If nothing else, the Greta Thunberg spectacle has clearly demonstrated once more that globalists are willing to go any and every length imaginable to advance their agenda.

These individuals are so morally rotten that they’re now using an autistic, mentally unstable 16-year-old as a prop to push a hysterical political narrative, which if adopted, would be used as a mechanism to consolidate a level of state power that’s never been seen before.

And they call us the fascists…

And we should expect nothing less from them, being the Saul Alinskyites that they are.

While globalist proponents of the climate crisis use obscene levels of energy to fly around on private jets and to sail the seas in their mega-yachts, they tell us that we had better start eating maggot burgers and give up our single-family homes for shipping containers to save the planet.

But I digress…

The truth is, no one on the populist right should be surprised in the slightest that globalists are using an utterly indoctrinated, mentally unstable, and easily manipulated child as a means to achieve an end that they’ve long desired. We as nationalists and populists should simply know better.

Of all the soulless and immoral tactics globalists have employed over the years to increase their control over national populations, using Greta Thurnberg as useful idiot to further their climate crisis narrative, although terrible, is far from their worst.

Let us not forget these are the same people whose mainstream media outlets encourage injecting pre-pubescent children with sex hormones and hormone blockers in an effort to turn them into ‘woke’ genderless humans of the future.

Let us also not forget that these are the same people who seek to erase our national identities, cancel our identities as men and women, and expunge our identities as fathers and mothers, in a bid to turn us into rootless obedient consumers and slaves to their brand of global capitalism.

And lastly, we should never forget that these are the same people who’ve brought an incalculable amount of pain, suffering, and social discord to America, Europe, and the wider Occident through their relentless policies of unfettered mass migration.

The damage caused by these immoral and out-of-touch golems will take generations upon generations to undo.

But for the globalist, millions of cheap laborers and the deconstruction of a monocultural Europe and Traditionalist Christian American indubitably outweighs soaring levels of crime, sexual violence against women, drug use, terrorism, and a whole host of other social problems that have exploded as a result of unrelenting waves of mass migration.

There is no line that our adversaries are unwilling to cross to achieve their goals.

So, when globalists thrust someone like Greta Thurnberg onto the world stage to act as a human shield to deflect valid criticism of their agenda, we shouldn’t be surprised one bit, even if it is essentially child abuse.

Remember the people we are dealing with.

4 thoughts on “Why right shouldn’t be surprised by the Greta Thunberg spectacle”
  1. Real educated people know the Democraps have an agenda to make themselves BIG money. They push the Global Warming BS as much as they can. They must figure using children, who have not been taught anything about earth history, to push their BS may get more people to help them further their money-making cause.

  2. Since I retain my self-respect and love of country and constitution, I would never vote for a democrat. Ever again.

  3. Greta, you are a good little girl, get away from the Soros money climate hoax which is a Gore the Bore fake analysis of what weather is.

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