President Trump has claimed for years to be the victim of a hugh “Witch Hunt,” but this time he may be right! Thousands of self-proclaimed Witches across the country say they will be gathering Halloween night to cast a “binding spell” in President Trump.

According to reports, the spell is meant to “bind the President, but not harm him like a curse or a hex.” The witches believe they’re doing something positive for the country by not allowing Trump to harm the U.S. with his actions.

Such reports of witchcraft being used against the President are nothing new. Witches have been trying to cast spells against Trump since his inauguration in 2017. Last year, a 13-thousand member Facebook group cast a series of spells on the President.

Witches have been increasingly politically active since Trump was elected. A year ago, a throng of real-life witches was fighting back against the administration by hosting a spell-casting ritual against newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in New York.

According to CBN News, witchcraft has been steadily on the rise in the US since the 1990s. Trinity College in Connecticut tracked witchcraft’s prevalence for some 18 years. Researchers found that in 1990, there were an estimated 8,000 Wiccans in the US. That number grew to 340,000 in 2008.

The Pew Research Center later discovered in 2014 that 0.4% of Americans, or about 1 to 1.5 million people, identify as Wicca or Pagan.

Father Vincent Lampert, a Roman Catholic priest and the designated exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, warned that those who practice rituals of witchcraft and the occult more broadly give an opening to evil in the lives of participants.

“Some of them may be doing it thinking it’s just fun, but they are gambling with evil, and just because their motive is one way doesn’t mean they’re not opening up an entry point for evil in their own life,” Lampert told The Washington Examiner.

Lampert also warned those who practice witchcraft to beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“I think evil will present itself as something good, maybe initially to attract people’s attention, to draw people in, but then ultimately people are going to discover it’s all about fracturing their lives,” he said.

16 thoughts on “Witches Gather To Cast a Halloween Binding Spell on President Trump”
  1. We need some good witches that are patriotic & will cast binding spells against communist democrats

  2. WHO THE HELL CARES !! Everything since this man ( PRESIDENT TRUMP ) has taken OFFICE the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S started FAKE NEWS MEDIA WITCH HUNT !! Trying to IMPEACHED the PRESIDENT before he took
    office and from the day he was Sworn In. So what about a few more WITCHES would hurt. WE THE PEOPLE have plenty of WITCHES in CONGRESS. ===== PELOSI, WATER’S, SHEILA JACKSON LEE, HARRIS, WARREN, FEINSTEIN to name a FEW and these are more than WITCHES !!!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how gullible & pathetic Democrats really are….

    But Hey! Keep up those spells, Witches! President Trump is doing better than ever & Making America Greater & Greater for all Americans, even brainwashed witches!

    TRUMP 2020

  4. You evil witches👿I pray the spells turn right back to you all. No weapon formed against President Trump shall prosper and I will refute every tongue that accuses him. Our Creator has it all under His control

  5. Witches you are helpless when the Blood of Jesus covers President Trump don’t you realize that if God be for President Trump who can be against him! We the Christian stand in the gap and make up the hedge around our President! God Bless President Trump!!!

  6. Right! And don’t ever forget it because it will be even more voting him in again in 2020.

  7. TRM The devil can only possess someone who’s invited him in. President Trump, as all of us, has never been perfect; however, he HAS invited Jesus Christ into his life and is covered in prayer by many, many Christians all over the world. He never makes decisions without consulting his many advisors and US intelligence, and they are bathed in prayer. I will pray for YOU, TRM, to come to the knowledge of Jesus as your own Savior and Lord. ✝️

  8. Very true. Christians need to understand this and pray and keep praying for our elected leaders and for righteousness.

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