US Border Patrol agents working along the country’s southern border have arrested two foreign nationals trying to enter the country illegally. Following their apprehensions, the two men were later identified as having been previously convicted of murder charges.

According to apress release from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agents working in Havana, Texas located and apprehended a Mexican national by the name of Jose Mendez-Hernandez illegally crossing into the US on Wednesday night.

Mendez-Hernandez was later found to have served more than twenty years in prison after he was arrested and convicted of murder by authorities in San Diego County.

Days later, border patrol agents apprehended another illegal immigrant from Mexico who had previously been convicted of murder trying to enter the US. On Saturday, authorities identified the Mexican national as Jaime Cantu-Leal. In 1994, Cantu-Leal had been arrested by the McAllen Police Department for murder. A court subsequently convicted him and sentenced him to 18 years in prison.

US Customs and Border Patrol noted that the two men are being processed by authorities and that they’re both subject to removal from the country.

The pair of arrests are only the latest apprehensions of violent criminals along the US-Mexico border.

In a statement given on Tuesday, Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said: “We’re here to keep dangerous people from entering the community.”

Earlier this month, CBP commissioner Mark Morgan told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that his agency had carried out close to 1.1 million enforcement actions so far this fiscal year. According to Morgan, such actions included the seizure of thousands of firearms, the arrest of dangerous criminal illegal immigrants, and hundreds of thousands of pounds of illegal drugs.

“CBPD seized nearly 3,000 weapons, 1,000 gang members, $75 million of illicit currency, and apprehended 16,000 criminal illegal aliens – and this is just what we caught,” Morgan said.

“Although we’ve made great progress, I am here today to respectfully remind this committee and the American people that there continues to be a humanitarian, and importantly, a national security crisis,” Morgan said during his speech in front of the committee.