Two GOP Lawmakers Propose Moving Federal Jobs Out of D.C.

Every now and then politicians actually get a brilliant idea, and this is indeed one of those. Senators Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Josh Hawley of Missouri have purposed moving the capital figuratively speaking to the heartland.

The idea to relocate almost 90% of the federal government’s workforce out of Washington, D.C., would eliminate the growing and pervasive disconnect that most Americans feel towards the nation’s capital, as an inhospitable and forbidding place, where faceless bureaucrats are hidden within various layers of departments, along with partisan operatives lurking within the bowels of the deep state. A pervasive culture inoculated within the “Beltway” viewed by the outside world as insular and exclusive.

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Indeed, the Blackburn-Hawley idea is a way not only to drain the Beltway swamp; it’s also a way to build up the national economy, including in those places where national and international trends — such as digitalization and globalization — have drained away dollars.

The duo has just proposed legislation called the “HIRE Act” short for “Helping Infrastructure Restore the Economy” Act.

The innovative bill is designed to relocate the tens of thousands of government employees concentrated in Washington, D.C. throughout Middle America, similar to what transpired after WWII, with returning GI’s buying homes and moving to the suburbs.

In this case, the “infrastructure” is the engine of federal spending, which would, of course, lead also to added roads, bridges, and other amenities, serving to accommodate the moved federal employees.

The legislation reads in part, “To require that the headquarters of certain Federal agencies and permanent duty stations of employees of certain Federal agencies be relocated in order to provide an opportunity to build needed infrastructure in certain areas and to share the benefits of Federal employment with economically distressed regions.”

Specifically, the two lawmakers recommend that a total of 10 cabinet departments be moved out of D.C., to designated regions across America.

Some of the departments signaled out would be the Department of Transportation designated to Michigan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would go to Ohio, and the Department of Veterans Affairs would go to South Carolina, and so on.

Sen. Blackburn would also designate the Department of Education to her home state of Tennessee, while Sen. Hawley would designate the Department of Agriculture, to his home state of Missouri.

No doubt Democrats will look at this proposal as nothing more than “pork-barrel” spending by the Republican duo, and to some degree they’re correct, however if a region has fallen into disrepair “infrastructure” built through roads, highways and bridges revitalizes a community, and benefits all, provided there are jobs waiting at the end, and that’s were this brilliant idea kicks in, relocating federal workers out of the swamp, and back into the heartland.

Whatever we may think of the federal government, one thing regardless of your politics is true, the federal government is a powerful economic engine that would benefit any regain of the country.

Uncle Sam will spend in excess of $5 trillion dollars this year alone; the Blackburn and Hawley bill makes practical sense, in that it dismantles to some degree the pervasive culture that now dominates D.C. while actually spreading those greenbacks around the country, while creating thousands of additional jobs building much needed “infrastructure” and housing in certain regions of the country.

Moreover, today’s technology makes it possible to physically decentralize the federal government, out of Washington, D.C. to other regions around the country.