Students at MIT have asked for the resignation of a professor who has ties to dead pedophile, Jeffery Epstein.

Seth Lloyd, an MIT professor who visited Jeffrey Epstein in prison and accepted funds from the convicted pedophile, has been asked to step down by a contingent of students. Lloyd, an undergraduate mechanical engineering professor, opened a quantum computing class this semester with a “monologue” about his relationship with Epstein. The speech led several students to drop his class, and prompted one op-ed in the school’s newspaper The Tech. “As long as Seth Lloyd teaches at MIT, our institution suffers. This is a barrier to learning for survivors of sexual assault, for women (after all, Epstein’s survivors are women), and for others upon others,” wrote Eleanor Graham, a fourth-year physics major at MIT.

Graham’s op-ed resonated with the group MIT Students Against War, who are now demanding that Lloyd resign or be fired. “Professor Lloyd has made many students deeply uncomfortable given his long-lasting and disturbing ties to Jeffrey Epstein,” a statement from the group reads. “(He) has driven students away from classes they were interested in taking by openly discussing and excusing his ties to a known and convicted child sex-trafficker. Why is he still teaching?”

Two other MIT professors with ties to Epstein have resigned, but the campus and Lloyd have yet to take heed of the student’s demands.

Was Epstein Killed?

Meanwhile, more doubt has been cast on whether Epstein’s death was indeed a suicide. Famed New York Medical Examiner, Michael Baden, has said that in his professional opinion, the wounds to Jeffrey Epstein’s neck are more consistent with a homicide than suicide.

Baden, a former New York City medical examiner and a contributor to Fox News, told “Fox & Friends” that Epstein’s injuries were consistent with homicidal strangulation and “extremely unusual in suicidal hangings.”

Baden observed New York City’s official autopsy, according to the New York Times.

Baden, who has served as an expert defense witness in the trial of O.J. Simpson, also said his evidence isn’t conclusive yet. At the behest of the accused pedophile’s brother, he’s still in the process of investigating Epstein’s death, which left his alleged victims outraged.

Barbara Sampson, New York City’s chief medical examiner, has said that Epstein died by suicide when he tied a bedsheet to his jail-cell bunk bed and knelt to the floor, using so much force that he broke bones in his neck. The severe neck injuries were part of the reason people speculated that 66-year-old Epstein was murdered by strangulation, rather than died by suicide.

“It appears that this could have been a mistake,” Baden said of the medical examiner’s conclusions. “There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide.”

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