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FBI Launches Investigation Into Epstein “Gal Pal” Ghislaine Maxwell

The full extent of the high-profile “associates” of deceased and disgraced pedophile millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, may soon all come to light.

The New York Post is reporting that the FBI has announced that it is now investigating Ghislaine Maxwell — the British socialite who’s long been accused of serving as Jeffrey Epstein’s madam. Maxwell, who has largely kept out of the public eye since 2016, allegedly procured under-aged girls and groomed them to have sex with Epstein and his wealthy pals.

Several other “people who facilitated” the dead pedophile’s alleged sexual abuse are also being probed, but Maxwell is the main focus, two sources familiar with the investigation told the Post. One of the sources said the probe is in its early stages and that the FBI is following up with leads it’s received from women who claim to have been victimized by Epstein.

However, Reuters is reporting that the FBI currently has no plans to interview Prince Andrew, who’s been accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s most vocal accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Reuters reported. They did not rule out the possibility that he could be questioned at a later date. The disgraced royal was forced to step down from public duties in November following his train-wreck interview in which he apologized for his “ill-judged” association with the multi-millionaire.

Andrew, 59, said he doesn’t remember meeting Giuffre and has denied her allegations.

Epstein, 66, allegedly committed suicide at a Manhattan jail in August, a month after he was arrested on federal sex-trafficking charges, alleging that he abused girls as young as 14 for years. There remains some doubt surrounding his death, with some experts saying it was more consistent with homicide than suicide.

The Post says that neither the FBI nor Maxwell’s lawyers returned their requests for comment.

Maxwell, the daughter of the late media titan Robert Maxwell, hasn’t been criminally charged, but has been the subject of several civil lawsuits accusing her of being complicit in Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring.

In August, Attorney General William Barr vowed to go after anyone who helped Epstein commit crimes.

“Any co-conspirators should not rest easy,” Barr said.



  1. The US President is the best President in modern times. The gross negligence by sorts of losers whose time in Washington is over.

    We need elected officials to respect his Oval Office; and the shift in decade old policies. We The People Will Shut Down This Impeachment! It’s a dog and pony show.

    Trump 2020

  2. Just another waste of taxpayer money that’ll go nowhere since the FBI is complicit in the criminality of the deep state. I.O.W. just more of a farcical show.

  3. Does this mean the FBI is going to investigate the pervert Billy Boy Clinton and his wife Hillary?


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