Deep State Plot Against Trump is Real and It’s Deeper Than You Think

The plot to oust duly elected President Trump has existed from the minute he was elected, and it runs deeper than anyone really imagines. So says former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

In his most recent Fox News column “Newt’s World,” the former speaker laid out a case that claims that since the day Trump was elected president, Democrats have been formulating and executing the plot that we have been watching unfold.

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Gingrich says that as soon as Trump won a massive electoral majority, Democrats started digging. “They have been determined to find something – anything – they can use to attack him.”

The central focus of all of this is to describe and define Trump as a corrupt president, so often, that people begin to accept the narrative. It’s not only the elected Democrats. Much of the intelligence community has been equally determined to “uncover” something on President Trump from the beginning – and we are now seeing the culmination of these efforts in the hyper-partisan impeachment inquiry.

“In my judgment,” said Gingrich, “the liberal national news media is mindlessly repeating this narrative. Many in the media are implicitly biased against President Trump – but even those who are not are helping the Democrats by giving their message airtime, print real estate and attention.”

Gingrich continued, “The American system has been bypassed, ignored, or misused to the point where it has been put it in jeopardy. Democrats, political operatives, American intelligence officials and the media have been forcing a manufactured narrative on the American people. Specifically, a group of these intelligence officials are breaking the law by leaking secrets to the media”

The former speaker concludes, “Make no mistake: This is not politics as usual. It’s a concerted effort by one political party, the Washington bureaucracy, and the media to overrule the American people.”