOSTER’S RECORDS. Obama in traduced to wealthy demomarxist donors in Chicago by Bill Ayers former head of the Weather Underground a Communist Organization that bombed campuses and police stations, caused the St. Louis fire that destroyed hundreds of thousands of veteran records- If there were no records the veterans were robbed of their benefits. I know -my Husband was one of those veterans Combat in Korea–He was denied his rightful benefits. .Ayers escaped jail –his father sent him to Canada and he was pardoned by Jimmy Carter. His father was a wealthy gas company executive. Why was this Bill Ayers never prosecuted as he was complicit in many deaths–many victims. His wife went to prison for murdering a policeman with a bomb.. She ended her career after prison teaching Law at Chicago University. Bill Ayers never paid for his crimes.. WHY???

  12. Cannot the Supreme Court do something about the shanagoonans going on in the house and senate. America is the greatest nation and now the most laughed at. Are we not supposed to work together for the good of the people. Yes it is ok to disagree but do it professionally. In a hospital we work as a team for the patient. Maybe there is just to many of you to work for the people. To many people you see just how we can help ourselves, not the people. Also only citizens of this America should vote. Follow your own laws do not make new laws just to get your way. Also when IRetired I get a pension and my sis and I do not get insurance the rest of my life. I have to pay for it. You call yourselves professional. Professional of what How to waste more money. Also the migrants are welcome here just do it the right way. Do not take away for those who have retired. There are homeless in America already do they not mean something to you. God is watching what you do to his children and he will judge you. Not us.


  14. The Democrats r throwing all these destructive accusations at President Trump because they r the most corrupt party they r not doing their jobs and taking tax payers dollars for attacks on our President for their greed and power! They need to be voted out of office and most need to be in jail for treason! Disgusting dirty dems they make me sick!

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