Did Eric Swalwell Let One Rip on Live TV?

It’s being called the fart heard around the world. So far around the world in fact, that it has even had BBC commentator Piers Morgan weighing in on what is now being called “fart-gate.”

Did Democratic Congressman, Eric Swalwell let one rip on national TV during an MSNBC interview about the impeachment inquiry? Swalwell was speaking live to “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, when a loud “fart-like” noise can be heard as Swalwell appears to flinch. The noise has been attributed to a mug being dragged across a table near the equipment being used for the interview. However, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was not convinced by this explanation.

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After playing the clip, Morgan said to his viewers, “the network has said it was the sound of a mug being moved across a desk. Now ask yourself when you listen to it again, does that sound like a mug to you?”

Morgan continues, “also his whole body is tense and then it sucks in at the crucial moment.” Morgan then attempted to do an impression of Eric Swalwell before bursting into laughter.

Twitter users also found the incident in the Eric Swalwell interview hilarious. At one point #fartgate was the number one trend on Twitter in the US.

For his part, Swalwell denies that it was he who let loose, saying in a text message to the website, Buzzfeed, “It was not me!!!!” It’s funny tho.”

He also texted that — despite what it looks like — he did not hear the sound while he was on TV.

After seeing the tweet from MSNBC where they “revealed” that the sound was that of a mug scrapping across a nearby desk, in an obvious jab at President Trump, Swalwell Tweeted back, “TOTALLY EXONERATED!”