According to a recent report by the Swedish news outlet Mitt i, an average of five rapes happen each day in Stockholm, while just 5 percent of reported rapes result in the attacker being sentenced by a criminal court.

Local politicians have called this development “unacceptable”.

In the first half of 2019 alone, the Swedish capital has seen a total of 1,060 rapes. This astounding total marks a 20 percent uptick from the 890 rapes that were recorded in the city in the same period last year.

On top of the 1,060 rapes, 24 so-called “negligent rapes” were also reported in the first half of this year.

The offenses “negligent rape” and “negligent sexual abuse” were added to Sweden’s criminal code for “acts where courts found that consent had not been established, but in which the perpetrator had not intended to commit rape or assault,” The Local reports.

The rape situation in Sweden has gotten so bad that Södersjukhuset hospital has been forced to establish a special emergency department for raped women. Close to 800 victims are said to be treated there each year.

“I look extremely seriously at all the rapes. The increase is alarming,” Irene Svenonius of the liberal-conservative Moderate Party told journalists from Mitt i.

“We know that the number of rape victims is significantly higher,” Svenonius added while calling for “strong and concerted efforts” to eliminate the problem.

Many rapes go unreported and unpunished. Figures from Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm suggests that only 6 in 10 rape victims report the sexual assault to authorities.

In some cases, especially if the woman manages to escape from a sexual assault, the assault ends up not being classified as rape. In cases like these, the crime often is classified as an “unlawful threat” or “unlawful coercion”, reported Dagens Nyheter.

According to national broadcaster SVT, only five in one hundred reported rapes results in criminal sentencing.

15 thoughts on “Sweden Experiences Massive Spike In Rape Crimes As Migrants Continue To Flood In”
  1. Sweden has failed to protect the Swedes. Are the Swedes unconscious zombies like most Americans, and are they indifferent to the fact that Swedish women are no longer safe? Funny, how our leaders could care less about their people, their rights and their lives.

  2. Kill the political establishment and then the fucking invaders. Bring back the barbarian fighting spirit.

  3. I have worked in Sweden and have many Swedish friends. They no longer allow their daughters to walk unescorted and the famous Swedish quality of life and low crime rate is a thing of the past. If the Swedish government doesn’t completely reverse course and eliminate Muslim immigration their country will become just another part of the Maghreb third world.

  4. Be careful what you wish for people. To come in illegally is one crime, but to commit crimes while here is insane. You would think they would be so compliant with our laws so they could remain. This means they are truly evil and uncivilized.

  5. Any man who rapes a woman, child, or even another man, is not a “Man”, but, an Animal! As such, he should be castrated in public, and not with chemicals, either… Yep, surest way to stop unlawful dipping of wicks into honeypots, is to whack that sucker off at the root…


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    According to the Sharia law,(the religion of peace?):
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    • A woman or girl who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
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  7. I know no one likes to hear this, but the same thing is happening in the US in cities which accepted a large number of Muslims. Since the beginning of this religion of the devil, the men of the religion have been taught that non-Muslim women are theirs whenever they want them. If you dig a little, you’ll find that in places like Minnesota and Michigan, both of which took a myriad of Muslims, the rape frequency has skyrocketed. Our “trustworthy” leaders from the devil Democrat Party want to bring in more of them (they vote Democrat) and they know that if too much noise is made about their propensity to rape, the folks will stand up and say keep them the hell out of here. The same is true all over Europe, even though the article was only about Sweden. Stockholm Sweden has 1060 rapes in 2019 already and only 60% have been reported (this means the actual number of rapes is closer to 1,750). Rape was unheard of in Sweden before the great refugee crunch.

  8. I say if a Muslim rapes an American women , kill the bastard or give a right for American women to arm them self’s . And protect them self’s . I’m tired of low life refugees coming to America . If I see a Muslim rapping an American women , I will kill the bastard right then , and make and example that Americans will not put up with their abuse and violence…

  9. All of Europe and America needs to to exactly what the Pope has to say about the refugees.
    He said Europe is for Europeans. The refugees need to return to their homelands after getting their lives back.
    Therefore, Europe needs to load the refugees on boats and take them back. The citizens of these Muslim countries need to grow a pair and take back their own countries so the World on Earth can live in peace for once. Let’s make that the goal in 2020.

  10. You are not correct Big Ed. I am a Democrat and just differ from the GOP socially. You obviously are a Trump supporter using names like he does to describe people. You certainly aren’t a Christian. We are all God’s people so suck it up.

  11. The Democrat Swedes did that to an once formidable Sweden, it is time to drop the name Sweden and label it “North African Territory” and start speaking Zulu language and change to a Stone age Tribal Government, unfortunately there is not cure for a self inflicting stupidity.

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