When America’s blind Democratic voters elected America’s first radical Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, to occupy the White House, it ushered in an epidemic of electing radical socialists and Muslims into local, state and federal government. That led to the election of America’s first openly Muslim member of Congress, Keith Ellison, elected by the heavily Muslim population that had been growing in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, again thanks to Obama’s open-door policy for foreign Muslims.

Ellison held the post of US Representative from Minnesota until the 2018 election when he ran and won the position of Minnesota Attorney General. In that same election, Ellison’s seat was won by a far more radical Muslim – Ilhan Omar.

Who is Ilhan Omar?

On October 4, 1982, Nur Omar Mohamed and his wife Fadhuma Abukar Haji Hussein had the last of their seven children, a girl. The birth took place in Mogadishu, Somalia. When the girl was only 2, her mother died, leaving the father and grandfather to raise her and her siblings. Grandpa was, at the time, the Director of Somalia’s National Marine Transport. Eventually, the family left Somalia because of the war raging in that country. They ended up spending four years in a refugee came in Kenya, just across from the border with Somalia.

When the girl was 10, the family arrived in New York to seek asylum. After living for a short time in Virginia, the family moved to Minneapolis, where the father worked as a taxi driver before getting a job with the Post Office.

She got involved in politics in 2012 when she worked as campaign manager for Minnesota State Senator Kari Dziedzic. A year later, she worked as campaign manager for Andrew Johnson, who was running for the Minneapolis City Council.

In 2016, she ran for the Minneapolis House of Representatives as a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, a predominately socialist political party.

Since taking office, Omar has vocally expressed her disdain for Israel and Jews, often drawing the ire of Jews here in the United States and in Israel, making one question the wisdom of House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi who assigned Omar to serve on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Omar is running for re-election and is opposed by a handful of Republicans including Danielle Stella, whom Twitter has permanently banned, along with her campaign, from posting anything on the social media giant’s platform, as reported:

A Republican candidate running to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., had her Twitter account permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter rules.

Danielle Stella’s campaign account on Twitter, @2020MNCongress, was bounced after posting at least twice about hanging the progressive freshman who’s frequently been the target of attacks from the right, the Washington Times first reported.

The Stella campaign accused Omar of being a traitor who deserves to be hung for passing sensitive material to Iran. Most sources say the claims are not substantiated, but those sources are also very Democratic supportive.

Furthermore, Twitter began oppressing conservatives from posting on the social media site for the past 8 years. Twitter, along with Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social media and internet giants have been waging a war to silence conservatives or anyone who opposes Democrats and those attacks continue to escalate to protect their own.