Early political polls are notoriously inaccurate as many things can and do happen that completely change the polls. Additionally, most polls are conducted by liberals and socialists (Democrats) so they skew their polls with where and how they are conducted as well as tailoring their questions in such a way to influence the poll in the direction they want the poll to go. Then there is their notoriously biased reporting on the results of their polls.

Take the polls that preceded the 2016 elections. The vast majority of polls had Hillary Clinton as a clear winner of the election. I believe this is one of the reasons that the Obama administration intentionally ignored and took no action to stop the attempts of Russian entities to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. There were a few polls conducted by more reliable neutral agencies that did predict Trump would win, but it was rare to hear about it on the sewagestream media outlets.

Just a few months ago, most of those biased polls that showed Joe Biden as the clear front runner for the Democratic 2020 nomination. Bernie Sanders was a distant second, followed by Elizabeth Warren and dozens of Democratic hopefuls.

More recently, with the possible Ukrainian scandal, Biden’s lead has been slipping away. Many thought that if anyone would surge ahead of him that it would be Sanders, but it seems at the moment that Warren may be the surprise replacement for Biden. After the latest Democratic debate spectacle, Warren’s popularity surged while Biden’s slipped and Sanders’ staggered. The Quinnipiac University Poll, a notoriously pro-Democrat poll, of Oct. 14 had Biden slipping to 27% with Warren rising to 30% and Sanders trailing with a mere 11%.

In an attempt to boost Sanders’ chances, some of the Democratic Party’s more outspoken socialists have been announcing their support for Sanders.

To no surprise, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York’s outspoken socialist has jumped on the Sander’s bandwagon. She has been followed by the two radical Muslim socialists in Congress – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

So, what does that mean for Democratic voters today?

The leader is Warren, a proven habitual liar and someone who has intentionally abused the system by claiming minority status.

Second is Biden, who has multiple links to Ukraine and who partnered with Obama in violating the US Constitution and dozens of federal laws.

Then there is Sanders, a self-admitted socialist. Sanders is currently 78 years old and would be the oldest person to become President if he won in 2020. Trump was the oldest at 70. Then there is also the issue of Bernie Sanders reportedly suffering a heart attack in Las Vegas on Oct. 4, while campaigning.

To be honest, that’s like choosing a house from those near the sewage plant, stockyards or garbage dump. They all are foul, repulsive and stink.