In the wake of the House passing its resolution on formal rules for public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, a former top White House adviser on the National Security Council testified. In the likely hood for the last time behind closed doors — he stated that he didn’t believe “anything illegal was discussed” during President Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine’s president.

However, Tim Morrison did confirm details about Trump’s efforts to push Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. Morrison, who handled Russian and European affairs for the NSC and resigned Wednesday ahead of his testimony — was listening in on the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from the White House Situation Room, he acknowledged during his testimony.

But in Morrison’s opening statement he said, “I want to be clear, I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed.”

The testimony from Morrison, a top Republican staff member, had been portrayed as possibly damaging for Trump. But Republican lawmakers portrayed Morrison’s opening remarks as favorable for the president.

“Mr. Morrison’s testimony is very damaging to the Democrat narrative,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. “They’ve all of a sudden gotten quiet today because this particular witness is very credible and has given evidence that suggests some of the other witnesses have been less than candid.”

Meanwhile, in other impeachment news, the most important number coming out of the House vote to formalize the rules of the impeachment investigation is “0.”

Zero is the number of House Republicans who voted for the formal rules. Not a single one. Which is, plainly put, a win for President Donald Trump, who lobbied hard to keep his party in line on the much-watched vote, where even a few GOP rebels could have fundamentally altered the storyline of the day on impeachment.

5 thoughts on “Former Officials Testimony: “Nothing Illegal” on Ukraine Call”
  1. These are dark times for America. Corruption and dirty deals within our government are nothing new. Remember the old saying, “Crooked as a politician” and “We have the best government money can buy” (Will Rogers) Yes government corruption is as old as the constitution. What is new, and dark is that for the first time in America, corruption is open and blatant. Granted, the house democrats say solemnly “We take no pleasure in impeaching a president of the United States” but the entire world can see that they can barely contain their joy. What is even worse is that they are denying constitutional due process to the accused and holding their hearings in secret excluding even a single republican house member while strategically leaking choice items of “evidence” that only apparently support their clandestine claims. Dark days indeed.

  2. I was for Donald Trump running for President a year before he threw his hat in the ring. I’m still here, and he is still is my President! Go President Trump!

  3. Everyone I have spoken with believe Trump will win a second term in the biggest landslide in history. Just because of the Progressive Democrats behavior of being against Trump and his ideology to MAGA. We The People voted for him because the Republicans and Democrats were more concerned to being elected again and again and again while serving their donors instead of WE THE PEOPLE. The People prefer to have good paying jobs (under Trump) rather than be financially dependent on Govt. WE THE PEOPLE prefer a LIMITED Govt rather than a HUUUGGGE Govt the Democrats offer which causes the raiding of the US National Debt. The FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT people would prefer the politicians to take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course before being elected and re-elected. All this political nonsense of impeachment inquiry will harm the DNC for years to come. They just do not know when to quit behaving like mean spirited children. It is time for them to have a time out and sit in a corner…

  4. You are spot on. I believe as well folks are tiring of the Democrat/Liberals ‘we hate Trump” narrative.
    2020TRUMP2020 and beyond.

    They will not impeach him he’s too popular. So this can only be for one thing..An article some months back stated the republicans were have no problem getting donations. In fact Trump alone had pulled in almost 100 million. While the dems not so much and the DNC actually owed money. Uh oh!?! The dems say, we need a new fresh controversy to keep the haters whipped up so they will, fork over the cash.

    Now two days ago I did hear that the republicans are on track for having at their disposal a Billion for next years election.

    Yep Id be scared too if I were a democrat. Floundering around with hate Trump hate Trump hate Trump and having no solid hopeful ideas for our country.
    If the Democrats did not have the backing of the mostly dishonest and lying media in all things political.

    They would be trivial and irrelevant. This is the basis of their fear. Don’t doubt me on this folks, if I may borrow a phrase.

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